Will-Ben dressing up like princesses [The Return of Superman/2020.02.21]

Will-Ben dressing up like princesses [The Return of Superman/2020.02.21]

This snack is a must in the winter. Roasted sweet potatoes are a must. (This one will be the most delicious!) What? Put it back down. (No!) You may touch it after I buy it. Sam hasn’t paid yet. (He is teaching Bentley some manners.) Since I haven’t paid yet, you shouldn’t touch it. (Okay!) (I am a reasonable four-year-old now.) Sam can reason with him now. Buy it. – “Buy it.” / – Do you want me to? How many should I buy? – Many. / – Many? How many? 100. – 100? / – What? 100? – Too much? / – Let’s have them for breakfast. – Give me all of these. / – He can hold a conversation! Buy carp-shaped bread too. Take this bag. Take this bag. Thank you. Let’s buy clothes now. – I will pick it. / – Are they buying clothes? How cute! Ben, do you want me to hold it? – No! / – No? – All mine. / – “They are all mine.” Ben is incredible. He really is. Precious. – My goodness. / – Yes, food is precious. – What? / – It’s on the second floor. We need to go to the clothing store, – but Ben is blocking the way. / – What? You shouldn’t do that here. Let’s eat first. – Fish, fish. / – Do you want to eat it here? – Yes. / – It’s the perfect place to eat carp-shaped bread. What should we do? (Those who want to enter versus Ben who wants to eat) I have an idea. Watch me. Sam just picked up the bag and walked away. (Taking) Come on up. – He is an expert. / – Mine! That’s right. Come on up. – Come on up. / – He knows how to deal with Bentley. – Mine! / – My goodness. He is following without a complaint. It’s here. Let’s enter. Let’s enter. – Hello. / – They entered the store. Hello. Ben, give me that carp-shaped bread. We can’t eat in a store. – That’s right. / – Put it in the bag. You can’t eat in a store. It might get on the clothes. – We can’t let that happen. / – It’s a valuable lesson. (I will put it in my mouth!) (Are you going to be that way?) Then Ben, you must go outside. Eat outside. Stay outside until you are done. – My goodness. / – Go outside. Stay outside. Sam is stern. (He gets kicked out of the store.) He got kicked out of the store. (Lonely) – You know… / – Dad. (He looks pitiful.) – My goodness. / – Ben, you can’t come in. Dad. What are they going to do? Ben, you can come in after you are done. Dad. His nose is turning red. Take a look around. I will feed him quickly. – Sam conceded. / – Take a look around. – Okay. / – It’s cold outside. Which one will look good on Bentley? – These are princess dresses. / – What… Will Bentley wear these? Are there no boys’ clothes here? – There are no boys’ clothes. / – What? We only have girls’ clothes. I think we are at the wrong store. – They came to the wrong store. / – Dad. Yes? – It’s an emergency. / – Why? This store only has girls’ clothes. – I know. / – He knows? You know? (I guess you aren’t buying my clothes.) We are here to buy a younger girl’s clothing. A younger girl? – A younger girl? / – That’s right. Let’s hurry up and pick one. Tell me which one is pretty. (He puts on a cute item.) How do I look? – How cute! / – I don’t like these. – Are they getting them as a gift? / – These ones. These ones. This is it! What? (A Snow White dress) How pretty! We should try on clothing before we buy it. Bentley will try it on. Bentley will? (Me? Do I need to try on a dress?) (Flustered) He is flustered. (How am I supposed to wear a princess dress?) I know. How is he supposed to wear a princess dress? For the past four years of his life, Bentley only wore William’s old clothes. It can’t be helped when you are the younger sibling. (That’s right! I will put on new clothes!) Okay. At least he gets to put on new clothes. Are you trying it on? – Hands up. / – Bentley has a pretty face. – I think it will look good. / – No! No, no. (Maybe he doesn’t want to wear a dress.) (Let’s take a look.) – What? / – He escaped. Bentley! He instinctively doesn’t want to wear a dress. (I won’t wear a princess dress.) (I am a prince.) He is so cute. – My goodness. / – Ouch! It hurts! Hey. (He gets apprehended.) Gosh, look at him. Goodness. (The prince’s revolution fails.) – Draw the curtain. / – Come here. Hold on. (Ben is transforming