Why (& When) Do Dogs Howl?

Why (& When) Do Dogs Howl?

Some Dogs Howl more Often Than You Think.
So Why Do Dogs Howl? The answer for that coming up. Welcome Back This Hassan And you Are watching
Animalia TV. So Why Do Dogs Howl?
First thing comes to Mind when you say dog howling is there distant relatives wolves
& Why Do Wolves Howl? Wolves howl as form of communicating a message.
that message generally is: – I am here this my location.
– I am here come and join me. – I am here this is my territory this is my
home don’t you dare. When comes to dogs it is almost the same reason
and we can add some more on top of them. In some cases of dogs separation anxiety they
howl but it always come with another sign of separation anxiety such as being destructive. Dogs howl back at other animal howls like
coyotes and they howl back at high pitch sounds like syran and some people singing
“it doesn’t mean your singing is bad it just means you are singing at high pitch”. Ans if your dog is not howling for any of
those reasons we are left with last reason which is pain or injury and in that case you
will need to call your Vet. So if I want to put what I just in points
the four reasons will be: – Ancestors & Distant relatives.
– Communication. – Separation Anxiety.
– Pain or Injury. So here you go you have four reasons for why
do dogs howl. let US know your personal experience with Howling dogs in the comments below and
off course if you have a different Opinion share it with us and I will join the discussion
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73 thoughts on “Why (& When) Do Dogs Howl?

  1. I wondered why dogs howl or growl sometimes instead of their usual barking. Thank you for enlightening us with this interesting information

  2. In our country it says when dogs howl it means something bad is happening to the owner or dogs have seemed something supernatural

  3. The howling is a death sound before some one dies or after. It is a cry of sadness and danger(pain and sorrow) or suffering. It is a dog's way of trying to warn us or tell us that something is wrong. A way to express their feelings and a way of sending a message. it is caused by a dark and evil presence. Dogs are a symbolic meaning to spirituality, they can see evil spirits and sense negative energy. They are very loyal and useful animals. God designed and uses dogs to fulfil a special purpose:)

  4. Dogs howl because they are responding to something, Love, they all hear Love, it's is supposed to be a Universal thing for all life form and they respond in their own physical and mental way, It only has (One) meaning, their howling is the verbal language of Love to their kind, they are all aware of Love, just like we are, the only difference is even though we our the one's bless with Reasoning, they know what Love truly means, in the true sense as far as the intellect, we should learn from Dogs, to respond to Love, hear it, feel it, then give it back to another, especially at night time when everything is in a weak mental state, easy to die. We human say, Let us give thanks to God, Dogs give thanks to (Everything in the Universe) because this is actually where Love is needed, we all know to prepare to pray by (bowing our heads in meditation), giving thanks to Love, and acknowledging Love but only because it is more of a hobby, not because our lives depended on it. animals do it because they know why.

  5. My dog has been howling since his brother died in August but it's funny he always faces the woods. I think he misses his brother though.

  6. My dog just started howling she keeps looking outside the window and when she is put outside she starts to go to out the fence and so I think she wants to play with a dog since we had two but –

  7. We had to separate them a a while ago or it means that I guess some type of dog is injured somewhere bc I did hear some howls like 3 or 2 days ago that weren’t my dog so yeah idk what to do I’ll have to tell my parents and maybe she can have a play date with a dog.

  8. i was renting a room above an old garage, one afternoon, all the dogs of the hse faced upwards to my room and all were howling! I was at work that time and the hse helper told me the next morning since i came home late at night after work. I had goosebumps when she told me that.

  9. I study dogs even without being asked i do it all the time so,if dogs do something like my dogs they were yiping 2 by the way and i was eating and my mom said why are they doing that i said it probly bc the want food or they r communicate all th dogs were i live do this at the same time at the morning or fire sirens

  10. Just an hour ago my neighbors (2 people) approach me to kill my dogs because of howling, they said the dogs see a spirit and someone will die. Their houses behind me and the sounds of my dogs really bothered them because of their superstitious belief that 3 people die on their street and before that their dogs are howling. That's why I'm here i respect their belief but i'm not going to kill my dogs, in reality my dogs are my guardians we have no companion to protect us from people of wrongdoings me and my daughter are only in the house. I'm more than scared of alive people.

  11. I have a Doberman, he howls even ever the garbage van comes. This van makes a blaring sound, to announce. I get really annoyed, with my pet and the moment the sound stops my pet keeps quiet.

  12. I have a Doberman, he howls even ever the garbage van comes. This van makes a blaring sound, to announce. I get really annoyed, with my pet and the moment the sound stops my pet keeps quiet.

  13. Dear Hassan .. Our dog Howls whenever she hear's the sound of Siren's of any type she will continue until the sounds are no longer audible to her .She howl's at NO other time.. So I ruled out pain I also ruled out loneliness or Abandonment as she is never more than a foot step from her human mother . So what is it about Siren's that prompt's our dog to howl every single time she hear's a siren 24 hrs a day morning noon or 2 AM even 4AM matter;s little if there is siren whaling so is she ..So please WTF UP with that is there a known cure and or would you recommend euthanasia ? Please help…I'm at my wits end…

  14. My dog sunshine was sleeping between two beds in my room .so that nite i asked my granny to sleep on an empty bed ..I'm between 2.30 till 4.00 sunshine stood up n watched something in my siting room.constantly and started growling like as if she saw a person rite in front …She is an amazing dog she fought wit a robber who had come to steal in my sister house …But that' nite she kept looking at the main hall and growling like as she is warning someone ..when i woke up and saw her

  15. I've a chuahua, and sometimes when I walk in the room he does the sweetest little howl. He doesn't do it to anyone but me. It's really strange. He sorta howls softly then wolfs and wags his tail like a mad man

  16. I have three lil sausage dogs. When im petting one of them – yes, petting, and as gingerly as possible -, she randomly starts howling, and the other two go along. They just come close and howl together, while looking ant me and wagging their tails. The funny thing is she only does that when im the one petting her. She never did that when it was my parents.

  17. My dads grandpa was dying and last night my dog started howling like loud and it’s the first time she’s done that

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