Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

  1. I don’t think Tulsi is surprised at the smearing she gets from the DNC and MSM. She was the vice-chair and the queen heir to the DNC throne, but gave it up and stepped down when she Saw how corrupt Hillary and the DNC was in their treatmemt of Bernie. Then she publically endorsed Bernie in 2016 and that’s partly why she’s being smeared now, it’s payback. She has said that’s she is fighting to take the DNC away from corrupt politicians and give it back to the people. She’s the toughest democratic candidate out there but the DNC is allowing their ego’s and donors getting in the way!

  2. Major Gabbard is being groomed by the DNC, Major Gabbard is a distraction, a misdirection. How can a United States Army Soldier attack the Commander in Chief at every chance, to go unchallenged, unquestioned. A United States Army Soldier?. shouldn't this Soldier be arrested, relieved of duty and placed in Stockade pending a Military Court Marshall? The message being sent to US Military Personnel by the actions of this Soldier is you can now question your ranking Officers, you can appear in public and trash your ranking Officers, a private can tell a 5 Star General to go pound sand, no rank is of limits. Really? I guess the Military has really changed, coming into the 21st Century. Maybe planting seeds of dissension within the US Military is the real plan, appearing on stage dressed in white, WOW the "Optics", the take down of Kamala Harris, "Shock and AWE", Americans there is something really really really out of sorts here and it is screaming for your attention, your closest scrutiny. Do it for yourself, do it for your Country, do it for your President who in my opinion is one American attempting to better the lives of all Americans, whether you agree with his style or not. Americans WAKE THE HELL UP!

  3. The US Mainstream Media is nothing short of appalling!! They're not journalists they're paid up political assassins by the corporate elites who control the MSM!!!!

  4. First time I have heard this lady (Tulsi). I may not agree with everything she says, but she is serious debater, and the best intellect candidate on the democrat side by a country mile… .

  5. Hudson Institute senior fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs is yet another Deep State goon, posing as an expert … for what ? For smearing candidates that goes in their way. This time target is Tulsi Gabbard.

  6. The democrats are scared of her. Ironic that her own party will be working to shut her down so they can push their America hating communist candidates such as Bernie or Warren

  7. Fox spreading war propaganda. US funds terrorists to defeat Assad so they don’t have to do the dirty work themselves. That’s what Tulsi means when US does regime change. Just because we aren’t doing it ourselves, doesn’t mean we don’t have a hand in it..

  8. Accusing people of being Russian spies without evidence is pure McCarthyism. The New York Times, MSNBC and other media outlets are showing evidence that they are government controlled.

  9. Trump is a warmonger just like Obama, Bush and Hillary. Tulsi Gabbard will win the 2020 election. Trump is puppet owned by those who own the Federal Reserve. Tulsi Gabbard is the real anti-war candidate.

  10. Huh, but now we have an agrrement and a sease fire. Dems are doing a great job! Swing votes are going red and some blue have gone red.

  11. Tulsi's comment in regards to President Trump's bloody hands, she makes no sense at all!!! When did this war begin?

  12. what Clinton said about Tulsi is despicable… i just donated $25 to Tulsi… she is one of the wisest, most intelligent, caring and authentic people i’ve ever seen in politics. she’s a HERO! she has my vote!

  13. Ever since Tulsi Gabbard was first elected to Congress in 2012, she has been assertively independent. At first, despite she was the new kid on the block, she was viewed as a loyal Democrat and guaranteed future star by party leaders, not only because of her stylish appearance, sharp brain and nice outfit but also due to her status as an Iraq War veteran, a telegenic and dynamic young woman of color, and the first Hindu and Samoan American ever elected to Congress. The party leaders anointed her as the future face of the party and potential presidential material.

    When Tulsi diligently did her job as an elected representative of the people the changes she suggested made the party leaders begin to regard her as a game changer. Of course they too want improvements of the life of the American people but only as long as it will not go against their traditional external self-beneficial interests like receiving financial support or other benefits from executives of big companies, for example the pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex or so-called 'dark money' from unions or trade association, groups that are not required to disclose their donors who can spend funds to influence elections, without voters knowing where the money came from.

    When Tulsi started to speak for the poor, the hungry people living in areas that steal all hope, the beaten down, the homeless, the non-violent prisoner who serves a far to long sentence inproportionate to crime committed, her suggestions started to make them uncomfortable. As an increasingly frequent critic of the established system she instead became a thorn in the side of those same party leaders.

