World Creator 2. Custom Base shape. Selection tools. Action tools.

Hello everyone! With you – Krivulya Andrew Charly and this
is the 2nd part of the lesson about the World Creator 2. We continue to talk about the Base tab
and the next option is the Custom Base Shape. If you enable this option –
then the terrain will change its shape a little. To edit it with
a special points – click on the Edit Shape. And here, I admire, madly,
that in real-time we can moving this points – and you instantly change the shape of the landscape. Flatten Entire Terrain button make
landscape is flat so you can create some form from scratch by moving this points again. To increase the number of points –
go down below and in the Fractal Noise Level Strength Per Step dragging
the first level slider to the left. If you need even more points – change the value of the 2nd level in the same way, etc. The more points – the easier it is to get
more complex form of the landscape. To select points in World Creator 2 – there is a special Selection Tool and it contains three special tools –
Single, Circle and Rectangle. With first we have already figured out.
Let’s choose the second one. The circle allows you to capture points using a special circle, which radius and falloff – is configured with the same sliders. With this circle and rectangle you can extrude or squeeze out – round and rectangular shapes. A rectangle also has length and width adjustment. Due to this – it is possible to make various
variations of indentation and extrusion. Below the Selection Tool are the Action tools that allow you to perform various action during extrusion or
indenting the selected surface. For example, the second action, called Average – allows you to align the underlying points and extruded points –
on a certain center. I’ll show you how it looks like. Extrude any surface, select this action and move the mouse up or down – we get such an effect. Flatten action – makes the flatten of the selected area. And Noise – allows you to do uneven
extrusion of selected points. To see the difference
between Noise and the usual Action – first of all let’s make the usual extrusion And extrusion with Noise. As you can see, the difference is obvious. That’s all I wanted to tell you about
Custom Base Shape settings. In the next part – we’ll talk about
other awesome features in Word Creator 2. With you was – Krivulya Andrew Charly. Press the “thumb up” – if you
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