10 thoughts on “Wolf Reintroduction Debate Heats Up In Colorado

  1. Bring the wolves to colorado! There's plenty of nature for them to live in and be away from people most of the time, colorado has too many deer and elk, wolves would balance it out more

  2. We need more wolves in the states again. No one cares about the cattle and livestock, or the ranchers anyways. I mean, losing a few livestock is not the end of the world, we already have thousands of cattle, sheep, goats enough as it is

  3. For those of you saying it's a good idea to bring wolves back into Colorado, or the lady advocating for the reduction of wolves in the clip… you're dumb. Wolves will decimate the elk population just like Yellowstone, the elk population has dropped 80% since. They will destroy the ungulates. The people making or advocating for this sit in their houses all day and don't spend any time outdoors.

  4. This bitch is dumb as rocks. I’m from New Mexico but I stand with CPW. The reintroduction of wolves will have a negative impact.

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