World of Darkness: The Documentary Official Trailer

World of Darkness: The Documentary Official Trailer

throughout the 70s and 80s role-playing games were all fantasy games and you go on an adventure you kill a dragon you get some gold and then you hit repeat you’re a geek and a nerd for doing that right away none none of the cool kids played role-playing games the world darkness changed everything there’s like this instantly I knew you are the vampire in the industry we’re like whoa you guys like that’s insane [Music] this is vampire sand golf all of a sudden you have different people that place different values on what is gaming what is a role-playing game here were suddenly gains that were about stories and characters and relationships you could not separate the game from club culture and club fashion the world of darkness has influenced a whole generation of supernatural entertainment this is one of the great secrets of pop culture of the 21st century

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  1. I can't look at a modern vampire or werewolf film or TV show without trying to put the characters into clans and tribes. Even shows like The Dresden Files and Lost Girl have aspects from Mage and Changeling. 😀

    I always said if ever Vampires or Werewolves wanted to influence the modern world they would have written these games. 🤗

  2. 1:28 Actual gameplay from the WoD MMORPG? Wonder if they'll go more in-depth on how and why it got cancelled… it would have been exactly what the gaming market needed (especially in the MMO genre but not only) and would have also captured the essence of WoD in a video game format, it would have been perfect.

    Instead CCP chose to keep riding on EVE, a real shame.

  3. For those actually still interesed in the WoD MMORPG, a Russian company bought the engine/resources of the old WoD MMORPG from CCP and are re-doing the game again.If you're still interested, the game is called Dogma: Etnernal Night. The only thing that turns me off is that it isn't WoD official lore.

  4. To be fair none of the cool kids played World of Darkness either. But we RP to be someone else and, 9 times out of 10, they're cool as shit.

  5. Nämen, Johanna Koljonen. Kul med lite bekanta ansikten. Ser fram emot det här, närhelst projektet släpps lös på allmänheten under sommaren (alla har liksom inte tid/råd att ta sig till Berlin för att gå på filmpremiär).

  6. Oh, for boffins' sake. Nightlife, Shadowrun, Ars Magica, and Chill all predate Vampire. Medieval fantasy was not the only game in town; most RPGs out during the 80s were supers-based or science fiction. Also in 1991 were Amber Diceless and Kult. World of Darkness was not an utter game changer. It was just popular. Is there some way you could have made this maybe without denigrating or outright insulting tabletop gaming culture?

  7. Wonder if they're going to cover how a lot of the ideas were inspired by the Nightlife RPG that came out before.  Or how there were several other strong non-fantasy games out at the time.  But just from what they said in the opening lines I highly doubt that.

  8. You cut out the part at the end where you say, "The Aristocrats!" (Seriously, have you guys lost your minds?)

  9. Man, their vision of what World of Darkness influenced really didn't last. Even the things it influenced as they showed are kind of old hat.

  10. Wow what an insulting comment about rpgs before vampire.

    Even though I spent a ton of money and ran and played vampire and other ww rpgs way Back then. You can be sure I've made a mental note to never buy any ww products after this insulting clip.

  11. "Throughout the seventies and eighties, roleplaying games were all fantasy games."

    Maybe there's some context to make this less of a really stupid and self-aggrandizing statement, but- okay, for those playing along at home, Call of Cthulhu came out in 1981, Paranoia came out in 1984, there was the western game Boot Hill, the 1920's crimefighter game Gangbusters, and of course there were sci-fi and superhero games too.

    Not your best foot forward.

  12. Hey, net punks!!msg/

  13. Like Traveller, Boot Hill, Chill, Gamma World, Top Secret, Ninjas & Superspies, Bushido, Bunnies & Burrows, Paranoia, 2300AD, MechWarrior, Call of Cthulhu, Space Opera, etc. "Only fantasy in the 70's and 80's".

    Plus, didn't Vampire inspire that guy that started a cult and actually killed someone?

  14. I can't wait until this documentary is released. I'm really looking forward to what you guys and gals at White Wolf have cooking for the future for the World of Darkness!

  15. A bit heavy-handed, pretentious and self-wanking, isn't it? All gamers were fat loser geeks living in their mom's basements before World of Darkness made gaming cool enough for the fashionable cool kids to game. If it weren't for World of Darkness to save the arts and entertainment fields, civilization would have crumbled and we'd have had social apocalypse, cursed to live out meaningless lives without ever knowing the true religious grace of Vampire or Werewolf… Hrrmmmm.

