Wall Oven Won’t Heat: Resetting the Thermal Switch

Wall Oven Won’t Heat: Resetting the Thermal Switch

Hi, this is Wayne from Sears PartsDirect.
Today we’re going to talk about what to do if your wall oven won’t heat after you ran
a self-cleaning cycle. The culprit in this situation is often a tripped thermal switch
on the back of the oven. Most Kenmore, Frigidaire and Electrolux electric wall ovens have this
safety switch to keep them from overheating. The problem is that this switch sometimes
trips when you self-clean the oven because of the high temperature used during that cycle.
The self-clean cycle heats the oven to 800 degrees to burn off spills and residue, which
the thermal switch can mistake for overheating. If this happens, you can reset the thermal
switch by pressing this red reset button. Pressing the button is easy. Getting to the
back of the oven is a bit harder. Disconnecting power to the oven by shutting off both circuit
breakers. Most oven circuit breakers are double breakers, like this. Open the oven door. Remove
the mounting screw that secures the oven to the right side of the cabinet. Repeat the
process to remove the mounting screw from the left side of the oven. Some models use
brackets like these to hold the oven in place. In that case, you won’t see mounting screws.
If your oven has these brackets, use this special tool to release the mounting brackets.
With someone’s help, carefully pull the oven out of the cabinet and rest it on a sturdy
worktable. Remove all of the screws that secure the back panel to the oven frame. Support
the panel as you pull out the last screw to keep it from falling. Lift and remove the
back panel from the cabinet. Here’s that thermal switch. Press the red button to reset it.
Before you put the oven back together, take a look at the wiring and make sure none of
the wires are broken or damaged. This video shows how to repair wires in an oven correctly.
Reinstall your oven in the cabinet and restore power. See if the oven heats. If it does,
you’ve probably fixed the problem. Keep in mind that repeated tripping of the thermal
switch will weaken this component. Replace the thermal switch if it won’t reset or if
it trips repeatedly during normal oven operation. Here’s a video showing you how. Keep an
eye out for burned cookies to make sure that oven’s not overheating. If the oven overheats
in the normal baking mode or doesn’t heat after resetting the thermal switch, then you’ll
need to have a service technician examine the oven and repair the problem. Hey, I hope
this video helped you out today. Be sure to check out our other videos here on the Sears
PartsDirect YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe.

22 thoughts on “Wall Oven Won’t Heat: Resetting the Thermal Switch

  1. I really enjoy watching your videos. I am interested in appliance repair. I have been in the hvac/r field for many years and want to venture out and try new things.Thanks again.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Called Sears and they said that we needed to replace the High-Limit Thermostat. Ordered the part 5 days to get here. I was trying to put it on but called to see where it went so that I didn't have to take it completely apart. 4 calls to sears later with no help so I looked online. Reset it and presto. . . it works! This is the second time this has happened. Both times after running the self-cleaning cycle. Purchased the new part the first time, that won't happen again. Wonderful video, Thanks again

  3. My oven is heating up and after about 15 minutes after warm up the oven locks out the door, shuts down and cools it down some and then releases the door to be able to open it. I have replaced the temp. sensor and is still not working correctly….?
    I was looking into buying the thermal switch and trying that, but trial and error is expensive.

  4. Hi. We bought a condo with a Frigidaire Gallery Series Wall Oven; Model CGEB30S8CB1. Unfortunately, when on BAKE, the main element will only heat to 285 F (max.), and takes about an hour to reach that. However, if we select CONV.BAKE, the fan runs, but the element dosen't heat at all. Oddly, the BROILER element heats up fine. Anyone with any ideas as to what might be behind this strange behavior? Thank you. Ken – Calgary, Canada

  5. broiler works fine , but when pressing bake oven igniter doesnt work , but broiler igniter comes on & broiler heats up gas goes on broiler only , replced oven igniter didnt help , before i pull out wall oven i wanted to know if it could be thermal switch since broiler works fine

  6. Very helpful video, but what if it’s a combo microwave/wall oven? And it’s set over a cupboard about two feet up.

  7. I have a Kenmore 790.4661.3502. Oven wont heat, and there are no error codes, everything looks like it should be working but absolutely no heat. I've already spent about $200+ in parts, plus a service call for $60 (he said replace the control board) which have not fixed the problem. How do I test the Range Oven Temperature Limit Switch? I'm tired of paying for trial and error.

  8. Why can't all appliance repair video dudes be JUST LIKE THIS ! ! ? Perfect diy vid. Why is this dude so much better than any of the "more YouTube age" diy repair clinic guys? Five Stars.

  9. I have an old analog wall oven…so do I still try to do the reset button? I don't want to take take out the wall oven to find out there's no reset switch

  10. Are there 2 reset switches on the back of a double? I removed the unit, found only 1 switch, pressed it and reinstalled the unit. However, my top oven still won't heat. The bottom is (as has been) fine. What a crappy place for a reset!

  11. I have a Dacor 85136 Oven. The bake and broil elements will not come on. The Convection element in the back will come on. I have tried to change out the bake and broil element and have tried to bypass the limit switch to see if that was causing it but have completely struck out. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I think that my oven uses those brackets showed at about 1:14 into the video. I found that release tool that was shown but cannot understand how to use it. Can any one help? thanks

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