Turning the Corner: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 3)

Turning the Corner: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 3)

you So we bought this property last season
it’s our first time ever owning property so it’s all new to us. It’s actually a
two section piece of property that the side on the east is 73 acres more of an
immature more diverse property and the parcel on the west is a 55 acre more
mature timber section. So a really wide variety of land here. First time owning
property and we’re gonna see what we can do. Whitetails from scratch, it’s exactly
what it sounds like, we’re taking this property from a raw form transforming it
over several years and hopefully we’re going turn it into a big buck paradise.
We’ve really had this idea for a while that we’ve always wanted to own our own
property the history of our family and growing up hunting we’ve never owned
anything. We’ve never had total control over the property complete access
complete control of who can access the property. It’s been years coming that
we’ve just been waiting for this and finally the opportunity came the perfect
peace came and it just seems all really come together really well and exactly
how we like it to go. So we bought this property last year and
it was quite an experience., it’s something that we’ve never done before. I
mean I purchased a home before but to purchase you know land of that volume
and of that quality for deer hunting, something that you know is such a great
passion not only for me and my family, it was kind of overwhelming a little bit. We
didn’t know what to expect, you know we were kind of like kids in a candy store,
looking around trying to figure out what was what what was going on. That’s really
how things started. The goal of whitetails from scratch is
obviously to girl and hold mature bucks, be able to hunt them, have those
experiences on our own property but you know outside of that diversifying the
wildlife the habitat, improving all aspects of the land, is a big deal. You
know, it’s just all about that process, taking it from scratch all the way to
the end point. The purpose of whitetails from scratch
is to show the different things that you can do to your hunting land that will
allow you to become more successful and carry bigger and better deer. You know there’s a lot of things we can
do to the property, especially now that we own, it we didn’t do a lot of food
plots we didn’t put in a lot of water holes and we did that for a reason.
We wanted to sit back analyze things, you know we didn’t want to go out there and
just make habitat improvements just to make habitat improvements because it may
not positively impact our hunting strategies and our efficiency when we go
to hunt the property. If you put something in the wrong place it’s hard
to change that so you know taking a step back do things right and really put the
plan ahead of the work. Well there’s actually quite a bit that
we did to the property in the first year, in the big picture scheme we really
didn’t, do much but there was a lot of hours long a lot of hours. We actually
closed on one part of the property in January, so you know we had 8 months
until the season opened, well you can’t establish a plan and implement all those
changes in one season so we analysed everything and came up with a game plan
for this year. It’s just a lot of work and now we can use all that information
and move forward with it. You have to clear trails, you have to get
a couple food plots out there, you have to figure out where are we gonna put our
trail cameras, you got to make darn sure it’s posted and there’s zero human
activity that’s having a negative impact on this place and that’s probably the
key and the most important thing when it comes to the hunting side of it that we
really focused on. We did get a chance to get Andy out there and do some
significant hinge cutting and significant in a way where it had a big impact on
the property and the way the deer used it but we didn’t overdo it because once
you do something you can’t take it back. If you cut a treat while you can’t put
it back and let it grow again so we were really conservative but we did a lot of
work. So last year we had Andy or up with AWS advanced whitetail systems and he
basically told us that the foundation of the property is going to be the bedding
and that hinge cutting, so they came up last year and then they knocked down a
lot of trees and really thickened things up, brought in that sunlight. So that was
kind of the base formation of this whole management plan and they laid those
trees down lot of cutting and you know we’re gonna go back in this spring we’ve
stayed out the entire season. That’s a sanctuary area, so we’re gonna
go back in this spring and see how that all shook out how the deer use that and
then move forward, so that that was our base and now we can work from there.
You know you have that anxiety and that want to really get this thing
accomplished because you want it done right
but sometimes I think you just gotta take that step back, don’t get too
overzealous and rush in there and do something because I mean you could
implement do something out of haste and you could actually make the wrong
decision if you’re just getting too excited to rush on doing something so
you want to take that step back reevaluate and just keep the constant
