v1.0.2c Public Beta

v1.0.2c Public Beta

We’ve got a new beta build available now
on the Steam Beta Channel. This has a couple new features. Maybe the most
interesting one is this option to extend the trial period. If you found a
potential mate and you’re in the trial period and you get enough affinity but
you’re just not sure if they’re that special someone that you really want to
choose as your mate, well, now you can delay the decision. So if you click the
extend trial period button it’ll set a timer and after 10 minutes you’ll get
the same pop-up again. If you’re ready to decide then or you can extend it more if
you’re really indecisive. All in the search for the perfect mate!
Some other small things: We finally organized the controls remapping panel–
both for keyboard and for controller. So, it’s much easier to find the controls that
you want to remap. We’ve also removed a lot of things that were test or debug
controls. S, it’s just overall more organized. And we refined a lot of things…
you can see the full list in the notes below. For example: Grizzlies and cougars won’t chase you for as long. They were chasing
you for 20 to 30 seconds sometimes …and that that was excessive . So we’ve reduced
that. It still varies, depending on their grumpiness. They might give up after a
second or two. They might chase you for 10 seconds or 12 seconds …but not nearly
as long as before. So, I think it’s more realistic now. This also has a bunch of
fixes. We thought we’d fix the flying animal bug in the last update…but not
quite! So, that’s a cool feature – flying animals – but maybe that’s better for
another game … so it’s fixed now. Other little things (like the coyote… when it
died… its legs were in a rather “unnatural” position…that’s fixed now). Now along with
all these fixes, we’ve mostly been working on Slough Creek, including some
revisions to how territory marking works. And these will show up in Amethyst as
well… We don’t think they’re gonna cause any problem, but if you see anything
particularly weird, please do report that. There are some things that are not fixed
here. We’ve gotten some reports of weird white areas on the terrain and in the
trees… these pretty all much seem to be from old AMD cards (like seven-eight
years old). And we’re not sure if this is something we can fix. So we’d encourage
you, if you see this, to first of all… update your graphics drivers on your
computer. If that doesn’t fix it then please try experimenting with different
terrain qualities and quality settings and submit detailed
reports. We get a lot of reports are just, you know, one sentence: This looks weird! Well,
if it’s a weird graphics issue, there’s a good chance that we’re not seeing that.
And a one-line report doesn’t really help us much. So, the more testing and and
analysis you can do, can help give us a good clue on that. But the first thing is
ALWAYS if you have a weird graphics issue is: Update your graphics drivers!
That can also improve performance. And we would love to hear about it if that
actually does fix the problem for you. There is still an issue with tree
billboards on Mac computers that have Intel integrated graphics card (not a
dedicated graphics card). And this is a stumper. We think it’s an engine bug but
we have been unable to really figure out what’s going on with that. So sorry, that
is still in there. One important thing with this new patch is that save files
are not compatible with the current public version of the game 1.0.2b. So if
you try this beta, any new saves you make won’t work when switch back to the
officially released version. Now we’re hoping this will be in beta only till
maybe early next week and then we’ll get the public release out and that won’t
matter but just FYI : make new saves and don’t overwrite your old saves if you
think you might switch back to the public build. So this beta build version
1.0.2c beta 1 is available now, again, on Steam in the Beta [Channel] –which you can choose
in the properties. And thanks, once again, to everybody who’s daring enough to try
the beta! We really appreciate your help!

100 thoughts on “v1.0.2c Public Beta

  1. I've been using the beta version for like a month now, and I've had no problems with my save getting overridden. Is it because this is a new kind of beta testing? Also, I had the problem of my mate running in circles endlessly when near a river as well.

  2. Hey I got some cool ideas to add. Some small stuff but it would still make gameplay pretty cool!

    1.) Tracks. Yeah, you can see the scent tracks in scent view, but it would be cool to see the tracks from the animals in normal view.

    2.) Bones. Once a carcass is gone, to the point where you can’t eat it anymore, the bones from the animal should appear. Then you could pick up the bones and carry then around, maybe play with them with your mate. (You could add it that you can pick you antlers from bulls and cows.) Then once pups come, you can give them to your pups to play with, which would also keep the pups near the den, as it would entertain them.

