UNBOXING! The ULTIMATE Digimon Statue of ❄Gabumon’s❄ Digivolutions!!!

UNBOXING! The ULTIMATE Digimon Statue of ❄Gabumon’s❄ Digivolutions!!!

Hey everybody BAM Collectibles here
back for another statue unboxing review for you! Today’s a special day because I’ll be featuring a franchise that is dear to my heart and something we have not showcased on this channel before…Digimon!. Originally I had a friend
scheduled to come and visit and showcase this with me but unfortunately he was
not able to make it because…. Holy shitake mushrooms dude!!! **Oh hey** Where the heck did you come from?!?! **Um digital world man** Well…pull up a chair! Well thanks so much for coming. This is my buddy Oliver and in my lifetime I’ve never known anybody that loves Digimon more than this guy. Thanks Brian, yeah so I definitely grew up with
Digimon Adventure as a kid it’s so great to see the anime and the franchise
together as a whole keep continually growing. We’ve got the movies from past
couple years and the release of Last Evolution recently and even the upcoming
Digimon Survive game. I honestly I can’t believe that it’s a show that’s survived…so in the beginning it kind of lived in the shadow of Pokemon but as we were
talking about while you were visiting it’s kind of made its own
pathway and branched like you had mentioned. Yeah I mean only if you grew
up in the 90s people are still gonna have that Pokemon VS Digimon debate
but let’s let’s be honest Pokemon is its own thing now and so is Digimon and Digimon has been rocking real hard the past couple years. Getting to showcase this statue today is so exciting because Digimon has always
been in my top 10 favorite but man there’s nothing like be able to see this
statue in life in person to be able to see how incredible it is when a Studios
able to bring a statue to life. Is that the crest of friendship…? Yeah!
Is that a Digivice?! Yeah! Look I got Gabumon too! HA, look at this (^_^)/ WEIRD!!!!!!! Awesome artbox on this bad boy! With an overall view of the statue. and the crest of friendship on the side. Some standard styrofoam packaging with some velcro
straps on the top and bottom. Busting out our huge and heavy base this comes in at
number 286 out of 300 made. No special edition size plaque is included so all
we get is what’s on the bottom here. Now in order to support all the different
forms that will be showcased later this base does have a lot of weight to it. On
the very front is the circular logo with the Crest of Friendship. Zooming in on
some of the snow and mountain you can see the details are just out of this
world! Any squares a little cutouts that you see all thought the statute would
later be used to insert different parts to add to the diorama. The snow has a
nice sandy texture to it as well. To add another layer of Awesomeness
included with the base the studio sculpted in ice clusters all throughout
the base made of clear resin. So on the bottom here you can see a round magnet
that’s actually used to secure it to the base. Here’s a closer look at two other
clusters that were included. These have a little bit of coloration added with one
having a frosted blue tone and the other having a light pink and purple. The largest ice cluster or ice crystal
that’s included has multiple purposes on it. So first and foremost is to look
amazing and add to the diorama of the base second off right here you’ll see
this is actually a space where MetalGarurumon will later rest on that will help support him as he’s in midair. As mentioned before this crystal right here
is probably one of my favorite with the pink and purple shades that they
included. For the sake of building this statute correctly we’re gonna have to
start out by showcasing Garurumon. I have looked at, seen and showcased so
many different statues and characters let me tell you…Garurumon takes one of the top three spots with one of the most realistic
looking like it jumped right out of the show. Two things I really want to
appreciate here is the clean paint job mixed with all the different blue shades
included. These little holes on the back will later be used for different kind of
spiky parts of his fur they were added on separately. I can’t even begin to
fathom how much love and dedication went into sculpting each of these pieces.
Here’s an example of the spiky fur sculpted separately as well as his tail
which thankfully they sculpted all this separately because of how fragile those
pieces are. There’s a little groove at the bottom of this one that will help
rest and mount it to the base and then on the very back of the tail is a wire
rod which they used to sculpt all throughout the tail to make sure it is
strong enough and can hold into place. I went ahead and stuck the right side
spiky fur on and I wanted you to see how I put in the left side as well as the tail. Looking at Gabumon here the level of
detail on his fur coat is prodigious! The gradient textures, the stripes, they’re
breathtaking and looking at the ears you can see that they come off as well.
It’s a neat feature to this part of the figurine and we’ll see that GD put Gabumon in his sleeping pose which goes well with those familiar with a Digimon Adventure
scene where Gabumon is next to Matt while he’s playing his harmonica.
Incoming Matt with that very cool hairstyle that all of us as kids wish we
had. Right on the butt is a round magnet that is similar to the one that was
action on the bottom of Gabumon. That is gonna help these two attach and stay
secure to the base. The hair and head sculpt were extremely well done. I love
how they did the harmonica pose with him kind of closed focused and playing for
Gabumon. Tsunomon looking especially cute here
with his little fur coat and the horn. Make sure not to poke yourself with this
in training form haha! A little magnet was also placed on his bottom that helps him
mount to the base. One of the coolest little things included is the Digi-egg with a little version of Punimon inside. My gosh could they have made him
any cuter look at his little face. It would be very difficult to screw his
sculpt up because he is kind of just a big blob but for what it is he looks
awesome! There’s no specific place where he’s designated to go so I’m gonna stick him over here to the left side in a little grove on the base. One of the things I love about WereGarurmon her is how well they translated him from the
screen to this statue. Work of art really and really captured
his rebel look. Indeed this is probably one of the most complex pieces of the
statue because of the outfit that WereGarurmon has. The paint job on all
the different parts is very impressive the metallic piece is kind of have a
shine to them while the leathery and jean pieces do have a dull look. It was just
incredible how they worked in the whole outfit all the different paint jobs that
think that his face here is incredible! On his arm he does have this cavity hole
later it will be used to add an effect on there it’ll fill it perfectly. The
head did come sculpted separately so I want to show you how that releases it’s
held on by a strong magnet. The back had five separate pieces sculpted separate
each of the four wings and also his tail. Installing WereGarurumon I wanted to
give you a better look at how that goes. First I have to remove the two spiky
pieces of fur off of Garuru and then it goes in here with that steel peg and
back on with the furry spiky winged things haha! Here is that effect piece that I
mentioned before. It’s casted out of clear resin I have to say if it tied
into a specific move or ability that would be WereGarurumon’s Wolf Claw.
Mounted by a small rectangular magnet it just pops right into the arm. At the very tip top of this statute is a moon. At first taking it as a packaging I was a
bit in awe I had no idea how this thing was powered if you touch here it changes
the light to different tones and after leaving it on all night one night
*accidentally* I discovered that this thing is actually charged up so there is
a USB port with a charger included and you could stick it into that end and it
charges. I don’t know how long it lasts for but definitely a probably good solid
10 hours. Out of all the three White’s I definitely prefer the first which is
cool white and then there’s natural and warm white. This is one of two cloud
particles that were sculpted separately. In coming the top dog for this statue
MetalGarurumon! Right off the bat you can see here the details spared no
expense GD did not get lazy for a moment with all the details that they included
on this specific sculpt for him. Probably my one and only complaint for
this statue is the tone of the blue metal for MetalGarurumon does seem a
bit flat when I would imagine it being a lot shinier similar to what we’re seeing
with the gold on here. The pieces sculpted separately would include the
tail which is held on with a magnet and then both his wings and also the weapons
on his shoulders almost forgot that did sculpt the ear pieces separate as well. Overall this is one amazing looking
sculpt. There is a little piece here that we will stick the second dust particle in. Installing him onto the base will
complete this statue for now. One of the perks with having a friend who’s
obsessed with Digimon is actually being able to borrow his collectibles to
showcase and show you how they look next to this statue. This is Figuarts
MetalGarurumon. For the price when these release these are probably one of
the best bangs for your buck when it comes to getting a quality collectible
figure. Now this is the movie version of a Omegamon or Omnimon. Really awesome looking figure. I love how Tai and Matt are included and you can have them mount
on the shoulders where he can hold on to the yellow spiky part. Extremely classic
figure I used to own the original one that didn’t have a cloth cape. Man do I
miss collecting figures sometimes. This bad boy was probably one of the coolest
things that he brought with him and allowed me to showcase side by side. The
15th anniversary Digivice! I absolutely loved getting to see all the different
black and white sprites of the characters from the game. Also included
is a Gabumon variant that is color themed after him and if you kind of look on the
inscriptions on the front and back you’ll see how this one is specifically
meant for him. Lastly included is a PVC statue of Omnimon or Omegamon in his Merciful Mode made by Bandai. Thank you so much again
Oliver for the opportunity to be able to showcase all these cool collectables
side by side the statue so that others can see how they scale and just how it
all looks together. One thing I did want to mention that if you are looking for awesome Digimon statues please be sure to check out a link in the description I
did purchase this one directly from Games Animation Collectibles or GAC. If
you are in the market to purchase this statue please beware that this is
extremely popular at this time I think the only ones available are gonna be on
eBay. If you enjoyed this video or enjoy statue unboxing content please do
consider hitting that subscribe button and the notification bell to be sure
that you’re a part of all future videos as they release. As always everybody do what you love and love what you do BAM out!

