White House releases unredacted text of Ukraine call

White House releases unredacted text of Ukraine call

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  1. Trump congratulated foreign president for victory in elections…..TREASON AGAINST CONSTITUTION, AMERICAN PEOPLE AND WHOLE COUNTRY!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This appears to be very selective reporting since it only reflects the first part of the "favor", what is missing is: "[…] The other thing, There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it … It sounds horrible to me."

  3. Funny fact – US was responsible for protecting Ukraine territorial integrity. Look up Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances.

  4. I read the transcript online:
    In my opinion, the president committed a wrongdoing without fully realizing it. Whether he was aware of it or not, the president was in a position to intimidate or influence Zelensky (again, the president may not have even considered that). In that position of greater influence, the president made a request of Zelensky.

    A key fact is, the request did have the potential to provide personal gain to the president (from the standpoint of providing negative information on the president's potential political rival in the 2020 election). That fact really means that, aware of it or not, the president did commit wrongdoing: he used his influence & resource as the president (and the implied promise of lethal aid in the form of weapons) to influence Zelensky; and the president made an outright request of Zelensky, which request provided potential personal gain.

    The wrongdoing is pretty clear, as expressed in the transcript. But, to me, it seems to be a case of the president simply not realizing what he was doing. Of course, ignorance is no excuse for wrongdoing. The president was wrong. But, sometimes, ignorance can and should impact the gravity of the consequence or punishment. So, it all seems to come down to this…

    What the president did was clearly wrong, perhaps even illegal. But, it is not clear that he realized the seriousness of the wrongdoing. So, the question is, what consequence should he receive for what he did?

  5. so Russian hoax now became Ukrainian hoax, we can't wait to see the next hoax, which country you bet would be next?
    meanwhile buy more popcorns and sit to watch the "US flying circus"

  6. Warning to the Democrats: Harboring such hate is very toxic to your health – physically, emotionally, mentally, and of course spiritually. If you don’t want to end up a complete wreck stop this nonsense now and start working for America and make it great again.

  7. Wow that's really sneaky did anybody get that white house officials obviously someone in the democratic party leaked the hearsay information to the whistleblower who obviously wasn't privy to the conversation in anyway so that they then could circumvent any obstacles that day being the democrats would have encountered by using the whistleblower to use the whistleblowers act to pass the information back to the White house, this is ridiculous and anybody voting for democrats in the US should take a hard look at just the behaviour of the democrats between 2016 and current and my suggestions in 2020 when your vote actually counts vote for Donald Trump show them that this is not the America that you want even if the following election you go back to democrats hopefully by then they would have learnt their lesson the American public needs to stand in unison and with one voice tell the democrats this is not on this is not American this is not just this is not fair and this will not stand for this!!!!!

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  9. Well the Democratic leadership are not going to take any chances because now we all know that Trump did something and he may have done something in both Russia and
    Ukraine and thanks to Adam Schiff now we also know that Trump was using some kind of Mafia or Gumba-like code making it very difficult for the Democrats to come up with a credible reason for impeachment. But the walls are really closing in this time because Chris (Fredo) Cuomo is Italian and might just be the one to break Trumps code, FINALLY

  10. Nadler and Schiff take a hike into the great outdoors…. After a while, Schiff says, "Is it raining?" Nadler says, "No, you idiot! We're pissing into the wind!" Just like their work day. I would like to ask those assholes if 24/7 anti-Trump squealing was one of their campaign promises, and what they've done about the others.

  11. This is what the Dems do… the withholding of funds ($1.5billion) in exchange for firing the prosecutor corruption was Biden as VP. They are blaming Trump as doing the exact thing that only Biden did. Biden is even on camera bragging about it. Shameless.

  12. Jail biden and the democrats will crash and burn or their heads will explode because trump hurt their wittle feeeings by jailing a criminal politician.

  13. It would be easy to find the collusion, corruption or treason all the democrats would have to do is take a look in a mirror.

  14. Trump asked Ukraine because, as we all know, getting an honest investigation in our goverment is laughable at best. Pretty smart actually. Drain and clean the swamp Mr. President!

  15. To be honest in my opinion, I don’t like what trump has done and trump at times says ridiculous things on TV, I’m not saying trump hasn’t done good things for America all I’m saying is instead of looking at all the right things he did y’all should look at the wrong things and right things at the same time.

