Word Salad II – (Loop, Rhyme, and Mashup) – Day 7 of “100 Symptoms”

Word Salad II – (Loop, Rhyme, and Mashup) – Day 7 of “100 Symptoms”

You are tuned into nednednerB the Schizophrenic. This is day seven of 100 symptoms. Word salad is a popular symptom.
Lots of people look for more information about word salad. it’s a common symptom,
so I’m going to do “Word Salad” number two. Today I’m going to focus on loop, rhyme,
and mashup. Those are terms used in electronic
music composition and digital music
composition and rap. And– but– uh… I’m going to use those terms because word
salad for me has a sound in the head and sound metaphors work and I make
electronic music so the metaphor fits for me. However, I’ll start with “loop.” Loop: an example of loop is when I was having a
semi psychotic phase one evening when I was younger. Like [stuttering] in my teens,
and I had the phrase “I just don’t know” going around and around in my head for two or
three hours and I just kept going [varied pitch and pace]
“I just don’t know I just don’t know I just
don’t know I just don’t know I just don’t know” Loop, loop, loop… And I don’t even know what it
meant to begin with. I just didn’t know. [laugh] “Rhyme”:
Rhyme is when, uh– I have a thought
and the sound of the– of… The word or the subliminal sound, like
the internal thought of the word, goes “mmMmMmMm” [rolling pitch up and down]
the “word-erd-wor-word-word-erd-word”
[partial word speech sounds on repeat] And I rhyme like that, and I…
Sometimes when I’m alone and I’m just, uh,
confused or stuck on a little thing, and the—, and the word, “word-word-word-
And, like, it– it happens like that. [laugh] The other one, “mashup”:
Mashup is when, like, phonemes and– ss– [stutter] and sounds and word parts all mix up and
I might do that when, uh, when I’m just kind of like, bubbling along, and the words are
the train of thought.
You know how the train of thought continues on its own
and it’s hard to even quiet the train of thought without intense meditation
practice. So… When I just, not thinking much in a real thought,
but my mind’s going
“bought-but-I-bought-dah-cha-cha-buh-ba-nup”. And, that kind of happens to me sometimes and “buh-buh-ba-da-ba-bah”. And, and, it’s word salad. Anyway.. Thanks for listening.
Day 7 of “100 symptoms”. nednednerB the Schizophrenic! Peace…

4 thoughts on “Word Salad II – (Loop, Rhyme, and Mashup) – Day 7 of “100 Symptoms”

  1. I just watched your first 7 days of symptoms… I have to say you are a brave and courageous individual Mr. Nerb… your openness helps create a great awareness and understanding for someone like me who doesnโ€™t love with these symptoms.. as well as Iโ€™m sure it would give comfort to anyone watching who does… mental health is an overlooked yet important part of overall health.. being self aware is a big part.. keep doing what you are doing and Iโ€™ll keep watching… thank you and be well

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