Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?

Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?

It’s the end of September. The spiders are coming. They’re coming out of
every crack and crevice in your house. They’re going to be
crawling everywhere. All over you. All over the walls. All over everything. There’s nothing
that can stop them. Nothing. Nothing can stop them. Hey. What’s up guys. I’m Alex Farnham. And this is Animal’s News. That’s right. It’s the end of September. Which means it’s spider season. You’re going to start seeing
these creepy crawly guys coming out of everywhere. Your friends are going to
probably be posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s just going to be scary. Now why is it the end of
September that’s spider season? Well, summer’s over, dude. Things are going to
start getting colder. Which means you’re going
to turn up that thermostat. But turning up the
heat in your house, you gave male spiders
a hormonal flush. That’s why they’re going
to be crawling around everywhere, leaving webs
and sniffing for females. Now these common male spiders
you see running around everywhere are called Tegenaria. And they have two little
fangs on the front of their mouth called palps
that actually sort of act like little penises. Penis fangs. These palps can actually
sniff spun threads or webs. And they can tell if a female’s
scent is on them or not. Also, if the female
is down to mate they can eject sperm into them. Other than seeing these spiders
crawl all over your house, don’t worry, guys. Tegenaria are pretty
much harmless. Even though I’m still
freaked out about them. Because when I was
three years old, one crawled in front of my face
and it stayed there all night. Turns out it died there. And it didn’t sleep at all. House spiders aren’t that bad. They actually kill a
lot of pesky insects that we don’t like. If you really don’t
want to see them, don’t touch that thermostat. And throw on a jacket. Because you’re making
these little horny guys think your
house is a sex cave. What’s your scariest
spider story? Let me know in the
comments below. Check out these other episodes. Subscribe. And I’ll see you hairy
mammals next time.

100 thoughts on “Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?

  1. When I was 19 a blackwidow crawled on my face …ever since then it has been a spider genocide …I think I have literally killed 50,000+ spiders ( maybe even millions of you include all the egg sacs I have poisoned )

  2. Sitting in my chair and watching tv and a large spider fell right on my chest!! This happened 2 times in one year so now I keep my room in the low 60's to try and keep them at bay lol.

  3. When I was in Sydney at my mum's cousin's house they had this swing in the backyard, it looked really old and unused for a long time, I was about 8 years at the time, I used to play outside alot and so I used to know where spiders hung out often, my mum's cousin and my mum kept telling me to play on the swing and I kept telling them I wouldn't because there's probably spiders on it, they insisted and so eventually I went on with caution. Everything was fine, no spider in site until I told myself "hey maybe if I jump on the swing I'll see a spider fall from the tree" go figure I jump on the swing and I felt something land on my eye/nose area, I brushed it off really fast and saw it fall on the ground, needless to say it was a spider and if I recall it was a small funnel web, I never went on that swing ever again.

    There was another encounter about 2yrs later I was 10 playing soccer in the backyard at night, it was pretty dark outside but we had enough light covering a good portion of the backyard for me and other kids to play, this time I was at home (Melbourne) and long story short ball gets kicked into darker part of the backyard under an apricot tree, I run to grab it, ran through a spider web, squealed like a girl and ran away. The other kids and I were curious to see if there was a spider on the web, I grabbed a torch and when I looked there was a spider sitting on it's web with about 1/4 of it's web missing. It was yellow/orange or yellow with orange spots, my memory is very vague but it wasn't like any spider I had seen before. I used to climb that apricot tree once in a while, after that day I never went near that apricot tree again.

    This next 1 was a little less frightening, was in high school and hanging out in the back area where you're not meant to be, with some mates, lots and lots of trees around… at that time I had long hair cause of a metal phase I was going through & some of the leaves/tree branches were really close to my head lol so as we're chatting I feel some of my hair on my neck (hair was shoulder length) and I go to brush it back while being fairly paranoid as I thought it was either hair or a spider, but when I grab my hair I feel it curl up and it felt mushy-ish and then it felt like a ball, by then I knew what I had grabbed but I didn't want to lose my crap so I threw it to the ground quickly and akwardly hoping no 1 saw and it was just this curled up ball of a spider, it opens up, only for me to realise it was actually pretty big and actually starts climbing up 1 of my friend's legs (lucky he was wearing pants) and I quickly tap my other mate's shoulder to point it out to him, turns out he actually had arachnophobia and ran like 10-15m away and wouldn't come near us, I actually learned how bad arachnophobia can be for people. Needless to say after that day I never really went near that back area again and if I absolutely had to, I made sure none of the branches/leaves touched me, so I was always walking under there like an old person xD You decide which is scarier cause I hate spiders either way.

