Why is My Oven Making a Humming Noise?

Why is my oven making a humming noise? It is trying to keep up with your whistling
tea pot. This is not musical; it is worrying. It could be an electrical noise. Which could be a problem, since I do not normally
hear it. If you hear it from the control board area,
I think it is one of the relays on the control board. Which means I need to replace one of the relays
until the noise stops. Assuming the oven design does not make you
replace the whole control board. What else could be causing it? The transformer in the control board for the
clock. Try suggesting something next time that is
not the control board. That costs a third of the cost of a new oven to replace. If the oven hums only when baking, I’d suggest
checking to see if the fan is quiet. In that case, the likely source is that the fan motor
has died. I hear it even if the oven is not on. Some fans are set to run when the oven is
in use and after a cycle completes so that the oven cools down quickly. If it were normal like that, I would not be
asking about it. Depending on your cooking, it could be the
oven vent fan motor is burned out. A lot of people turn that on when the kitchen stinks,
whether because the kids haven’t taken out the trash, chopped onions or blew up dinner
in the microwave. No wonder you eat out so much. You could try power cycling the oven to see
if it resolves the buzzing if the sound cannot be linked to the fan. This is not a gaming console. That won’t
do much except resolve it in the rare case of it being a hardware issue, I mean, mechanical
one. If the power cycling causes the clock to die,
you know that’s the cause. If the power cycling means the control board gives you
an error message to know what is wrong, you have something definite to act upon, too. Only if it is an error message other than
hey, the power went out. If the oven hum is when you are baking, it
could be an electrical problem with the heating element. You need to check the temperature
to see if anything is overheating. That sounds dangerous. You could hear a hum when there’s too much
power flowing through the heating elements, so check to see if it is arcing, overheating
or something else. And hoping that the thermal fuse kicks in
if not the electrical fuse kicks in. If the electrical fuse gets blown, then you
know what was causing the hum.

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