    3.) Speaking of pups, sickness. If your mate you choose has a low pack diversity, pups would have a chance of getting sick, the lower the diversity, the higher chance of them getting sick. If the pup is weak enough, it could kill them.

    4.) 1 more pup idea, sizes. Pups have different sizes, and the smallest one/the runt has a higher chance of being targeted and killed.

    5.) Stealth. Yeah, you can stalk, but it would be cool if you added grasses and your visibility would be decreased in taller grass.

    6.) Again with stalking, a way to stay crouched when you stop moving. So like, when you leg go of the forward button, if you continue holding the control button, you stay crouched.

    7.) A bite feature, like in 2.7. The only way to deal damage is grabbing ahold the animal, but there is no way to just bite an animal.

    8.) Some more animals, specifically smaller animals. Things like fish, frogs, bobcats, etc. And bison :3

    Fun fact, there was a wolf pack that scientists studied in Yellowstone that only ate bison. They never ate elk. No elk for them!! (I forgot the pack name, however ;-;)

    Just some ideas I got! owo

    Also, great job on SC and AM so far!

  3. Hi WQ team! I'd like to suggest a concept into the game, such as seeing your wolf storing up fat for the winter prior to preparing for your pups. I'd like to also suggest that maybe when the pups are newborn the female, (depending on whether you or your mate is the female) could nurse them for the few couple weeks of their lives. This is all up to you! I know you guys are working very very hard on Wolf Quest, and that's good! If this is a little too much to ask for and you guys don't want to take it into thought, then that is completely fine to me. Please, take your time!

  4. When you guys release sough creek will you also release mobile too? Or will that come after OR even before? Because my computer doesn’t work and I would love to play this game. Even if it is on mobile I’m sure it will still be as good.

  5. And WQ3 Is going to be avitable for PS4?, Thanks you so much to create this beatiful, infinity game, the best of the best games!!! I love it!! thanks you so much, Sincerly

  6. It's nice how you're still going to back to Amethyst Mountain to fix the bugs while working on Slough Creek. I have a question if you're adding new animals such as bison, toads, and beavers where are they going to be? Like which map? Also are you going to redo Lost River? Keep up the great work!

  7. I was wondering if, like, in multiplayer, you know how everyone's just one big pack. But what if we could pick who our mate would be, if the person wants it too. Get a territory and raise your offspring together. The pack could choose to like help you or be against you and everyone could have mates. But like the pups' parents have like more interaction options with babies, i mean pups do feel the safest around their mother and father. So when we have to make the journey, packs could defend their pups, hunt, but they all have the same goal, and they are rivals on the way.

  8. Hey WolfQuest! I have a question. Why do I have to play the game on the lowest graphics? It's so laggy when it's on the higher ones. Will the game be less laggyer in the future?

  9. Wait… So you mean flying ISN'T normal? Oh darn.

    3:09 thats just the cutest face.

    3:40 hehe… I did that at the bunny bush in 2.7…. Just wait till 3.0 comes out for mobile.

  10. I was wondering if you could answer a question I have. I bought wolfquest 2.7 before the anniversary addition. How do I download it without having to pay again?

  11. Love all the work you guys are doing!!! I look foward to SC coming out no matter how long it takes. Will there be a pup video soon? And I was wondering if a water scent could be added to the game?

  12. I'm not really sure.. if what I did in my game was supposed to be glitch.. but.. I took over all the territories, packs, there are just no colours for packs nor wolves left

  13. The problem with the white glitches in the terrain, I have had this happen before on this game and other games and I found the solution that best worked for me. Firstly I changed my graphics card and that didn't do anything, I found it also could be some of the texture files within the game could be blocked on your computer because of your personal computer's setting. After switching it the textures were fixed.

  14. It says controller…does that mean I can play on my Xbox 1?! If so I'm so happy, since on my computer, wq isn't working but it was working before so idk what to do. ;-; but it says controller! If I can plz let me know and the price if it costs on Xbox! IDC how much it costs, GIVE ME THE GAME IF ITS AVAILABLE ON THE PLATFORM!

