100 thoughts on “Washington Post under fire for al-Baghdadi headline

  1. THEY leaked information about the 2017 raid to get that guy & it appeared in the Washington Post so they HAD to call OFF the raid or our Special Forces would have BEEN SLAUGHTERED! (Came from someone in military command. Sorry, can't remember his name)

  2. Representative Schiff is looking more and more like a fanatic. It's becoming increasingly difficult to to take him seriously.


  4. Try this 4-D chess move sequence on for size: (1) Trump decimates ISIS and destroys its communications.  (2) Trump helps broker a cease-fire in Iraq; bullets stop flying.  (3) Nervous Nancy and Schitt fly to Iraq and meet with Bagdaddi.  (4) The Patriots monitor their whereabouts to determine location of Big Daddy.  (5) Knowing Pelosi and Schitt would try to contact Big Daddy, Trump successfully lured him out of hiding with the very same people he trusted and thought wouldn't pose a threat to him; his guard was down.  (6) GPS coordinates are established.  (7) The dynamic dem duo leave town.  (8) Wait for it: BOOM.  Remember, it was the traitor McCain who met with this same thug and his staff years ago, and cell phone pics prove it.  Trump just used another generation of traitors to finish the job.  Are you tired of winning yet?

  5. Schiff would have hit isis on speed dial before the briefing was over and would have gladly sacrificed American lives to see Trump fail in a foreign policy mission.

  6. If you say you believe in God but don't go to church are you religious, if you say you follow the 10 commandments are you spiritual there is a difference so make a choice it may not make everyone happy

  7. Sometimes in order to find the rat, one must simply follow the ones feeding it. 🤔 ..don’t be a 🐑 Pelosi & gang in “Jordan” the week before….
    chased down by 🇺🇸Our Dog🇺🇸❤️😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. WAPO is run by idiots , what do their big shots think the leader of ISIS would have done to each of them if he could have had the chance , my best guess , they would have been hung on meat hooks and dismembered .This would have been sanctioned by (AL Baghdadi ) a sage islamic scholar .

  9. The Marxocrats are trying to impeach the Commander in Chief! May I add another, well, the only reason for the impeachment is that Mr. Trump won the 2016 election. Hopefully Mr. Trump wins in 2020, but he will be impeached again. Please check CNN for how that will happen.

  10. Putin told Comrade Bonespurs where Baghdadi was. and had his other puppet Ederwan to let him through to chill the recent heat. All roads lead to Putin, our de facto President. Comrade Bonespurs is the spy and the Goons of Putin (GOP) are playing distraction defense. At least our military professionals know how to do their jobs with dignity.

  11. I certainly could believe Democrats would leak anything if they thought there was ANY political advantage to be had. Such as all the American soldiers being killed.

  12. Has there always been so much hate in the USA? These comments are disgusting. You should all be ashamed. You're all murdoch's muppets!

  13. We haven't had Communists and Socialists in politics in a long time – probably 50yrs. The US has always rejected this type of government and will definitely reject it again.

  14. Awwwww….Look at the Dems and the Media hating. "Not Due to Trump's Leadership" ??? Hold on let me get the dictionary on what a "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" means. Good Job Mr. President for not informing "COOKY PELOSI" Don't give the Dems anything since they never give you anything in return. But just think about this. Mission accomplished without Pelosi and Schiff involved.


  16. The CIA put out a hit on Bakr al-Baghdadi when he failed in a US strategic plan to regime change the legitimate President of Syria and install a caliphate as ISIS did in Mosul. Ask the residents of that Iraqi city what they think of bearded, fanatical ISIS kidnappers, rapists, and head loppers. US duplicity, US hypocrisy knows no bounds, they'll arm and support jihadist scum if they'll fight their proxy wars for them, then they'll slaughter them when they want to do a covert hit on their leaders. No loyalty amongst arseholes it seems. The US talks as if it owns countries they currently occupy. The Nazis did too… Get out of other people's countries Yanks and stay out. Plundering oil is not a valid reason to call yourself a superpower.

  17. Brit Hume the swamp rat that he is literally just said "Trump could have safely given the information on the Raid to the Gang Of Eight". People please understand this guy is pure swamp the Gang of Eight are pure swamp nothing good comes of them and probably unknowingly Shannon Bream has no idea or doesn't push back on the idea that Brit Hume suggested. Even if you didn't know anything about the Gang of Eight if you just look at how many leaks have come out of the Trump Administration any person with average intelligence would conclude that very few people can be trusted. Just think about it Brit Hume suggests that Trump should just trust Congress. Conservatives and Patriots wake up, Fox News is trash but for a few people like Lou Dobbs, Tucker and a handful of others.

  18. Trump announced a war on the Washington Post and New York Times.
    So he should be prepared for those publications to go IN on him with vigor and venom.
    They will make his life more miserable than it already is.

