Valkyrie Crusade Multi-Hit LAWK Tutorial (Summer Snow) – “Ice Wolves and Summer Snow” event

Valkyrie Crusade Multi-Hit LAWK Tutorial (Summer Snow) – “Ice Wolves and Summer Snow” event

Thanks for tunning in. This is YY. In
this video, let’s play our new toy, Summer Snow. Three kinds of unleashers in the team. Celestial Oracle is for boosting the power. Arpa is against legendary command. Summer Snow protects us from legendary domain. One drawback of this team is the
requirement to buffer. Our alchemist has a buffer ratio of 250%. Even with Celestial Oracle in the team,
with two times of buffer the skill damage of Gilgamesh reaches about 1.4
million. This damage is too low. We need one more time of buffer. This
requirement of buffer may make us lose some stars when we try sending stars to
the alchemist. The strategy is that after enough buffer,
we keep stars on unleashers. These stars can be used to become green dots on Summer Snow or some shots of Gilgamesh. Also this
random feature is another drawback of this team. When no green dot is on Summer Snow, the chance that we can pass a star to Summer Snow will be only 1/3 or even 1/4, in order to be ready for domain. I think I need another Summer Snow in
the team. Anyway to share some luck with you, let’s see a lucky example. One green dot on Summer Snow. Still we need one more time of buffer. Summer Snow reacted to domain. We lost one star. Now buffer is enough. We wait. There’s one green dot on Summer Snow. Arpa reacted to Legendary Command. Burst mode. One shot Still we need another shot. _(:з」∠)_ We have two stars. That’s it. Still a little bit reluctant I think I will try using Diva Mika instead of summer alchemist. Then Summer Snow will lose defense buffer. That’s all for this video. Hope you get
Summer Snow. Thanks for watching. Thank you for your questions or comments. See you soon.

7 thoughts on “Valkyrie Crusade Multi-Hit LAWK Tutorial (Summer Snow) – “Ice Wolves and Summer Snow” event

  1. I have a team for lawk with 2 team buffers, 1 multi hit (hades) and 2 skill unleash/null, it works well 🙂

  2. Just got my GUR Summer Snow, so now I can begin my new video. 🙂
    Here's an idea I'd like to see: Valiant Bellona+ Summer Snow+ Cleopatra+ anything else you want.

  3. hello ngynx – I'm still new to VC and have one question – right at start of your battle at 1:36 your arpa glowed and was able to do more than the capdmg/999.999 dmg – can you tell me what that is? I looked in the wiki but seems like I'm too baka to find it.

  4. I use the same team (with 500/50 buffer) and it works really well! I wonder replacing Celestial Oracle with 2nd GUR Summer Snow will worth or not (for additional protection on domain), with the trade off you need 3 buffs for Gilgamesh to hit 40M while she only requires 2 buffs if Celestial Oracle is in team (plus CO have more soldier count than Summer Snow). Anyway, you still need 3 buffs in case you use 250 (requires some passive atk bonus), 300 or 400 atk buffer.

    PS. Sorry for the long comment ^^''

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