(Vikings) Ivar the Boneless | Legacy

(Vikings) Ivar the Boneless | Legacy

What is it you really want, Ivar? I want to be the most famous man who ever lived. All my life you have been suffocating me. Why? Because I’m a cripple. Now, poor Ivar has a chance finally to prove himself with the gods. To be a son of Ragnar Lothbrok and to find greatness… That is hard. Everyone will always underestimate you. You must make them pay for it. I will, father. Be ruthless. People of Kattegat! Do you know who I am? Of course. I am Ivar the Boneless. You are Ivar, son of Ragnar Lothbrok. All hail your new king! And many there are who fear you. I’m not afraid of anything, brother. Not even me? Wouldn’t you rather be loved… Mother. …than feared? He’s no longer the Ivar I knew. The brother I knew. I don’t know. I’m not sure. He’s a tyrant. In Ragnar’s time everyone was free. Ragnar never forced them to do anything. Do not be afraid that I have been revelead to be a god. He never forced them to worship him. He knew he was only human. You are Ivar the Boneless. Son of Ragnar. I am the god Ivar. Burn them alive! I am no ordinary man, I am no ordinary ruler. What is it you really want, Ivar Lothbrok? Let those who want to destroy us know this. Revenge. You will never overcome Kattegat. We will always defeat you! Ivar is clever. Strategy and planning are everything. Everything you all think he has already thought! We are going to lift the boats… We shall climb it. …up the cliff. The mind is a far better warrior than the sword. Loose! It will be like Ragnarok. Again! Ivar will be like the wolf Fenrir. Again! And flames will dance in his eye. You are a god. All you have to do is believe. I waited for you a long time. I thought you would make everything perfect, because you would be like a god. I lost my kingdom to my brothers. But it was only a dream. I am nothing. You are not divine. And I have nothing to offer you, Prince Oleg. And where were you going? Nowhere. I have no plans. All my life has been a struggle. I bet you wish you would have killed me when I was born, just like you wanted to. A war against myself. I cannot allow you to suffer… I thought your legs were a weakness. …like I have suffered throughout my life. I was wrong. Your legs have given you a strength… a strength that even your brothers don’t have. He’s the strongest, most violent man I have ever known. How did she die? I killed her. I loved her. I love you, Freydis. They don’t believe that I didn’t mean to kill Sigurd. I know your pain. But I didn’t want to. I think you and I are going to have a very special relationship. You’re a very intriguing man, Ivar. You have many gifts. Some of the things you say surprise me. Anger is a gift, what is in here is a gift. And I never know what you will say next. You do not think like other men. You are unpredictable, and that will serve you well. Use your anger intelligently… I would just like the chance to overthrow Prince Oleg. Everything here belongs to you. …and I promise you my son, that one day the whole world… Oleg is nothing, but you… …will know and fear… …you are everything. …Ivar the Boneless. My heart is broken. Sweet child, do not weep. It will repair. Ivar the Boneless, scourge of the world. No more pain. You don’t need me. I am here now. Why do you keep returning? I belong here with you, Ivar. I don’t understand. I chose your side. But I’m happy to see you. We shall unleash our forces against our brothers. They will bear witness to our triumph. Truly happy to see you. I can never forgive Lagertha for murdering our mother, how can you? How can you?! Our mother! One day, I will kill you, Lagertha. Of course I’m going to kill her! You can try. Your fate is fixed. Oh, I will. I killed her, Ivar. It was me. It wasn’t your fate, it was mine. I killed her. I killed her. Seems the gods brought us together again, my brother. They must enjoy seeing us fight. If you betray our gods, then you also betray our father. Our father chose me above all of you. He knew that I would be the only one to remain loyal. Father. We all loved him. None of us wanted to accompany him on a journey to his death. We were more interested in preserving his legacy, which is what we have done. His real legacy is safe with me. I will win. The gods are with me. I will defeat you! You are wrong. The gods abandoned you a long time ago, my brother. There’s no way you can win. Believe me. No way you can win.

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  2. Another epic masterpiece! I love it!!! The one you did with Reiner was the first one I saw, and it left goosebumps. You capture the characters so well. You have a gift! Keep up the great work!

  3. I don't often watch that kind of videos because there are far many, but I remembered your channel when you made (AOT Erwin Tribute my very favorite one) So I watched it and its very very well made!

  4. Very well made! Alex you are amazing! Overall in the end…Alex's performance made the show…no one could have played Ivar the way he did…no one

  5. İ think it would be better if you had put the parts which bjorn makes fun of him with deer head , shouts him u will obey me afterwards ivar killin him would be more satisfying.

  6. This is the best tribute about Ivar the Boneless that I have ever seen. You showed great that similarity between important relationships such as Ivar-Oleg / Ragnar-Ecbert. Thank you for this masterpiece Zurik.


    Damn, I should really start this show again! Is it worth a watch without Ragnar?

    PS: You should try an edit on Chernobyl or Sherlock <3 😀

  8. season 6A was okay but i'm afraid that ivar will fail and die in season 6B i hope he conquer every thing and thank you zurik for this video it's perfect love uuuuuuuuu

  9. The parallel between Ragnar/Ecbert and Ivar/Oleg is powerfull, it's nicely done
    The one with Floki/Ivar and Ivar/Igor is perfect too.
    Amazing video like always

  10. Its 4.23 am. I randomly got up. Thought of checking the phone for no reason. And what do I see? My fav editor has made a video!!!
    No sleep for me now. Gotta watch this as many times as I can.