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  2. I use to be Joe Kiddo and my digimon is Ikakumon when I was a kid, love this anime a lot. Amazing statue and very fun fun intro BAM. Love your channel. #BAMLOVESDIGI coz I might win ❤️

  3. #BAMLOVESDIGI the intro was cool it was like a animation the statue was so cool i loved it it was big and cool and the charachters were perfectly painted and the bloopers were funny and your voice is good it matches with the video and this video got me intrested in digimon might watch it sometimes

  4. Amazing video as always! Keep up the good work.
    Note: do you know any good site/studio that makes figures under 200$?
    Thanks you!

  5. Kita!!!!

    The digivice was 250-500 each over here…. Sad i can't afford…

    Also the upcoming wargreymon and metalgarurumon gunpla…. I wanna buy 2 ea but it's gonna cost 300bucks too. So I'm struggling if i should just buy 1 each or not at all… It sux that i wanna build it to display but have none for collection… It's so nice, fully coloured kit… Sux to be poor…

  6. Thank you Bam so much for reviewing this wonderful statue. I did not get this piece due to the height and space constraints. Seeing it on video shows how majestic the statue is.. I did not realise how much detail this statue has until you showcase all the parts up close on camera. These fine details like the gradient of the crystals do not show up on pics. Hope u preordered GD studio Agumon as well!

    Thank you Oliver for showing those digimon collectibles! Good luck to all participants for the giveaway too. #BAMLOVESDIGI

    P.S i love how the number of subscribers are climbing steadily as time passes by.. onward to 20k!

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