100 thoughts on “What do Californians think of Fox News?

  1. I for one have heard the world view opinions of many of the people in that area from many people including mark dice, and to be truthfull it doesn't seem like a hot spot of intellectual capacity. I believe people gravitate to that neighborhood because they are vacuous, simple minded and care more about frocks, handbags and shoes than anything earthmoving such as who their next representative in congress or the whitehouse will be, and l am also including the people in that clip who looked like men.

  2. No surprise there, it’s the liberal snowflake soy boys and girls of California. It’s also no surprise that CNN and MSNBC has lower ratings than Nick at Night the Cartoon Network

  3. Brainwashed liberal idiots! Fake news watchers! I feel sorry for Americans living in California! Now I know how CNN is able to stay on the air!

  4. If the whole state of California had a earthquake and slid into the Ocean no one would even care..and take illegal aliens with them into the ocean.

  5. Why would you interview people from California it's getting to the point now where they just don't count in our country

  6. I'm sure there is some good people in California they need to start standing up against all the freaks and losers that live there

  7. Voter fraud, state corruption, brainwashing, illegal immigration has ruined this great state. It's not too late. A fair election would turn this state Red.

  8. There is a HUGE difference between being biased and lying. I see FOX telling it like it is. Yes Fox is biased, but I haven't caught them lying yet.

  9. CNN -communist news network
    If you keep on listening to this station
    THEY MOVE YOUR BRAIN INTO YOUR BUTT, by lies hatred and fabrications
    Number one fake news

  10. Californians no longer think. they have voted in the Globalists, and look at her now, California is in a shambles, and people are bailing out of that miserable Globalist state. They have become Deaf, Blind, and Dumb. A Pen full of Jackasses. They have TV so they can Bray. Sacramento is the Big Pen full of Jackasses.

  11. They need a mirror shoved in their face after panning around to view the UTTER GARBAGE HEAP their State has been become. They are a NATIONAL JOKE!

  12. Fox News is for Donald Trump to spread his hatred to his white super National racism supporters that's why I don't like Fox News all they talk about Donald Trump some people say Sean Hannity had something to do that Ukraine deal with Donald Trump something not right with Fox News and Donald Trump because that's all they talk about

  13. Based on the liberal viewpoints, all Californians deserve whatever they get from the liberal leaders. I don't feel bad for these people in any situation. Let the whole damned state burn down!

  14. Sean, you need to try Northern California! I'll bet you get a different opinion from those out in Sacramento or Eureka!


  16. Bad thing Democrat make fool American people they cover up ,and DEMOCRAT GOT MONEY FROM CHINA ,GEORGE SOROS SUPPORT ,ALL they COMMUNISM
    DEMOCRAT want our countrybecome asCommunism country

  17. Why didnt this reporter talk to responsible grownups . The youth are still very impressionable and quite easily lead astray .

  18. I live in la carte and I have to say hannity is one of the best fifth with Hart and soul undeserved a promotion,also love Marie , judge jeanine,tucker ,and Lou.,normally I lessens to private media but fox it's the only news I watched and trust ,has the best people's.

  19. 3 people in the world, those that can see, those than cant see but see when shown, and those that will never see.
    If you are watching CNN etc then you will never see

  20. They are all off in their own little world, they have no cue about geopolitics nor do they world economics. They probably have their degrees in fem art and lit and have no clue how the world works and just play victim god forbid the big guy has balls to get things done.

  21. this is the state that has a pup app! what do you exoect. But it was very funny, like comedians are good politic mease. OMG

  22. Come you're so dumb the point is everyone watch Fox News and realize you guys are nothing but drama and bullshits that's why they stopped watching it

  23. I get my news from the "middle". Well there is a dishonest person or is just whipped. No balls to admit he watches CNN.

  24. Thank God California doesn't get to decide who will be the PRESIDENT too many STUPID folks in California it's a THROW AWAY STATE on Election Years. Stupid Folks should not be allowed to Vote.

  25. FOX News.
    Fake news at it's best.
    The biggest, most inaccurate, scripted, misleading, lying, yellowist,
    most corrupt, news you can find.
    If you like lies, you'll love FOX NEWS. Yep.

  26. To bad you didn’t ask this Californian.
    Democratic socialism is the way to go
    If you plan on making slavery legal again.
    Trump 2020. 👍

  27. we all know here in southern california that west hollywood is the land of homosexuals. you can include silver lake too

  28. Fox News is the modern day news! You got my vote Fox News. I listen to both fox and cnn and to be honest, I watched Fox News more now. I’m a fan!

  29. Dummy Americans it's not Fox News it's FOX OPINION. Get over it HANNITY you only have 30% of American's who think you pass as a legitimate "news host"

  30. California or Sodom & Gomorrha? I jsmdh. Well, I am grateful I'm in the Midwest and that these ones interviewed on the street will never reproduce…

  31. Fox lies a lot, MSNBC leans center-left, but they don't lie about the facts. Fox practice propaganda reporting nightly. Both media outlets are corporate-owned, so MSNBC rarely have true progressive guest and fox regularly has conservative guest spewing far-right conspiracy theories. Study after study has shown viewers are dumber for watching Fox News because of all the misinformation daily reported there.

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