What Is the Best Home Meat Grinder Under $200? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

What Is the Best Home Meat Grinder Under $200? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Today I have a very
special guest with me. Leah. – Hello. – Leah is here to help
me test meat grinders. – That’s right. – Leah is a master
butcher at The Meat Hook. Have you had any experience
with home meat grinders? – I have not had any experience
grinding meat at home on an electric grinder like these. So I’m interested to find out
if any of them are worth it. – So there are a lot of
different meat grinders out there but these are the ones
that are the most popular that are under $200. So we have the KitchenAid
attachment at around $60. This one over here, the
Gourmia, is also around $60. And then we have the Altra at around 130. So Leah what’s the best test
for these meat grinders? – So we’re gonna grind some
chuck mixed with some brisket. – [Esther] Okay. – Which is at a like a nice
70, 30, lean to fat ratio which is what you’re looking
for in a good burger blend. – [Esther] Okay. – And then we’re gonna,
if they do well with that, we’re gonna do like a
power challenge round with some chicken bones that
I brought from the shop. – [Esther] So I think that
I’m the most skeptical about the KitchenAid attachment. One just because if it’s
not its own separate gadget, then it’s always a big question mark. So should we take this apart just to take a look at the blade? – Yeah definitely. So what we’re gonna do now
is take a look at this plate and once I pull that out, you can see that the blade
sits right behind that. I am not feeling super
hopeful about this one because the blade is teeny tiny. – Yeah it looks pretty small. – Yeah like maybe half an inch. – [Esther] Okay there we go. – [Leah] Okay so we’re going. – So does it make a difference
if it’s like a higher speed? – I mean not necessarily. I think the thing that affects it the most is making sure that you’re feeding the meat in at an even rate. – Got it. – Because if you try to
cram too much in there, it’ll get gummed up and then you end up with like mush or just a really
frustrating sort of clog. – Got it, good point. – And this doesn’t seem to
have a reverse button on it. So we’re just like going in. – Going, you’re just feeding it. – We wanna do it right the first time. Do you wanna give this a try? – Yeah if I’m tall enough. – You can do it, you can do it. I mean this is. – Decent? – Yeah it’s decent I mean it’s not as slow going as I
thought it was gonna be. – And so what would it look like if it’s doing like a horrendous job? How do you know? – If it’s doing a really bad job, you get really thin strands of super, super, smooth, pasty meat. If it’s coming out and it’s
not being chopped by the blade it’s just getting sort of
smushed into like a meal almost. Or if it just gets totally jammed up and it’s not pushing anything out. That’s how you know it’s really weak and not getting much done. – [Esther] Should we crank
it all the way to the top? – Yeah let’s crank it. Oh my God here we go, okay. So this is kind of the stringiness
that I’m talking about. When it comes out in
like flat little paddles. Because I think what’s happening right now is the meat is getting
ground by that cylinder more than it is by like the sharp blade. – The sharp, yup. – I think you get more done more efficiently when you
just put in smaller pieces. You’re like not smushing so much. – So in conclusion don’t shove it down there like I just did. – [Leah] Yeah. – [Esther] Pretty decent. – [Leah] Mad decent. – All right KitchenAid. Have you ever put chicken
bones in a grinder to test? – We don’t encourage it. But we have done it at the shop before. People like to do it for their pets. But we’re not gonna do it for you. We should start out slow. – Okay. – Because it is gonna break. It’s definitely gonna be
from us trying to crank it up too high and dropping
a chicken bone in there. – And it just like goes in. – Gettin’ stuck. – Yeah. Okay so that piece is like. – [Leah] Get in there. – I don’t think anything is happening. – It feels like nothing’s happening. – Do you hear, I don’t even hear the bone. – [Leah] Oh oh, I hear some crunching. Yeah we’ve got. Oh. – [Esther] It’s working. – It’s going! Whoa. Whoo. – So it’s working. It’s powerful enough. – It is working. (whirring) Ah! – [Esther] This is what we were afraid of. – I think it held its own
though for a little while. Look at how tiny this blade is. – Yeah for that. So you wouldn’t be able to
do like the whole chicken? – No way. I think that if this
is you know 30 to $60, and our stand alone
grinder is starting at $60, it might be worth it to buy that one if it’s a little bit more powerful and the quality of the grind is better. – Yeah. – So let’s see. – [Esther] Okay now
moving on to the Gourmia. – Okay this part we’ll just unscrew. Now this is interesting. This blade is shaped differently
than the KitchenAid one. It’s got sort of a curved blade to it and I’m also noticing that the blade is about twice as long. – [Esther] It should be sharper. – I think it’s gonna be better. I’m gonna turn it on. You want to drop some meat in there? – Let’s do it. (grinder whirring) Oh. – Oh yeah. – Oh wow this is strong. – This is really power,
yeah way more powerful. I think it looks less like prechewed. – [Esther] And it’s fast. It’s like. – [Leah] Yeah. – And I feel like the
