WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition | Be a Wolf, Live like a Wolf | #1

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition | Be a Wolf, Live like a Wolf | #1

100 thoughts on “WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition | Be a Wolf, Live like a Wolf | #1

  1. I had to lower the graphics to fast and something about the game looks different the clouds don't move and just looked like pictures and the lamar river dissapered at the quality I had to set it at

  2. Mine wont load, it keeps saying WolfQuestAE.exe has stopped working, am I the only one with this problem??? Please tell me I'm not bc I've been looking forward to this type of game for years but I'm sure u all of u have but I'm literally having a mental breakdown and I need to know if I'm the only one or not so please tell me!! Do I just need to try getting a brand new computer? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not tech savvy so if someone knows how to fix this please tell me and in every video I make of me playing this (there would hopefully be a ton) a shoutout and I will be forever in your debt.
    Thank you so so so so so so so so so much!

  3. I want to play Wolfquest but it isn’t giving me the option to download it😢 it would mean the world to me if you made a video about a walkthrough of how to get the game

  4. 11:40 that children is how wolves rip eachother apart..
    Edit: I got the game yesterday theres a glitch or something where I lock onto the animals and when I'm just pressing w and d or a my wolf strays away from the locked prey idk if it's a glitch or I'm rlly bad at hunting xD

  5. idk why but my wolf wont show up it looks like a messy glitch stick? this also happens when- wolves get close to me they become glitch sticks, elk get eaten, and its kinda annoying? can anyone help me figure out why?

  6. Boi, I remember playing WQ a few years ago. Bad textures and you only could just roam around and try to kill everything you see. This is great, I hope you'll make more videos soon!

  7. I am just wondering, do I just need to hold space to do damage? I feel like I take so much damage from animals and I do so little

  8. Were you playing on easy? Asking cause I play on challenging and it takes me forever to take down an elk 😭😂 I might switch to easy and practice hunting more! Especially for hunting Mule Deer.

  9. Hey, tip. When you get a mate, make sure it's diversity is at 4 stars. It's best for the pups when the full game comes out.

  10. I have the old Wolf Quest on my family's computer but I think I'm gonna download this on my laptop! Is it free? If not, how much does it cost?

  11. can we play multiplayer on this version and are we going to see the final version if we install it now?

  12. can we play multiplayer on this version and will we have to pay the final version if we install it now?

  13. Good golly! I only jave the okder version of WolfQuest! I would LOVE to have this newer version of WolfQuest!

  14. I remember playing this game with old version like years ago and I loved it. I had an obsession with this game and I can't believe it finally gets final new version ;')

  15. Im soo jealous rn, you can have it on high quality, i cant have fur, grass, shadows or anything on my game

  16. I bought wolfquest on steam and it was still the old version and it wasn’t as good as this….how can I get this version?

  17. Is this YouTuber a girl or a boy sorry I just want to know sorry if I upset anyone I just want to know before assuming

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