  16. Twilight: 2000 , Gamma World , Aftermath , Recon , Mechwarrior
    , Star Frontiers , Traveller , Metamorphosis: Alpha , _Cyberpunk
    2020_ , SpaceMaster , Champions , Call of Cthulhu , Star Wars ,
    Marvel Super Heroes , Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game , Robotech , Boot Hill
    whomever is responsible for this mockumentary, you are poor researchers
    and will produce a bad film.

  17. 1991 seems like it wasn't that long ago:) Thanks for helping me learn to interact with real people (MET!); that skill has paid major dividends in my life! And, thanks for the great memories and many more to come!

  18. Thanks World of Darkness for saving me from fantasy gaming. May your games be as pretentious as this video. My favorite WoD line was "Stereotypes of the East". I hope that one makes a comeback.

  19. FFS. This is horse-shit. It wasn't D&D then straight into WoD that then influenced ALL MODERN GOTH/VAMPIRE takes through all media. WoD MIGHT have had influences but it was more influenced BY them than influenced them itself. WoD played with the tropes and trappings of the various supernaturals but it wasn't exactly revolutionary – and I say this as someone who owns all the original WW stuff for ALL THE GAME LINES and dearly loved each of them (Even the ones we didn't play much). Even so I recognise that they aren't the be-all and end-all of contemporary settings or supernatural/dark/goth games nor were they the first!

    There are a slew of games that weren't fantasy and were not D&D-like dungeon games. To claim WoD as the first is arrogance and pretentiousness beyond belief. WW you need to scale back on the masturbatory approach you have and seem to be taking in promoting yourselves – it's massively off-putting and building up notable negative feelings to the new direction and changes you're taking with the old White Wolfs IP's.

  20. Granted I love everything about World of Darkness ever since I discovered it, and it indeed changed my understanding of a what roleplaying game should be like, I think, as the other comments raise the concern, portraying old school simple fantasy games as un-cool nerds is not a good move. This is pretentious at the least (and ad hominem, even) if nothing else, and confirms the conception of a jerk who thinks he's cool pretending to be a vampire. Under a certain light, a mute brutish low intelligence sword & sorcery type of barbarian is way cooler than a wanna-be vampire wearing sunglasses at night. But it's good that you're releasing content beforehand, and possibly taking feedbacks into account so as not to botch a precious d10 roll.

  21. Funny, I knew cool kids who played DnD. Of my early groups, one is a doctor, one is a state psychologist, one is a computer technician and one is the manager at an animal testing facility. No one I know who came from DnD turned out to be loosers.

  22. When I played it in the early 90's, Vampire was popular, but it was considered silly and pretentious by a lot of people and I – a goth and vampire fan – could not run it because it was soooo full of unnecessary angst. Not my game.

  23. Ohh mann, the natives at RPG.NET are not happy…!-quot

    …and to be fair this video does comes off as your grandpa trying to be cool.

    Aaanyway, here's another bit of history tabletoppers might find interesting: A man by the name of #RonEdwards found the original #VampireTheMasquerade so annoying for not being what it claimed to be about that he wrote a game called #Sorcerer, formed a game design group called #TheForge, and essentially laid the foundation for the entire RPG #Indie scene.

    He also called gamers who didn't understand 'story' brain damaged, which makes him just perfect for this 'documentary' 😛

  24. Wow, you guys are trying real hard to rewrite 80s and 90s RPG history here.

    I mean, hey…good for you if you can swing it, I guess. But seriously? C'mon.

  25. Sorry, but none of the cool kids played Vampire either. Games about "stories" that needed 9 attributes, 20-something skills, multiple damage types, an ever-increasing bloated line of superpowers. Yeah, truly about the story there guys. 🙂

  26. As an outsider to the tabletop RPGs I find this documentary rather interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

  27. why is this needed? White Wolf coming back with another shite version of wankire. The game was so so poor. Immortal vampires fucking about on a night by night basis – shocking game really when I look back on it.

    Immortality would sure be dull playing a WW vampire for eternity, no wonder they wanted death.

  28. please make werewolf the apocalypse with good graphics gameplay and especialy story
    dont make mistake that most companies do these days pls

  29. WTF! I was gaming then and this is a huge ball of self serving masturbation. Take another tact, direction and focus, then try again with out the outlaw persecution complex. V:tM was a good game, but not the only game in play.

  30. Opening with a boldfaced lie is NOT a good documentary practice.

    Traveller was released in 1977, and lacked dragons, seldom had dungeons nor even dungeon-like settings.
    James Bond 007 was 1983, as was FASA's Star Trek the RPG.
    We also have Marvel Super Heroes in 1984.
    And Star Frontiers and Space Opera both in '81.
    Space 1889 in 1988.
    SpaceMaster in 1984.
    Starships & Spacemen in 1978.

