Woman Thanks Hero Dog Who Rescued Her in the mountain | Watch Zozo

Woman Thanks Hero Dog Who Rescued Her in the mountain | Watch Zozo

deaf hiker falls down freezing mountain
rescuers finally find her and she isn’t alone many young men and women enjoy
challenging themselves both physically and mentally
Amelia milling a 21 year old girl whose death isn’t scared of tough challenges
she decided that she was going to climb up a mountain in Alaska by herself
however things went terribly wrong at one point amelia is set off a three-day
hike in the wilderness of Alaska at first things were going great
then she started climbing up a mountain and that’s when things started to go
very wrong Amelia lost her balance and began to fall down through the snow to a
boulder below she slid at least 300 feet before she hit the boulder after
bouncing off of it Amelia slid an additional 300 feet before coming to a
standstill luckily she could still walk none of her bones were broken it was a
miracle she came out unscathed however the young girl was stranded on the huge
mountain and had no clue where she was Amelia knew that things were not going
well when 24 hours had passed since her fall she was still lost and had no clue
which path would lead her off the mountain but something was about to
happen to make her heart jump she saw what appeared to be a white wolf in the
distance however she saw that it was actually a domesticated dog when it came
closer as it had a collar the dog was a husky named a nook which works as a
trail guide dog on the mountain he has guide on his collar and he regularly
goes out to find lost hikers she couldn’t believe he was there with her
he had a new mission for sure nough nook stayed with Amelia and helped her locate
the trail he made sure that the deaf girl was never alone when Amelia
attempted to cross a river these strong currents began to pull her under luckily
Nanook jumped in and pulled her out of the water
Amelia decided that it was depress the GPS transmitter she carried
that would send a distress signal to rescuers Alaska state troopers were said
to pick her in and hook up both were safely rescued knew nook is the real
hero of the day according to Amelia she learned that he once pulled a young girl
out of the river current to safety you can watch this amazing video and hear
Amelia tell her story

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