  15. This game is absolutely amazing and I'm so proud I pretty much grew up with it. Whilst playing I realised my mate would usually begin to slowly lift off the ground when sleeping and honestly I laugh so much when it happens i literally dont even mind if this doesn't get fixed, but the game would run perfectly otherwise for me even being on the highest of all graphics and settings 🙂

  16. This looks great! Love the beta testing servers, it's a good thing!

    This comment was short.

    Seeya, WolfQuest.

    Stay strong and WolfQuest on!

  17. I read a comment where you said all updates will be released for beta before official release. Will this apply to the Slough Creek episode as well? Meaning that Steam players will have access to Slough Creek before itch.io players?
    Loving the new Slough Creek so far, by the way! It looks so beautiful and green!

  18. There's youtube, the forums/website, the Itchio website, the Bug Tracker/Reports place, and the Steam page. I'm curious, where is the best place to give feedback on the game? Not bug reports, but actual feedback and criticism on how players actually play the game.

  19. I have one more question. What is the appropriate age range for this game, now? The game is beautiful and realistic, yes, there is no denying that. The map and the graphics are beautiful, and the models and animations for the animals are incredible. But realism also means it's fairly gory, and gameplay wise, it's incredibly challenging to play for newer/casual gamers or young gamers.

  20. Do you have a release date for android? And will android versions come, because i heard someone say they were not because of lag in small devices

  21. I wonder if the peculiar Mac bugs are due to the recent new software Catalina? It made many many many programs incompatible with Macs. Several games on steam have wonky issues with newly updated Macs. I myself had weird issues with software such as Microsoft office, but I use my PC for wolfquest so I haven’t been able to see if it’s doing that on there as well. Not sure if you guys have looked into that!

  22. WolfQuest on my dad's cumputer were gone but my dad reinstalled it and I still have all my wolves. I love this game.😄😉😇😀😊☺

  23. I’m so excited for slough creek! But quick question, when multiplayer is released can territories be optional? Like if you’re on the raise pups mode, there will be territories, but if you’re on a different one, there won’t? It would be really nice to explore without being chased by territorial wolves

  24. Hey Wolfquest do you guys think there will be a option to like reduce the quality more,Like lowering the amount of trees that pop up,No matter what computer I use trees always load in as I run past them and they really lag up the game

  25. Hi WolfQuest! This is kind of a random comment, anyway I was going to ask if there are any normal gray coated dispersal wolves in the game? I've been playing since the release date and I haven't seen a single gray dispersal wolf of any gender. Are there no gray dispersal wolves in the game? Thanks!

  26. Might I suggest that at some point we can see the female mate go through pregnancy? It would also be cool to see the newborn pups being nursed until they get old enough to have regurgitated meat. Just a suggestion! You guys are working a lot on wolf quest and i'd just like to know if this will be a possibility someday.

  27. I have the new wq but I cant play it becuase of how slow it is. I have a windows 7 and wolf quest just won't play on it.. do you know what I can try to fix this?

  28. can u pls do more slugh creek devlelopments please I like waching these vids and I play wolf quest 3 and I want to have pups please
    that's all I ask but u are doing very well good job cant wait till slough creek comes out just work on it like nonstop please

  29. do you think I might need to upgrade something on my computer that has to do with graphics? wolfquest is always laggy nowadays ;-; ) 🙁

  30. I have a question and I know this is it irrelevant but I was wondering if you guys are going to bring it to the switch or any type of game system

  31. Ideas : I think in multy player we should join the clans.
    Only 2 alphas a boy and a girl.
    And betas.

    2.Being able to be a pup in multyplayer

    3. Maybe be the animals from the game ( That should be money )

    4. Being able to choose a mode ( Male, Femele ) and ( Survivor, RolePlay )

    I hope some of these come to the game. :3

  32. Hello! I am wondering what the new stats system is going to be like. Is it going to be the same three stats but with modified changes or is there going to me more? Thanks!

  33. By the way I’m not pressuring you but I’m just wondering exactly when do you think the South creek addition is going to come out WolfQuest?

  34. hi wolf quest my game is really slow and it keeps saying to lower the fp settings the only time when its fast is when i put it to fastest but every thing looks like clay models any idea how to fix this

  35. Okay.. In the old game I gave my age and it restricted me. Now I am old enough to play Multiplayer it wont let me, is this a bug??

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