    So "All RPGs were fantasy" is a flat out lie. If it was in ignorance, you're too ignorant to be doing a documentary. If not, you've established that you're making propaganda, not a documentary.

  31. Sighs. Just when I find the most incredible and awesome looking game…poof…it's been taken out. I sure hope they find a way to bring it back. We need an awesome online mmorpg game with vampires where we can ACTUALLY dress the part.

  32. Thank you for the creating this type of Universe!!! Down on your knees before the Great WoD Creators! It's so addictive and fascinating to be in WoD. Dystopian and sinister presence! OMG, it is taking you away from the reality!
    I don't know why the Hollywood jews didn't make a badass movie or even better TV-series based on WoD universe {the real one with violence, gore, post-punk mood and despair, with an extremely interesting plot} not some shitty Kindred The Embraced series with a lot of stupid mistakes in the plot, in characters and etc. Maybe there are some concerned kindreds who don't allow the mortals to do this? Coz I don't see any other explanation. There was X-Files series included some references to WoD (the episode was called "3" or "Three").
    If VR will have any kind of this universe I'd like to be there!

  33. Here's a short, incomplete list of games that apparently don't actually exist according to this documentary:

    Call of Cthulhu
    Gamma World
    Buck Rogers XXVC
    Ghostbusters RPG
    Metamorphosis Alpha
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
    After the Bomb
    The Mechanoids Invasion (First ever game by Palladium)

    Hell, Sci-Fi games were nearly as common as fantasy games back in the 70s, and by the 80s, "me too" attempts at cloning the success stories in that genre were nearly as thick on the ground as D&D clones.

  34. I don't mean to pry… but it's Summer 2017 already… is it ready yet and if so, where can I watch it?

  35. When is this getting released to the general public? I know it aired at World of Darkness Berlin already, but when can the rest of us see it?

  36. 5th ed sounds awful as shit. Way too much SJW influence and the cam only talking humane vampires? Uh the fuck? Then what about Elders who are really low on humanity by being alive so damn long? Some of the elders are still on ROADS…I want to see it all crash and burn. Some Men just want to see the World of Darkness burn. I'm one of them. Down with 5th ed. NWOD sounds better than 5th ed….what if its a shitty plot to get more people to go to NWoD by now making Old WOD really fucking stupid?

  37. Maybe ten years ago, I would have been excited by this trailer. Now not so much. White Wolf keeps sucker punching the fans.

  38. I made a video for a design project of my Jyhad/VTES card group in college and it used the Kidney Thieves' Before I'm Dead and all the transitions in this video XD This aesthetic is gold. I can't WAIT to watch this.

  39. The WOD of Darkness didn't influence pop culture pop culture influenced the WOD. Just look in any of the books where it suggests movies, music and books you can get for ideas and mood.

  40. As far as the trailer's content plus all the comments complaining about it:

    I would definitely agree it's undeniable that other non-fantasy rpgs existed far before WW, including many sci fi, horror, generic or superhero rpgs. Still, the argument there would be the same as the one they're making for WoD vs D&D. If you'd even heard of tabletop gaming before the late 90's, it was almost always D&D unless you had played a while or lucked out and got invited to play by a friend who did, let alone the more obscure stuff. They could've said "In the 80's and early 90's, even though there were many different types of tabletop games, you rarely encountered anything other than fantasy." or "…was dominated by fantasy games primarily."

    I also do feel the criticisms related to the shitshow that was CCP, how they handled WoD(by shitting on the entire company), and some of the general pretentiousness in the presentation are valid. For instance, if you're doing effectively a teaser not even a full length trailer, why include something as core to the games as playing the vampire(antagonist) without any other excerpt on why they thought that was a good choice, or how Mark and his coworkers arrived at doing that sort of game in the first place? So yes, in general, the trailer does feel somewhat pompous and also like they're showing off a bit with all the clips of Larpers in costume but little other content from the actual games. This I can guess may be due to their new management, who were primarily Larpers and didn't touch the tabletop games overly as far as the little I know. Still, they did at least cover a tidbit on some of the salient points, so if it had been only a teaser and not the only trailer I don't think it would've turned out too bad.