again.) – Are you done? / – Not yet. I can’t wait to see him. (How does Ben look?) – He looks pretty. / – Okay, he looks pretty. William says so. (Look forward to it!) All right. Ben, come on out. (It’s the moment of revelation!) One, two, three. Bentley! One, two, three. Bentley! (Snow Ben) – My goodness. / – Snow Ben. He looks so pretty. (His beauty is deadlier than a poisoned apple.) – He looks like Snow White. / – He looks so pretty. – He is Snow Ben. / – Who is this? A princess. (Do I look pretty?) Snow Ben came straight out of a fairy tale. He looks so pretty. (Is this me?) He looks so pretty. He thinks he looks pretty. Who is that? (How pretty!) – Is that really Bentley? / – What do you think? Do you like it? (Mirror, mirror, on the wall.) (Who is the fairest of them all?) He fell for himself. (Did you fall for me too?) – Why does William look upset? / – William, what’s with your face? – I want to do it too. / – Do you want to do it too? I want to wear a wig too. Which dress do you want to wear? Please give me a yellow dress. Will you become a banana? (Do you want a banana-colored dress?) ♪ Banana, banana, banana ♪ William, come on out. Here he comes. (Hello, William.) William. He is pretty in a different way. (I am happy.) Had you been a girl, you would have been very pretty. How cute! (Look inside the mirror.) – Both of them are lovely. / – They are so pretty. (He goes back to being Bentley for a second.) Who is that? – Big Sister. / – “Big Sister.” (You punk.) Again. Again? This time… – Pink. / – Do you want to wear pink? (Give me a pink dress.) It became a game now. Ben, come on out. (When Bentley meets pink…) What is this? Bentley in pink. (Let’s color the world with Bentley-pink.) How pretty! – Hello. / – Gosh, Sam suddenly became – a dad with two daughters. / – Bravo. No! No! – No wolf! / – What is up with him? No wolf! Every dress is so pretty. I don’t know which one to buy. Which one should I buy? – Another one? / – Come on out. – My goodness. / – Come on out. – Ta-da! / – Hello. (The Big Sister of Eungam-dong’s Princess Clan) My goodness. – He looks like he is from “Sunny”. / – I know. – Snack! / – Hello. Snack. A lot. (Give it to me when I ask nicely.) – He can pull off the retro vibe. / – Give me. (If I find a snack on you, I will give you a beating.) Break, break, break. (Have you heard of Crocodile?) (I am Crocodile’s grandma’s dad’s) (grandma.) (Punk!) (He is scary.) He has a husky voice. (Come to the rooftop when you are done shopping!) There are many pretty dresses. Which one should I get? That one is pretty. That one is pretty too. That one is pretty too. This is so hard. Who will receive a pretty dress as their present? This is where the mysterious girl lives. (The place is bright and cozy with plenty of sunlight.) The sunny house has a clean interior. (At one side of the clean house…) There are many professional-looking cameras. The house is like a gallery. What kind of child lives here? (Everyone is asleep.) Mom. (She wakes up alone.) She woke up. (Waddling) Mom. What? Half of her face is revealed. (Who are you?) Look at her eye. How is it so big? (Identity yourselves.) She is charismatic. (Gosh!) Mom! Mom! – A man! / – “It’s a man.” – What is going on? / – “What is going on?” They are unfamiliar faces. She is scared because of strangers. (Hello!) How cute! Sabin, were you playing alone? My goodness. I know who she is. – Do you know her dad? / – I do. I know him very well. Her dad is an incredible man. Shall I tie your hair? – Your hair is a big mess. / – Her name is – Han Sabin. / – No. – All done! / – I think I saw her somewhere. – Sabin is so pretty. / – All done! Sabin, should I take photos of you? Let’s take photos with me. (Photos?) (Cue!) (She smiles first.) (What next?) (Chic) (Haughty) Goodness, she has so many facial expressions. (This time…) Sabin. That’s a bit… My goodness. Again. Sabin, this side is pretty. (This side?) Sabin. – Dad. / – It’s her dad. It’s good to see him. It’s her dad. – Hold on. What’s with him? / – Sabin, good morning. He is an announcer, right? (He is a former KBS announcer with a neat image.) He is my senior announcer, Han Sukjoon. He married a photographer in 2018, and that October, they welcomed their child with beautiful