big-picture view on everything and make sure you’re doing the right steps. You
know on the front end we thought maybe we could accomplish more in one season
than we did but you know that’s okay we learned a lot and now we can use all
that information and move forward with it. So even though we didn’t actually hunt
the property that much this year you know it was just a lot of fun being out
there, shed hunting, running trail cameras, making new trail is just really
analyzing everything and seeing these deer. We’re targeting five six year old
bucks and unfortunate it just wasn’t any on the property this year just the age
structure around the area just isn’t there quite yet. What we did see where
a lot of two-year-olds three-year-olds even a couple four year olds so you know
it’s good to see that we have a good population of box now we just need to
get that age structure up and it’ll be a lot of fun moving forward.
There wasn’t much for high quality bucks as far as age structure goes but the
volume was was decent. We saw who’s gotten really high
potential, there’s a few new bucks that showed up and the quality has the
potential to be something more than we expected as well. Ultimately the goal of this series is to
bring you the viewer along for this whole ride.
Whitetails from scratch we start from scratch and as we learn as we
plan work with all the different experts to implement a process and a habitat
plan into this property, we’re just going to take the viewer along show the
detailed step-by-step we’re going to show you what works and what doesn’t.
We’re gonna be bringing you as much information as possible so that you can
use that and hopefully be more successful out in the field. The goal is truly to
enjoy and appreciate not only the process of keeping deer making it better
for deer hunting but to obviously have the highest quality of use of the land
for hunting just enjoying the property itself that’s that’s the goal. There are so many different ways you can
improve habitat and it really comes down to what do you want for an end goal. Set
your long term goals, understand what they are, talk to an expert,
talk to a specialist it’s extremely valuable information that they’ll
provide and they’ll keep you on track and in line with the goals that you want
to achieve long term. Overall we know this projects gonna be really
challenging and there’s gonna be issues we’re going to run into but we’re
getting really excited for year two. We’re excited to get into similar areas where
I’ve been before get some trails in there, start tweaking some major spots
where we feel like we can make some major advancements on the property and
overall I think just enjoy the surprises that come because you know you’re always
gonna run into some you’re not quite ready for and I’m sure there’s gonna be
something that’s gonna come up that we weren’t even expecting and sooner or
later we’ll get to the goal and hopefully harvest some big deer out
there in the future. So year two of white tails from scratch really we’re still
building that foundation we’re working on border trails, we’re going to have food plots
and and look at some spots to put in some water holes things like that. You’re
going to start to get a good inside look at what this property is you’re going to get a
good inside look at some of the deer on this property, what our strategies are,
what we’re doing to get it and it’s not something we can do in one season, it’s
something that’s gonna be going on for years to come.
We’re gonna learn as we go. You know the end goal for this
particular property is to become a family heirloom, bottom line, I didn’t
realize how impactful it would be on me emotionally and from a fulfillment
perspective an appreciation of the actual property in the land and nature,
it’s brought us closer as a family there’s absolutely no question and the
appreciation and the fulfillment is far beyond anything I ever expected. you

6 thoughts on “Turning the Corner: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 3)

  1. Been waiting for the next Whitetails From Scratch video! Keep them coming. The details of your plans we can implement them on our own property's!

  2. looks great guys! my dad and i purchased 160 acres in Ontario Canada two years ago and are in the same boat. i will be following along for the ride.

  3. Charlie Hudson and I own 95 acres in southern Michigan (Hillsdale County) . Until last year 30 acres was agricultural ground, useless to my deer hunting. It took my 22 year old son watching the Deer Society and Jeff Sturgis to educate me about deer habitat. For the previous 25 years I owned it, I thought I was being productive shooting does out in the picked ag-fields after harvest time. We are in year two now, and we are doing it with the help of you guys. I have learned more about food plot locations, hinge cuts and planting switch grass than you can shake a stick at. And yes we need to go back to the seven acres of switch grass from last year and destroy half of it in order to create the needed "pollinator pockets" Jeff Sturgis speaks loudly about. This video taught me we need to slow down a little and think a little more. I applaud all of you guys and the positive ways you have showed my son, who in turn has taught me. Thank you.

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