    I do disagree heartily with the assessment that White Wolf only sponged off of pop culture and not the other way around. Yes, as anyone under the sun can tell you, there existed prior to WW, Vampires and other creatures of the night, rpgs of various genres, and some explorations of these themes in pop culture. What I felt WW did was to synthesize the elements which would work together the best. Granted, I'm no expert since I wasn't aware of the Nightlife contributor, although I did know about Ars Magicka for Mage the Ascension. That said, taking the ideas from a product you thought was excellent and making an idea of your own, or in the case of Ars, reworking that idea to where you feel it's better, are good techniques in general and not specific to WW. If you look at almost anything from the late 90's onwards in those genres, you can accurately see the impact WW has, even if it gets no credit for that. Granted, it may have been a bad idea to bring that up in the teaser, because you can't explore why or how that happened, but it holds water for sure.

    Finally, I did feel in many ways it had more of a cultural impact outside of D&D of other non Fantasy rpgs, in terms of the creation of formal Larping that is wholly separate from tabletop, along with the entire gothic punk type costuming, gesturing and accents that go with that, of the myriad stories of people either with crazy situations who found solace in the games or found their significant other through the games, and of the unique exploration in titles aside from just Vampire the Masquerade, which is something I whole-heartedly hope they explored in this film. For instance, in Demon the Fallen all of the Fallen were and to some extent many still are, angels at heart, albeit dark angels with a lot of hatred, and they carry the weight of Milton's Paradise Lost on their shoulders throughout your chronicles. Similar to what Marvel did with the building of the comics and then separately of the MCU, White Wolf did in the tabletop side with the World of Darkness and then the Chronicles of Darkness. This richness of lore is another one of it's standout qualities to me. You really feel like this is a living breathing World of Darkness, not just an abstraction or a template slapped onto a set of rules.

  41. I think the problem that people face with these games today is : 'Why vampire?' and the answer is either : 'No, you are just playing assholish nocturnal gangsters with superpowers in this alternate Shadowrun game' or 'Everyone in this game are sexual abusive deviants that allegorically allude to molestors and rapists with an alternate sexuality of the often inappropriate/controversial kind.' To me that is just not what Vampire is about, its not why I started getting into it.

  42. This is really edgy nerd stuff and the success it had is unheard of. The Larp is almost like a mystery play. The whole wod line seems infused by occult power. Later games like Mage are so explicit and philosophically refined that it's almost miraculous. I really wonder how they went about creating their universe. I also wonder if in the end those worlds are meant to heal you or to hurt you.

  43. And the fans keep grinding onward. Case in point? VTMB – that's right, I said it; go reinstall it. A new Clan Quest mod is on the horzion. After all those years, Jeanette still makes our undead hearts skip a beat. And the new characters out there? Well….you tell me:

  44. Hahahaha, I love this. A bunch of nerd convincing themselves they weren't nerds. Vampire nerds were the biggest nerds there were! HAHAHAHAHA! Fun times. 🙂 Malkav for life!

  45. V:tM has vampires, werewolves, wizards, ghosts, magic, a direct tie-in to Rein-Hagen's earlier Ars Magica . . .

    . . . and you're trying to tell me it's not fantasy?

    Pull the other one. WoD is fantasy. Always has been. Granted that it helped popularise the sub-genre of "urban fantasy", or fantasy in a modern setting, but it's still fantasy.

  46. When I was stationed in Texas, we had a guy who combined all of the World of Darkness Games to create this crazy world that was definitely his! Our party included a time mage (me), a Dhamphir rockstar, some sort of werewolf that was cursed to look like a furby (long story), and a Changeling Hunter. The DM was obsessed with government conspiracies so we usually played along with his shenanigans until we got tired of just sitting around not fighting lol

  47. Dude, vtm had its time. White wolf can't stay afloat to save it's life.

    Now it's too busy pandering to liberals to actually create anything worth while

  48. We can discuss on that – but we cannot play WoD as a mmorpg . That ´s where it ´s at . Thx ccp , Ima program this shit right away .

  49. Just finished watching this docu. Damn the gameplay footage of WoD MMO looked so good! I WISHED they showed the gameplay instead of trailers and some in game areas to explore. The gameplay shown on this docu had me hyped for it. I do hope Paradox can put all these assits into a MMO.

  50. This was my era – as in, I was on staff and I show up in the photos though not in the commentary. The documentary gets a few small things wrong (it was Chris McDonough, for example, who came up with the idea of vampire clans, not Mark Rein*Hagen), and a lot of people are left out of it (Rich Thomas, Josh Timbrook, Lisa Stevens and Andrew Greenberg, for starters), but the film is very good overall, and it's as true to its material as something describing a cloudy history of people and events almost 30 years ago could hope to be.

  51. Society is extremely oppressive no matter who or what you believe. In short you can't do this or that because it hurts people's feelings. That's how all of American society works.

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