  4. I have like a Whole Family of those nasty ones with long legs and a Little body. they are sitting in the corner right over my bed where i have my head.. Theres like 5 big ones and a million small ones.. and im too small to reach up and kill them.. not that i would dare do it if i could.. but its still nasty having them hanging over your head. 🙁

  5. Scariest??? spider story:
    One time i was watering my moms garden and apparently a spider bit me because when I was changing I discovered this massive bite on my side, it was fine and then it got infect. So the doctor decided to numb my side (one of the most excruciating pains I've ever felt by the way) and cut it open. He took this sterile bandage thing and put it INSIDE THE GAPING HOLE OF A SPIDER BITE IN MY SIDE and leave it there for three days, then he took it out. then I was left with a giant gaping hole. In my side. Now I have a scar. It's kinda badass but the process sucked.

  6. One time i was getting out of the shower and i was about two inches away from stepping on a really big jet black spider about the size of a door knob so i jumped on the tub and my mom had to come in and smash it

  7. When I was in high school, I was taking a chemistry test and my ear started to itch so I scratched it. I then looked at my hand, and saw a tiny spider in my nail. I had a small panic attack at my desk, which got my teachers attention. Nevertheless, I continued the exam and took a shower when I got home.

  8. I was hunting one day and there was a daddy long leg spider crawling on the back floor board in the truck. So I smashed it with a can of bug spray. After that i took a nap and when I woke up it was crawling on my leg. So I freaked out and swiped it off. After that I was on my phone then there was one crawling on my shoulder and I freaked out even more!!! And I looked back on the floor board just to make sure the dead one was still there and it was so there was 3 in the truck.

  9. When I was little my brothers brang a container of giant harry black spider's into my house, well little did they know that when you leave the lid open, they like to crawl out …<  Yupp thus gave birth to my arachnophobia, at least I don't kill them anymore XD Noo wander free little guys kill all the moqeetoes >:3 Annnndd they're kinda cuttee, I admit XD 

  10. Just because my house is a sex cave doesn't mean that everyone's invited… jk, no one has sex with me ;-;

  11. Where's the shotgun it's the end of sort ember! >.< i'm freakin' terrified of spiders. (i'm a guy by the way and straight) i swear i hate this time of the year!

  12. I once found a spider in my soup while watching "Austin and Ally". It was an hour after I scared my little sister with a PLASIC SPIDER. It wasn't even that scary! She just broke the spider afterwards. Anyway, when I saw the spider I yelled at my sister "Very funny" but I got scared when she said she didn't do it. I touched the spider with my fork and IT STARTED CRAWLING. I was so freaked at out first cause it was kind of a shock, but after a minute or 2 of flipping out I started laughing and let the cute little guy go near my fireplace where there were ALOT of mosquitoes. Worst part out of the whole thing, I never got to eat my creamy chicken soup. THANKS KARMA 🙁

  13. No such thing as a scary spider story. Only one I killed on purpose was a brown recluse I found outside while takin apart a cinderblock fireplace. He was leg to leg like 5 inches, monster thing. Wasn't scared but I gave him the boot heel because they are poisonous. If I find them roaming in the house I take them outside. If they are tucked away minding their own business I don't bother them.

  14. I was in gymnastics when a big orange spider was crawling over my feet. I screamed and I had to hit it with my pants and I almost died of fear

  15. My cousins locked me in one of those turtle sandboxes with a black widow when I was 4, right after watching IT. Still have arachnophobia and I'm 21.

  16. In 4th grade i was talking to my friends and they started yelling SPIDER and i said WHERE and they sayed ON YOU and i said NO THEY'ER CAN'T BE A SPIDER ON ME so i look at my left shoulder and they're was a spider starring right at me…IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME

  17. i remeber last year my brother woke me up because he saw 3 spider's in his room. thenme and my brother went to the ketchen and saw like 10 spider's in it so i had to help my brother in the middle of the night all night so i did not had a good night 🙁

  18. one day, earlier in the year, i had a bunch of my friends over, we were in the basement paying some games, al of a sudden my friend finds a fucking tarantula-sized spider by the wall, i booked ass

  19. i was on my top bunk one hot night and then all of a sudden i feel something drop down onto my leg (because i had my fan on and my legs were out of my sheets) and i kicked my leg up and looked up at the ceiling and saw.. a BIG giant wolf spider etc etc long stories short my tv remote was brocken

  20. you think you've got it bad? try living in Australia. Aside from the large and incredibly numerous spiders we have here, we also have extremely hot temperatures. The hottest temperature over the last month where I live (The last month was during summer) was 46 degrees C (approx. 115 F)

  21. Here in the philipines we like spiders. The bigger the spiders the bigger monney. Why because we sell them. Sometimes we play with them or making them pets. Pets is a good choice 😛

  22. My worst spider story is when me and my brother were playing outside the spider was near the I sceamed loud then ran back inside

  23. I had a giant spider living in my garden once… I'm not scared of the big ones. The smaller ones can KILL you. They have the more potent venom.