  19. Ask the Washington Post when did it become a part of share blue. meaning that it has become a part of the left soros-funded anti-American anti Trump faction

  20. Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, USA Today, NBC, ABC, CBS…and all the rest are the ENEMY of the American people.

  21. Adam can't even read the transcript right, and then he wanted to be trusted with vital intel on top secret Military strikes… not on my watch.

  22. The Washington Post and the New York Times should be placed out of business by – NOT PURCHASING – their newspapers! They are the main communists propaganda papers in America. All the left leaning reporting does not support anything American.

  23. There has been enough evidence that the Demonrats can not be trusted. I thank God President Trump isn't telling the Demonrats. We have lost enough men and women because of obama, clinton and bush era leaks, etc.

  24. What is that Crooked DEMOCRATS DEEP STATES CABAL saying what is her Name …Lee Jackson the would not leak the been leaking way before PRESIDENT DONAld TRUMP was in Office that's all the do leak stealing Lieing and a Racist she is Racist against her own people I am so happy when the African american woke up just like that CUMMINGS i did not like that CUMMINGS and i do not say nice things about him because he Died that doesn't change all the things he did and Stole our money to bad he died he should have been EXECUTED for what he did still dont believe he got the easy way out I can't stand those DEMOCRATS anymore the are so STUPID and sick

  25. Why in heavens would President Trump Trust informing Adam Shift or Pelosi??? the Democrats would have warned Baghdadi just out of pure diabolical spite against Trump, yes indeed , all to foil this Highly Sensitive Military Operation! Would anyone with a "'Sound & Sane Mind" Trust a very important "Black Out Military Secret Op"' to take out one of the most Evil ISIS Terrorists with such Highly Sensitive information? Not a Chance! I'm so proud of Trump to do what he did all while the Democrat led back stabbing sham Impeachment farce BS is going on against our Commander in Chief President Trump, The People have had enough of the Adam Shift & Pelosi secret Globalist led charades of lies & deceptions. Time has come to rid the Swamp of the DemonRats/Globalist infestations of treasonous vermin in the Basement , Then Trump can do the great job we the people voted him in to do unhindered by this scourge.

  26. I could see the democrats leaking the information and ruining the event. A leak could have had many of our soldiers dying.

  27. The Dems would have LEAKED the information Brit! And American soldiers would have died instead of Bagdahdi! What the hell is so difficult to understand why Trump didn't inform the Democrats? THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

  28. Thank GOD he did not tell them anything. Demon democrats try to impeach our president behind close door and leave Americans in the dark! So why our president should tell them ANYTHING……… first of all they always condemn him for everything he try to do for Americans. She thinks we are ALL STUPID. Americans are so f…..ken tired of their bs propaganda, traitors. 2020will be like a BLOODY RED SEA‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  29. Ya,how stupid do you freaks really think that the American people are ? ?? Our president is a hero no matter what you freaking fool think on the left , got it???


  31. If the democrats even cared about not being notified ? It is because they wanted to leak and inform Al bagdadi so Americans would die and Al bagdadi could escape . Remember what they said ;Obama should of been informed . Yeah! Osama bin latin / barack hussein obama has been to long been able to protect ISIS for he is the leader over ISIS . The only time that America is successful against ISIS is when Obama is NOT informed . More Americans died fighting against ISIS and terrorists abroad in the time of Osama bin latin / Obama than any other in the WH . Or even after the WH if he is informed where he can warn his troops called ISIS . The squad is Osama bin latins real daughters and they are under fake names as well . Osama bin latin wasn't killed but Osama bin latin killed his brother and mother and forced himself into the WH with the first hoax he played on America .

  32. Adamn Shitffs would have leaked the special ops to the New York Times or the Washington Post. And THEY would have leaked the news to Bakr Al Bagdaddi. THEY are traitors to America.

  33. Why would you tell Schiff…. the enemy what you’re doing?? He can’t have it both ways ….Do everything to show you Hate America …yet want to be included in their friend link !!

  34. Wasn't the God of the democrats, Hussein Obama, the one that created ISIS?
    Of course they would have aided this enemy, the friend of their do-nothing leader.

  35. Fake news! Noone is under fire. Lies, and distraction. Trump not responsible for killing. Navy Seals and Delta Force are and a dog. Coward Trump has a bone spur he never went into any battle. He will be impeached, removed and than the state of N.Y. will rip him in pieces.

  36. Sheila Jackson is Devil Worshiper, just look at her jewelry, and needs to go. If Trump had let any of these Demonrats know about the raid they would have surely told MSM and the enemy.

  37. So, did the stupid Democrats not think that US informing Russia just might have kept some of those troops from getting blasted out the sky? Besides, Ilhan Omars loyalty to this country is very suspect at the moment.

  38. I do believe that I saw Sandy Hume on the "Clintons body count". The Clintons are murderers thieves and liars. They financed their failed one point two billion dollar campaign with the billions of dollars they pilfered from the Haitian charity.

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