eyes, Sabin. Everyone says he is obsessed with his daughter. – Let’s see what he is like. / – Sabin, fix his hair. (Let’s have a morning hug first.) (She is affectionate.) (By the way…) Who are you? Dad? Not Dad. – Dad? He isn’t Dad. / – Who are you calling Dad? (You aren’t Dad.) – Big brother. / – “Big brother”? – Big brother. / – Is he a big brother? – “Big brother”? / – “Big brother”? “Big brother”? (For Sabin’s entertaining morning…) – How cute! / – Her emotions show on her face. Look at me. Here. – My head is floating in the air. / – Sukjoon hasn’t changed at all. (Gosh!) She says it’s no fun. That’s not true. I made you laugh. Peek-a-boo! – My goodness. / – It’s boring, right? – No. / – It’s no fun. Am I no fun? He isn’t the funny type. – He isn’t funny to Sabin either. / – Are you going? Yes. I will go to work. She is going to take photos. – Bye. / – “Bye, Mom.” Bye. Hang in there even if your dad is no fun. What are you talking about? I am fun. Shall we have breakfast? I prepared everything you like. One, two, three. – What? / – It’s Sabin’s favorite set of dried fruits. – She loves dried fruits. / – It’s a good idea. What will be Sabin’s choice? (What will be Sabin’s choice?) Is he hosting a TV program? – It’s an occupational habit. / – What will it be? I can’t believe he still does that. She chose dried tangerine. (It’s correct!) It’s correct! Is this “Woorimal Battle”? – He is so boring. / – Am I boring? Yes. – She says he is boring. / – Really? Shall I read you a book? What kind of tone should I use? – Shall I use my work voice? / – What? This is an announcer’s tone. – What? / – “There are venomous creatures.” “When you get bitten, time is of the essence.” – Sukjoon. / – “When you were little,” “you might have put doenjang on the wound.” – “But its effects are unknown.” / – “Effects”. – My goodness. / – Should I stop? What dad reads a children’s book – in that tone? / – Okay. What will you eat this time? Banana? Banana, banana. Will Sabin go bananas for me? (There is no hope here.) Are you ignoring me because I am boring? – She went to her room. / – What will he do? – I won’t do that again. / – She was playing around. (What?) I am on my way to catch you! (Sighing) Sabin, is this boring too? – He is doing his best. / – I am copying what I saw. (Should I give him another chance?) (My goodness.) – Sabin. / – Oh, my goodness. Who do you like better, Dad or Mom? This is bad. What is he going to do? – Sukjoon, come back to work. / – Sabin, I am rolling on the floor with the light. (His efforts bring tears to the eyes.) It’s funny, right? (I don’t know what to do.) Am I boring? This is bad. (He gives up.) It can be hard. (Dad, cheer up.) Some older boys will come and entertain you soon. – That’s right. / – Older boys will come. I think they will make Sabin laugh. (Who lost her laughter?) Why are there trees in the house? – It’s because this house is big. / – “We’re in charge” “of making people laugh in Eungam-dong.” “The true comedians, William and Bentley.” Where is your friend’s house? (The comedians’ performance) (is coming soon.)

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  1. I don't know why kbs is turning off comments. But will Ben never fail to make me laugh. I forgot how cute baby will was!!! Man in that yellow dress bentley looked like old Australian lady 😍😍😍😘😘😂😂💞💞,such beauty will is

  2. When Ben wore the dresses, he looked like a princess straight from the fairytales. Then he started talking and it all came back to Ben hahahah 😂😂😂 William was so pretty even without the wig haha
    I bet Sam and Yoomi really want a girl after this

  3. 나은 이 같네.왜 여자애 옷을 입히지 한두번이 아닌데 돐 날도 그렇고.윌리엄은 더 여자애 같네.

  4. to think bentley and aciel are almost the same age so when we see aciel again he'll already be talking like bentley 😍

  5. Can't get over the beauty and the beast theme song while Ben's a Snow White 😂

    on the other hand, Ben and Will why so cuteeeee ?🤗🐥


  7. 7:44 Bentley saying "no, wolf" since he's wearing pink and the pig looks pink, he 's thinking of the story three little pigs. i suddenly remembered the triplets, when they are on the car or sitting on the dining table, they keep roleplaying different stories.

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