12 thoughts on “Yard House shooting: Man wounded in shooting at Northridge restaurant | ABC7

  1. If everyone just open carried in states that it is allowed (for now);
    We would not have these escapades. (Never ask, or Pay for permission to possess a smaller item when you are granted possession of a bigger one). Back Strap and Problem Solved! 🤓🖐🏼❤️

  2. Crimes after crimes in California and Newsom and liberals voters doesn’t care. Keep voting democrats for your own safety.

  3. Please put that gunman in jail why must there always be a gun involved it’s wrong please find the gunman and put him in jail please ASAP

  4. Only 1 shot🤣. I know people were videotaping the fight why the so is there only ABC and news channels covering this. I just want to see the fight that leads up to the shooting. Is that too much to ask from them internet

  5. I was there I saw it was not as bad as they say it is the guy was only bleding from his stomach and also they started fighting over a basketball game

  6. Interesting. No description???? Even tho the shooting Vic is alive and talking and he can tell you ? The shooter is obviously white. If it was a black suspect the description and drawing would be public already. Bullshit

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