fat is more like intact. – Right. Exactly it’s not as pre-emulsified. That was like a fifth of the time than it took us to do the KitchenAid. – It was like super super
fast and very powerful. And I feel like it looks. What do you think? – It looks much better. It almost looks like the strands of the grind are much longer. The tubes are like staying intact. Which tells me that it’s not like getting totally smushed
up and pasted in there. – So tubey is better. – Yeah you want it like kind
of stay a little bit intact. – [Esther] That looks
like meat that you would, a burger that you would get in a shop. – That looks like a nice little burger. Like you pointed out earlier, some of the fat is nice and intact which is good that’s what you want. And that’s what’s gonna
render out a little bit and give you your nice juicy burger. – Chicken bones. I’m excited for this one. – I’m excited too. If that was any indication of how it’s gonna handle these bones, I think it’s just gonna
tear right through ’em. (grinder whirring) – 0oh. – Oh wow. – You didn’t even have to use the plunger on that one. (grinder whirring) Wow no problem. – Oh wow. – It’s chewing these right up. Cool. I think it passed. – Yeah total pass, this is amazing. – Definitely. – It’s very strong. – Mm hmm. – I think for the price? – I think it’s a great deal. From everything that I’ve seen from the quality of the
grind to the ability to power through those chicken bones. For 60 bucks I think that you’re not gonna find probably a better deal. Maybe even too good to be true. – It’s the same price as
the KitchenAid attachment. – Right and twice the speed. – Yup. – And just I think maybe
the sound of the engine is giving me confidence. – It’s very powerful. – Yes. – Okay well we got one left. The most expensive. – Okay so you can see this one has blades on the longer side. And they are a little bit curved so I would like to see whether or not that’s gonna have an
effect on our grind here. (grinder whirring) Whoa! – [Esther] Oh my God. This is shaking. – That’s real power. – Yeah. – That’s how you know. – Yup yup. (grinder whirring) – That sound is very grating. – Yeah I don’t know. – It doesn’t sound nice. – [Esther] It’s fast though. – It is fast. I guess you don’t have to
endure it for that long. Okay. That noise really
bothered me I have to say. – [Esther] And this thing’s shaking. – It’s high pitched and
you’re standing right over it. Which I don’t know that’s worth. Also this button, just feels like it’s
gonna break immediately. – [Esther] It’s flimsy right? – It feels really flimsy
like it’s not gonna hold up like maybe the whole
thing’s not gonna hold up. If that’s happening I’m concerned that the cylinder is hitting
up against the walls of this canister and it’s
definitely gonna break. And you might end up with stuff in your grind that you don’t want. I think that maybe the quality on this one just like the build, is not quite as high as
the price point implies. – Yeah the durability
is very questionable. – Definitely questionable. – So we’ll put that there to
test with our chicken bones. – Okay let’s do it. (grinder whirring) – [Esther] Oh my God. Although it’s working. – It’s crunching right through them. We haven’t touched the plunger at all. – I smell it too. Do you smell it? – It’s more like an electrical smell. – Yeah. – Yeah it is getting
really warm back here. It powered through those, it crunched right through
those chicken bones. I feel like it’s kind
of the same as our $60. – $60 one. – $60 one. – Yeah. – It seems like as far as
motor power and durability, it’s on the same level if not lower than our middle one. – Yup. I think all in all, in the end it’s all about the end product. – I think that the most, the starkest difference is between the KitchenAid and the other two. – Okay. – I’m not seeing a huge
difference in quality on our $60 and our $130. – [Esther] Yup it looks very similar. – Whereas on the KitchenAid you can see it looks, even though we
were using the same blend of lean and fat, it looks a lot leaner. I think the clear winner is our Gourmia. It’s only $60. Like half the price of the other one. – Yup. – And I just liked using it. It felt easy and intuitive and like it even though
it was very powerful, it wasn’t gonna like
explode at any second. So I think that’s our clear winner. – So Leah you’ve been
teaching some butcher classes. – I have been teaching butcher classes. With The Meat Hook, you can
learn how to make sausage, and butcher a pig, and do som basic knife skills. – Awesome. The link is in the description. So check it out. For more videos like this click here.

100 thoughts on “What Is the Best Home Meat Grinder Under $200? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

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  13. I decided to not waste my time on one of these because I love to make sausage and other processed meats, I went and bought a LEM big bite #5 0.25 hp grinder. It cost $ 275.99. and I am so glad I did! It's a monster and does the job I need.

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  16. The Gormia gets a lot of negative reviews. Apparently the chrome finish flakes off the shiny parts and can leave black metallic residue on the meat. I have to admit that my Kitchenaid could occasionally also leave some small areas with dark residue too. I scoop it off. The Gormia clearly grinds better but if I upgrade I think it should be fully stainless steel.

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