  24. O3O
    There is a spider sitting in my room right next to my bed… why.. why world.. why do you have to do this…..

  25. I was 7 and I was sleeping in my brothers room I woke up because I heard a sound and there it was a brown recluse in frot of my face. I got up and started screaming for my mom. She then killed it.

  26. my scary spider story: One day i was in my living room and i asked my sister to get my phone. she came running back to me saying there was huge "cricket" on my floor so i came in there to go catch it and i get like an inch away from it and see its a wolf spider the size of my fist 😱

  27. I have a story to share, ok, I was casually sitting on my toilet one day doing my buissness, but when I got up and turned around to flush. There was this creepy crawly dangling from its demonic silk string at about the height of the head. If I had not have moved, that… Thing, dare I call it could have been in my hair, and would have died in my hair in the shower.

  28. So, according to the Animalist report, every average spider you know would prefer his lovey-dovey to court when the temperature isn't low?

  29. Found a big ass spider one day in my garage and My plan was to just gently push it out of my garage with a broom well once I touched it with the broom HER back came alive and hundreds of baby spiders came up the broom and into my shirt. She was a wolf spider and when the females egg sack hatches the babies climb on her back until they're big enough to go off on their own. So if you ever see a big ass spider with an abnormally large back don't step on it they'll run up your leg no matter how fast you are.

  30. Tonight i was peeing and i sawed a spider walking near my leg… I wanted to kill him but that spider was really scared lol. Maybe i should have killed it…

  31. Onetime me and my older brother were riding in a go cart in the back yard and the go cart had been in our garage and so we hadn't put gas in it so we did and when we got it running me and my brother were in our back yard and this huge black widow drops down from infront of us and my brother freaks out and he flips it 4 time it destroyed the go cart but…we don't know what happened to the spider I was ok the gocart landed on his are mane sprained it real bad

  32. I was on my computer, then all of a sudden a spider crawled on my foot. A little while later a giant spider crawled right next to me on my wall. The same spider was crawling on the same wall the next day.

  33. So i was wearing shorts, so my knees were not covered. I was in my room sitting on my bed with my legs crossed while i was playing on my ipod. THEN A SPIDER LITERALLY FELL ON MY LEG FROM THE CEILING AND I SLAPPED MY LEG AS HARD AS I COULD AND THE SPIDER WENT CRAWLING UNDER MY BED.

  34. (This was 10 min ago ) I was on my phone and my phone has a bright screen and then from the bottom of my phone this spider starts to crawl onto the surface of my phone

  35. My spider story was today a male
    Spider and female are on my ceiling near the corner I'll sleep with them they don't bother me..But if they even have kids with 100 I'm done

  36. so um yesterday i was in my grandmothers car and suddenly i see something fall on my lap, when i look it was a Lil spider and i was like "Oh um guys there's a spider…. on my eh lap…" so i got off the car and set it free lol

  37. does a family of spiders live in my house because i have saw 4 in 3 days and all of them were HUGE black spiders. all the same type

  38. I have cellar spiders in the hallway… The worse thing about it is that they are grown AND THEY ARE HAVING A BABY

  39. I just got out from the living room then i saw the spider that you showed us i just lock my self in the room why the fuck my brother and sister not scared of the freaking spider

  40. There are like 4 spiders in my room they have been living in here for weeks but I keep forgetting to deport them bacc into the wild where they belong

  41. I've seen 3 spiders in my room in the last 24 hours, and my room usually gets the most hot out of any room so I see why. Fml I didn't kill the last one I saw tho, it went behind wood nailed to my wall 😥😭

  42. I wouldn't be afraid of spiders if daddy long legs didn't exist. Guess what, one spider gets frown outside then the doors are locked and sealed later some how another gets in da fu

  43. We must evacuate to Ben Nevis, those fucking spiders will die trying to get up ha we get free water from the mountain anyways, sadly I'm in England not Scotland 🙁

    Plus I don't think u can build houses up there

  44. Lived in a trailer behind my in-laws house. Woke up with a humongous spider sitting on my chest. Couldn't kill it cause it would be like killing a small dog. I swiped it off my chest and ran screaming out of said trailer. I did return and slept when I learned it was a harmless oak spider..but I could see the hairs on his legs!

    Second time..moved into a home that housed decimated bed bugs, they were decimated cause no one lived in that house for years. There was a drop ceiling in the bedroom from which flat bed bugs would drop down on my arm on occasion. I heard there were spiders who eat bed bugs, and saw some tiny spiders who seemed to enjoy riding my fans breeze on their spider threads. I simply enjoyed watching them dance to the fan…turns out they ate our bed bugs..since they are no longer anywhere in the bedroom?

  45. About 40 minutes ago a spider or spider shedding(exoskeleton?) Dropped in front of my face and it scares me so much I jumped off my bunk bed and took a boiling hot shower for 30 minutes. It's somewhere in my bed now. I'm not scared of spiders but any living thing small enough to crawl or fly in my mouth in my sleep will scare me if they fall right in front of my face.

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