  11. It's such a beautiful masterpiece. Ivar was always with Ragnar my favourite character, and you showed his "true son of Ragnar" side perfectly in this video. All this parallels showed me how he is more like his father than his other brothers. He is the one and only King of Norway, all hail King Ivar. Thank you so much for this video!!

  12. I love Ivar as a character he is the most interesting one left but after season 5×16 I feel he deserves to be defeated. Ragnar would never do what Ivar did in that episode.

  13. Once again a genius work of art my friend, after Ragnar, Ivar is my favorite character and you managed to tell his 3 seasons story in 6 minutes perfectly and tragically.

  14. Great video. They really picked a great actor for the role. I remember from an interview he said how he was told 'Don't mess this up' because a lot rested on him giving his all to the part. At least that's what I remember from an interview I watched a few years ago… Someone will probably quote it in its entirety.

  15. how do you keep doing this Zurik? how can you keep producing such great quality work, like 2:14, i almost had forgotten Bjorn saying this and not only did you find it but edit it in such a way to say exactly what Ivar is/was and will be.

    everytime i watch these types of video's you always shoot it out of the park and go beyond what is expected, great work as always.

  16. Ivar and Hvitsek are only characters that keeps me watching this show. (Warning spoilers And toxic rant)
    I hate how they said completly fuck history (or rather sagas) and went some completly random directions (atleast make it little bit based on history). So Sigurd was king in Denmark, Bjorn in Sweden, Hvitsek( actualy named Halfdan) And Ubba were raiding England and Ivar ended up being king in Ireland I think. Harald Fainhairs story line was completly Fucked even though they made his father his Brother I liked those characters….but in season 6 they just made him Trash. They finaly make him King of Norway but instead making him succesfull they started to show up how Bjorn is So much fucking better King thanks to his SUPER RAGNAR LEGACY. And then they put rape there to definitly make him just another Vikings vilain. Also that Erik who showd up is probably Erik Blood axe son of Harald but here in The show they cannot have some one other have Dynasty. And that plot of Ubba trying to discover "land to The West" Are they trying to pack whole Viking history into one show JUST TO HAVE THERE EVERY THING

  17. I’m kind of happy how they presented Ivar as being a God. He thought he was all-powerful and couldn’t be stopped but when he had it taken all away from him it has changed him in to a much more mature person in season 6!

  18. Моя любовь к вашим видео, так же сильна как моя неприязнь к Ивару 😂

  19. My King, my favourite son of Ragnar. He so strong and misunderstood. Hes never been evil only ruthless and angry …and in constant pain usually. Hes grown so much and calmed down. I hate how everyone was against him and said hes in the wrong for not being able to let his mothers murder go, any normal person would want justice and revenge. Was fine for viewers when Bjorn wanted it why? Because people disliked Aslaug, she was still his mother and just as close to him as Lagertha was to Bjorn, if not more considering Ivar spent most of his time indoors. I love him and understood him from day one. Never once thought he wanted to kill Ragnar when he returned like a lot of others did, he was the most loyal and respectful, just like Floki raised him to be. #TeamIvar❤ hope the brothers only grow closer this time instead of apart, or at least just be civil. This is Ivars show after Ragnar died, it wouldnt be watchable without Alex Hogh. Thank you for this great reaction to this complex character with incredible strength in the mind & upper body.

  20. Wow… just, wow. I don't know why some people happen to hate Ivar. I can understand that they prefer Björn, but Ivar is such a well written character and very deep on the otherhand. Many don't understand what is Ragnar's Legacy, after all, this is what season 5 and 6 are all about. At the end, Ragnar stopped to worship the gods, he was just tired of all that, tired of fighting, blood-sickened and wary. He has suffered, too suffered, that's why he went and met death by his own, but still, all that was a part of his fate. At the end, the only one he truly believed in, was Ivar, this child, who's been underestimated by his own father, this child that put to death himself by giving him to the wolves, his child. Ivar is a very tormented person, just like Ragnar was, they look alike in most of the points, we just have to understand his feelings and why does he really think like that.
    I also like Björn as well, to me, it's time to put an end to all of this, I want to see, one last time, the sons of Ragnar, the hero we all loved and continue to love, fight alongside each other and act like brothers, because in the end, none of 'em despise one another, on the contrary, they love each other.
    I the second part of season 6, they'll raid and go to Alfred. All began with one raid to England and all will end with a raid to England.
    I hope that they'll together, one last time, for the sake of their father, in Ragnar's memory.

  21. Лучшее,что я видел по Ивару. Эти параллели между Рагнаром и Экбертом/Иваром и Олегом, Флоки и Иваром/Иваром и Игорем… У меня просто нет слов.

  22. Ivar to Ragnar is what Ogedai was to Genghis. Ragnars legacy is VIKING not trade & Farming ! Ivar is carrying Ragnars legacy of GLORY ! GREAT EDIT AS ALWAYS ZURIK 🤩

  23. Что? Почти 7 минут просто пролетели. Хочется ещё.
    Вот что заслуживает действительно миллионов просмотров!
    Шикарное видео, Зурик!!! Я вся в мурашках

  24. By the gods! This was the most heart wrenching video of the vikings i have ever seen! I love ur work, each and every one of them. From attack on titan to the dark series and the vikings. Ur truly gifted, don't listen to the haters. U have a beautiful mind ❤️

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