What If The Megarachne Didn’t Go Extinct?

What If The Megarachne Didn’t Go Extinct?

oh sweet Jesus I did not know what I was
letting myself in for when I decided to script this video absolutely trigger
warning alert this video is about a giant spider sort of anyway you see what
I mean eight legs over half a meter in body length and with legs nearly the
same size I’m pretty sure that the Amiga Arachne will haunt your dreams but what
if it was a reality hello and welcome back to life’s biggest questions the
channel that looks to answer exactly those I’m your host Rebecca Folgate and
now that we finally put the perilous area 51 behind us I’m asking what if the
mega Arachne didn’t go extinct blimey what an eight-legged query before we get
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and let me know if you’re loving it so back to the mega Arachne must we before
we go into the video I want to let you guys know that I’m pretty afraid of
spiders are you guys afraid of any animals do let me know in the comment
section down below I’m also quite cautious of a snake and before I moved
to Canada I had no idea I was afraid of centipedes but now I’m very very aware
of them it freaked me out I think it’s something about legs let me know your
thoughts in the comment section down below and of course please do like this
video and share it with someone you want to deeply creeped out today
good great ok the mega Arachne the name means great spider but things aren’t as
they seem before we examine how life would be with this not so we beasties
scuttling around I want to talk to you about scientific bulls ups so to speak
it must be hard being a scientist or to be specific a paleontologist a scientist
who studies fossils shout-out to Ross Geller you are my forever crush
paleontologists find bones or fossils and then they’re tasked with piecing
together what the animal may have looked like when the first remains of the mega
Arachne were found in 300 million year old rock in Argentina in the 1980s it
was believed that it was the biggest land spider of all time one point eight
feet in body lankford legs of 19 inches there is no surprise that the BBC
featured the beast in its walking with monster series here is a plaster cast of
what it was thought to look like the arachnid was also included in the
Guinness world record book striking fear into the hearts of all readers it turns
out though that the world’s biggest spider is not a spider at all it’s a sea
scorpion potato potahto though am i right it’s still huge and leggy oh and
also now scorpion tail thanks nature the University of Manchester identified the
creature as an aquatic menace in 2005 claiming it was more crab than creepy
crawly but honestly I’m still creeped out whatever it is the university
resident arachnid expert dr. Paul Selden to the Omega Iraq nays new identity he
said it has large claws and too big compound eyes whereas spiders normally
have eight small eyes it also appears to have a very robust body or shell with
ridges across its back which is not found in any spider known to man I don’t
know about you but anything in nature with a shell that isn’t like a cute
tortoise freaks me out I don’t like it I don’t like it so now
that we know that the beasty here is the sea scorpion what else do we know well
it is as big as they said and dr. seldin believed that it lived in a swamp
massive swamp scorpion cool it’s large compound eyes lightly poked through the
water like a crocodile all the better for spotting its prey the beastie had a
tail but actually it turns out that the tail didn’t have a sting thank goodness
for that on top of that it wasn’t venomous so brutally it wasn’t that bad
at all I don’t know what all the fuss is about so we know what you’re thinking if
this scorpion Bay didn’t sting and it didn’t have venomous fangs like some
spiders how did the mega Arachne kill not that cool but just by raking through
mud with its pincers and then it was all teeth teeth teeth
Chomp Chomp Chomp so what did it eat again disappointing me for the drama it
just used to eat invertebrates that lived in the swamps
creatures and the like honestly I’m wondering why I was so scared of spiders
in the first place it doesn’t really seem that bad so what if it was alive
today well actually you’d probably never notice the sea scorpion lived in swampy
Argentina if it were alive today it would be happy in the ibera wetlands
this area covers 1.3 hectares of marsh where the spider that wasn’t could
survive and thrive if it were around today it would share a neighborhood with
the yellow anaconda and the broad snouted caiman in the water
plus some Jaguar capybara and deer on land he likely wouldn’t notice this
existence say for some nature documentaries that may highlight it in
all its monstrous glory but this really isn’t a monster that you need to worry
about it just looks kind of awful so you might be wondering if the mega Arachne
was dethroned as the biggest spider to ever live on account of actually being a
sea scorpion then what took its crown friends let me introduce you to the
Goliath birdeater sure it’s not just bigots
well the biggest spider it’s a giant hairy and venomous spider native to
South America it has large poisonous fangs and a modest leg span of twelve
inches it weighs up to six ounces which makes
it the heaviest spider in the world like its name suggests it can eat birds sure
but it mostly sticks to bats snakes and lizards it hunts at night by pouncing on
its prey and sinking its big teeth into their skin paralyzing them with its
venom and then it gobbles them up sounds scary
yes and unlike the mega Arachne their spider is still very much alive but
again don’t worry you’re quite unlikely to see one I’d be more worried about
black widows and red backs they be small but they’d be mighty those spiders do
live side-by-side with humans and are very poisonous to us indeed some have
even killed well on that happy note time to wrap up this video thank you to our
video sponsor once again raid shadow legends do join me and ten million other
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once again the download link is in the description happy playing before I go
I’m just gonna wrap up with some quick comments from our video what if we
trespassed on area 51 indestructible nine ropes what the government thinks
I’m looking for damn aliens what I’m really looking for the death nope do you
know I feel like people would be looking for different things
I for one would be looking for the time machine that they’re blatantly keeping
they’re all in pursuit of my dream of being the doctor’s assistant clap Zed
wrote I’m about to get my first girlfriend from area 51 like I said we
all have our requirements thank you guys for watching this video don’t forget to
let me know which animal scares you the most and leave me your thoughts on the
mega Arachne not so bad too sweet at first thought right leave a thumbs up on
this video share with a friend and if you have not yet clicked on that big
beautiful notification bell now’s your chance to do so I’m your host Rebecca
fel gate I’ll catch you in the next video but until then please do stay
curious stay and never ever stop questioning

100 thoughts on “What If The Megarachne Didn’t Go Extinct?

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  2. It's weird I have arachnophobia but…this one didn't and doesn't scare me that much maybe it's worn off? Cause after prolonged exposure I'm like "It's like a big fluff boi with extra legs"

  3. Interesting thing. the Large tarantula spiders are less creepy and scary than the smaller spiders like the widow and even the harmless garden spider. I believe this has to do wit the fact the tarantula is large enough for us humans to see as a animal instead of a creepy alien being and its hairy appearance makes it even less creepy as a result. I've held a few and i found them to be pretty cool and had no fear of them. Unlike a widow or similar which goes splat with extreme prejudice.

  4. Watches: Exotic Lair
    watches this video
    Sees the goliathe birdeater*
    says its a spider
    Also me: Its not that venomous either.

  5. So…

    Your telling me this isnt an SCP and was actually real.

    My pacifism towards spiders is officially off the market

  6. Uhh megaarachne doesn't exist it was found out to be a seascorpian fossil while the extinct spiders we did fine grew as big as orbweavers to tarantulas but in turn all were unique heck we still have a few survivors living today like the sydney funnel-web the trap door and the relic

  7. Btw im just scared of insects that can fly, i love birds they arent insects, and i love insects and arachnids, but if the INSECTS can fly, Nope nope nope nope

  8. I have a lot of spider pets in my home and no I'm not the only one who keeps spiders as pets so a giant extinct spider/sea scropeon I would keep it as a pet

  9. I dont like spiders but centapids are actually good for ur home and eat all other bugs in ur home for you alot of people keep them as pets for that reason


  11. The wandering banana spider is the POISONEST spider in the world its venom is 20 times as strong as then off a red back!!!

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