25 thoughts on “Ubisoft Club: In-Game Progression & Tips for Ghost Recon Breakpoint | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Game is awesome. Love it. Of course there is bugs as it is a brand new game and were in 2019 where its not a side scrolling mario game anymore…If you can build a better one, have at it. Me and my boys are killing it on there right now though. Keep it coming

  2. .ATTENTION.This comment is nothing to do with the video U guys should remove voting to kick and Team killing completely in Rainbow six siege there’s no point of having them in the game please read this comment the community hates it and the game is toxic with team kill and voting .ATTENTION.

  3. Yes there are bugs and things but overall its pretty good game. Every single game nowdays will be with micro transactions theres no escaping it. I can afford it so I buy the things I like lol if u cant then dont go near the options of purchasing it.

  4. This game has so much potential, but that's all it has. You need to look at big picture Ubisoft, retailers dropped the price 2 days after release (just like they did with ET back in 1982) and Twitch can't figure out what tags to give it.

  5. Guys, not the greatest idea to get monetization in this game with microtransactions.
    Also, I am happy that I am not able to play the game.

  6. Como quieren que juegue si el juego dice en la caja una cosa y cuando uno prueba el juego se encuentra con la sorpresa que es una gran mentira sólo vean el caso del problema del idioma en español 😠 no puede arreglar eso después de tantos días que desepcion como se esmeran para que las personas ya no compres los juegos echos por Ubisoft , deberían de ser serios supuesta mente son juegos triple A, pero de triple A sólo tiene el precio .😡😡

  7. The only thing refraining me to buy this game is the fact we have to be connected to internet to play it!!!! Do you think everyone lives in a big city? Have internet access at all time? Or can monopolize internet just to play when you're in a big family with a weak internet?
    Ubisoft why don't you consider the percentage of gamers who are unable to stay 24/7 connected!??!?!?

  8. After the lovely comeback with for Honor and Siege, we trusted you again… I have no hopes left for BGE, my childhood game… so sad.

  9. When do we get the raid or terminator event stop with these useless fucking apps and cgi videos. Wheres the new fucking content

  10. All this could be avoided, while leaving both UbI and customers happy. Create a platform that allows all weapon and mod choices to be available from the get. Rank them in power and stat to real world weapons. No classes, just selected load outs determining your position in the team. SOCOM had the formula. Now dump the open world, focus on strong AI and team/solo mission planning, success or fail, make the overall story reflect. Then make your money providing endless new campaigns to a solid platform that will keep everyone from leaving after arcade style boredom from everything currently being developed.

  11. Please, fix the huge amount of bugs of this game! Every time I play is either something like that, get stuck or the servers crash! I pre ordered the Gold edition and I’m really disappointed with @Ubisoft!

  12. Bought the game
    Can't hardly play the games because there is no FUCKING INTERNET CONNECTION
    Can't quit the game because there is no FUCKING INTERNET CONNECTION

    Ctrl+Alt+Del to quit
    How about make a games that can just fucken save on the PC or cloud when you quit

  13. I see a lot of hate in this comment section. I'm gonna spread some joy. Ubisoft you guys made a great game this game is 10x better than wildlands was. It's so addicting and I dont feel like I have to be sucked into the story I can free roam without seeing a bunch of mission objectives. Great game keep up the good work!

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