Unboxing GOT7 “Call my Name” 갓세븐 언박싱

Unboxing GOT7 “Call my Name”  갓세븐 언박싱

Say hello to the happiest baby bird of this site Ahgafriends, how are ya’all doing? Guys, welcome to another unboxing, this time we’re here with GOT7’s 10th mini album “Call My Name” but first I have some quick explanations why it took so long to arrive well.. the store where I usually buy my albums (Little Bird Store) had already warned that they only send the albums when the holidays are over because when the holidays are near, the post office receives a large amount of parcels so to not have any problems with our albums the store prefers to ship it later! But … unfortunately one of the boxes of the GO (group order) I joined that was being forwarded to the seller’s home was stolen and guess what?! my album was in the box but thankfully everything was resolved! and now here we are to finally make the unboxing of “Call My Name” after 3 months! ok guys, without further ado let’s open this album because I’m super excited to see which version I got! ah, I can already see the version I got ^^ ok, ya’ll know that I like to start showing the poster first! so let’s go because it’s my favorite i got exactly the version I wanted omg, look at this so beautiful! guys, wait.. It’s a different kind of paper from the other posters.. and I think it’s so fragile does anyone else agree with me? But that’s okay tho wow, already wanna put it on my wall I love it Came exactly what I wanted Wow! I thought it was two albums OMG! Look at how tiny this album is! indeed a mini! wow wth GOT7… no, WTH JYP?! oh no… stained stained, the pen ink stained the album.. what a bad luck! noo, my lipstick on the album x.x what a bad luck! because my version is white If it was the black one, it would not stain.. now I’m kinda sad.. but let’s move on.. I still can’t believe that the album is the same size as the pre order benefit really.. this is the photo essay “Tour Log” version this photo essay has the behind the scenes photos.. How cute! behind the scenes of the tour, this is from the tour log.. Do you guys watch the episodes on Vlive? I still have a lot to watch.. here’s the behind the scenes of the concert of the world tour this is another pre order benefit the postcards! this is the version I got! and I wanna show you a detail here’s written “Call My Name” I forgot to open the card that the store sent me I always open it after showing the poster, but that’s okay, let’s open it now let me read it “Hi Laila, thanks for the trust I hope you like it and I hope your album arrive safely at your home! See you in the next comeback! with love, Alliy from Little Bird Store” the freebies so beautiful! I’m going to show you. she sent some polaroids beautiful! thanks, I love it now let’s see the mini album guys, seriously.. wait I’ll show you another GOT7’s mini album to compare with the size of this one, so you can see that I’m not exaggerating look.. the Spinning Top is another mini album! now, look at the difference, seriously guys, I can’t believe.. its so tiny this album is the D version! There are four versions in total! REALLY GOT7?!! four versions.. I think it’s too much! fortunately I’m satisfied with only one version D version, this version is so beautiful.. Let’s see which photocards I got! OMG!!!! How beautiful.. Ya’ll guess who’s here! Look at the name here.. two photocards of my babe JB look at him… he’s so beautiful.. look, he’s wearing contact lenses oh my.. I’ve said it before that I’m really sad with JYP because now they only give two photocards intead of three Wow JYP… you’re getting worse day by day, my friend.. wow, look at this.. wonderful Ya’ll just look at Youngjae.. oh lord wow, I thought it was a real CD but it isn’t to be honest I don’t really know what this is for.. but this is a coupon for a korean streaming site to help the boys with the comeback ya’ll, as you guys know I never show here all the pages because there are so many pages but you can see all the pages in other videos in other more detailed unboxings Ahgafriends, wait because I want to share with you that, finally I managed to remove the stain that was here! I’m so relieved now Ah, guys.. if you haven’t watched my dancing in public of “You Calling my name, Thursday and Crash & burn” go watch now! you will like it! That’s it! Thanks for watching, subscribe to the channel if you’re not subscribed yet, follow me on the instagram @vidadefalc see you in the next video!

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  1. Manas Passarinhas 💚🐥
    Não deixem de comentar oq vcs acharam do unboxing/album!! 😘

    Ja me seguem la no instagram? https://www.instagram.com/vidadefalc/

  2. nem me fale desse negócio de versões. eu também era como você e me contentava só com uma versão, mas agora q eu completei a coleção do skz eu dei a louca e inventei de querer ter as outras também, eu vou falir!!!!!!

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