  16. Seems like President Trump was willing to put his own neck out in order to force Democrats to make Bidens dirty deeds public? They have refused to acknowledge the fact that Biden did in fact abuse his power & threaten to withhold aid to other countries if they didn't bend to his will going as far as telling them they "had six hours". Trump outsmarted the Democrats AGAIN!!!

  17. They are terrified that they will be investigated next. And the trump monster will come after you, it will, it will; the trump monster will come after you…if you don’t watch out.

  18. I understand. Makes sense. In a nutshell: your political opponents can do anything they want. Unlimited corruption and lawlessness. There is nothing you can do about it. Because if you try to point out that they are corrupt or committed crime, you will immediately be impeached.

  19. The inspector general found the complaint credible and urgent, and was appointed by President Trump. This merits investigation not protection.

  20. Biden and the rest of the house of Leftist are Scared of President'Trump getting into there Buisness of there Criminal Acts with Hillary and Obama who Are The biggest Crooks liars Evil Corrupt Criminals on America Grounds

  21. I didn't pay any attention to this fake news "scandal" when it broke, because I knew from the start what the outcome would be. Just saved myself days of aggravation from Democrats and MSM. 😂😂😂

  22. The dems and deep state r shitn a brick,they are in full blown panic because everything this government has been involved with all the abuses of power,all there secrets are on the verge of being exposed,in poker its called in! Once their "dirt" on obama,clintons ,bush's is coming out! They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sadly the american people, the majority of them are oblivious to the magnitude of whats at stake. Untill they have their lives disrupted they just shrug their shoulders and saywhat can i do about it? Sad but true,these trump haters will be the first to scream about their rights being taken away and wonder why . its

  23. I don't get it… our president wants to find out if crimes took place and he is being impeached???? Lol that's his job to find corruption in government and weed it out..

  24. Whoop te doo! The narcissistic megalomaniac is dumb enough to think it clears him. The best shot the American democracy has is trump’s stupidity.

  25. what have the Democrats accomplished Thats made ANY day to day,American citizens,lives better?All they have done is WASTE our tax dollars and time on these BS investigations.Biden gets caught On VIDEO useing our tax dollars to Leverage and Bully another country,to fire a Prosecuter Thats investigateing THEIR CORRUPTION…The Democrats call it Useing another another country to interfere in our elections?B-S……The Democrats have alot of problems when it comes to the next few Election cycles..All they care about is power ..they fail to Understand they were elected to LEGISLATE..Something they have FAILED to do..

  26. So the "transcript" is not a transcript. It is a summary of parts of the conversation. Kind of reminds me of the Barr letter. Why put the conversation in a classified code worded server? If there is "nothing" to see here then let's hear the call.

  27. Dusty Reason The truth is that Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on a political rival. Guess Trump learned zero from the past 2 years about election meddling from foreign countries.

  28. I've read it too. He is asking for favors a number of times. The Ukrainians investigated this, and it came up that Biden who sits on the board was clear. Then Trump uses he TV lawyer to squeeze the guy so there is some separation… it stinks, trump is in the wrong.

  29. To think that this morons were in full and complete power for over 50 years
    Winds of change are now blowing
    Trump 2020 baby !🎩

  30. USA TODAY..Trump's Ukraine envoy quits as president rages on Twitter over whistleblower revelations,so if this is a  political witch hunt and trump didn't do  anything wrong. why did this dude resigned?

  31. This whole report is not true! The question about Biden was 2 paragraphs away from the discussion on Crowdstrike! CNN changed it for TV! Read the real transcript for yourself.

  32. Trump…a businessman…was a way better politician than anyone politician I've ever seen in my 40 years alive. Politicians are a joke.

  33. Trump Was Repeatedly Warned That Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Was ‘Completely Debunked’

    Thomas P. Bossert, President Trump’s first homeland security adviser, said he was “deeply disturbed” that Mr. Trump had urged Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

  34. Why are so many people too stupid to understand that a president who deliberately delays aid to an American ally is a traitor?

  35. You can put a Fork in Donald Trump..! Just ask Judge Napolitano.. IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH..! If NOT, just LIE to Yourself some more..!

  36. Fox News left out the important fact that Trump asking for a favor was his direct response to Zelenskyy wanting to buy weapons from the US.

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