Xusho’s Fursuit UNBOXING & Suit Up!!!! [Suit By Morefurless]

Xusho’s Fursuit UNBOXING & Suit Up!!!! [Suit By Morefurless]

I’m Back on Youtube channel! (Skip video 2:01 for start Xusho unboxing video) Hello, how’s your day? My Morefurless fursuit is now 2 years old! This is 2nd anniversary to MFL Xusho fursuit! Two years What wonder is two years ago…… Fidget spinners so popular in 2017 Yeah! Unreleased video two years ago wait for you want watching now release Xusho’s unboxing and suit up! Video chat I’m excited for new fursuit its first time I try pull zipper Yay!

100 thoughts on “Xusho’s Fursuit UNBOXING & Suit Up!!!! [Suit By Morefurless]

  1. You should put in background music, even though you can’t hear it you could get a friend to help you with it. But that’s just a recommendation 😉

  2. So cuteeeeee this video is so wholesome!! UwU you can hear the happiness in his voice and I love that, we must protect this lil bean

  3. First time YouTube recommended me something worth watching. You looked so excited unboxing your fursuit that it just made me smile.

  4. I’m noticing you don’t spell out Xusho, did you give your character a name sign, or use your own name sign? Just curious!

  5. My day is always good when you're around Xusho, I think you show that any can be who they are if the tried, I appreciate your channel!

  6. I think sign language is like hand signs for Naruto, things can get crazy in his hand movements XD. Or should I say, paw movements

  7. this is so wholesome even tho you have a dusability you are so happy i think you are the friendliest person ever!

  8. i had a dream last night that I was unboxing a fursuit. and it was telephone. a partial telephone fursuit. SO I PUT IT ON. and the eyes were literally on the outside of the head and were misplaced. one head was closer to the muzzle and the other was closer to the ear. so I put it on and I was like: OHHH I ALWAYS WANTED A FURSUIT. and uh yeah

  9. Hello Xusho!
    I to am a deaf furry my fursona is a protogen named ErRoR I watch you as much as I can. I loved and enjoyed watching you unbox your lovely suit. Hail To Deaf Furries!

  10. I am in ASL2, and just realized that wearing a fursuit does not inhibit ASL completely. Neat.

    Also, thanks for the captions. Fingerspelling is impossable.

  11. Me: you don’t talk? COOL .
    Other: JUST JUDGES .
    Me again: T- T well don’t watch it.
    Others again: okay loser.
    Me: thanks losers.

  12. You have the CUTEST sonna ever!!! I just want to give you a big hug so bad ^w^ love your channel, love everything about you, byeeeee

  13. This is so adorableee o my goshhhh I can't stand the floofynesssss 💜w💜 I wish to meet u one day… I hope I can :3

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