    When Tulsi stated that the presence of company campaign contributions (PAC money) in our political system have put the interests of corporations ahead of the people the members of Congress are elected to serve, they suddenly saw her as heterodox, unpredictable, and polarizing. When she disassociated herself from self-serving political interests and instead endorsed the policies of Bernie Sanders she was no longer considered a loyal Democrat and her funding from the Democratic Party was cut off.  

    Gabbard’s transformation from cherished party asset to party critic and outcast was rapid, and was due almost entirely to her insistence on following her own belief system and evolving ideology rather than party dogma and the long-standing rules for Washington advancement.

  14. Really? Demands we get out of these "regime change wars" but then blasts Trump for pulling troops out of Syria? Does the word "hypocrite " apply to being a pragmatic twit?
    I like her, but being such a pragmatist is demeaning to her and makes her appear to vacillate. I am afraid that in reality she lacks the backbone to stand up to the Dem party if she would get elected.

  15. Look at the fear the rest of the democrats have for Hildebeast. They won't even dare defend Tulsi. I'm sorry this contest must be rigged.

  16. The people on these news media is more dangerous to the American people than the politicians. No wonder most American so caught up in movies, games and entertainment, drugs and beer to avoid reality.

  17. Wait she’s anti-war and all for peace but is now against pulling our troops from Syria-another “regime change war”? I’m confused 🤔

  18. Tulsi went a little overboard saying Trump has blood on his hands. If Trump did it any other way, the US would have to be in Syria forever ensuring Turkey doesn't go in. But I understand why she does it, she wants to be the alternative to Trump.

  19. No, Assad didn't use chemical weapons against his people, you stupid cow . That assertion has been proven to be a complete fabrication. Stop telling lies!

  20. there is war against christian whites by Zionist and your party sold you out, and they are pushing abominations again the Christian faith

  21. Tulsi is playing the narrative , if you can’t beat them join them , she knows what Americans hate and she is delivering it ! She is a devotee of lord khrishna , nothing can stand in her way !

  22. WRONG! You're lying: Assad did NOT use chemical weapons on his own people. That has been debunked thoroughly. Assad enjoys almost 80% support in Syria. The war in Syria was orchestrated 100% by the "elites", ISIS was created, not by Syria but by intelligence agencies because destroying Syria was their agenda & ISIS was how they created chaos & instability. See the work of Eva Bartlett, a Canadian investigative journalist who worked IN Syria & spoke with Syrians to get information, among others because your assertions are unproven.

  23. never trust a democrat in 2019, all Trump haters, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, INCLUDING GABBARD (A.K.A. BERNIE SUPPORTER) : )

  24. I agree with Gabby; why fight a regime change war, especially when it is in Russia's backyard. Let Russia do the fighting and let Russia spend the money and dead soldiers to create a stable government in that part of the world. In other words; let Russia pay to fix up the mess down there in their own backyard, we take care of our own backyard (Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America).

  25. I wonder if Tulsi would have disobeyed an order from her superiors to go to Syria? Well, I recognize that she did not serve in the Army or the Marines, but the Hawaii Army National Guard. It's so easy to say "I'm against wars" when a person is not in uniform. I served this great nation at the beginning of Desert Storm. Today, I am against war. But if I am called by my country the USA, to fight, I will fulfill my duty!
    Mayor Pete understood what's to be in uniform in a foreign country representing the greatest nation on earth, the USA. We keep our word to our allies, don't abandon them and we fulfill our duties as servicemen/women.

  26. Those here who had never served in the armed forces during conflict, should zip it. When the commander in chief asked us to retreat and leave our allies hanging, without protection, we feel ashamed! When the children of our allies are left without protection because we are ordered to abandon them, we feel ashamed. Where is the leadership? Promoting himself!!!

  27. Mayor Pete is delusional. Look, the flag on an American servicemans shoulder does not and never has represented to the people of the counties were the US has an often unwelcome presence, that the US always keeps its word. Yet, to anybody who reads news from out side the US and that is most of us, the US is a lying, duplicitous nation bent only upon serving it's own interests. Mayor Pete has used a falsehood to support his position in the Democrats debate. By the way, this nonsense charade offers only a spectical where it's more entertainment than its purpose to showcase the various opinions that a successful candidate will bring to office. That is of course that they ever get a crack at the Whitehouse for many years to come. These DMC ninnies demonstrate all too clearly that, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard and one or two other including Mayor Pete, their depth of talent is extraordinarily thin.

  28. Rebeccah should understand that the Kurds are afraid of Isis… and WE were helping them to eliminate that menace… Once Isis was destroyed, we can go home and let them solve their problems with Turkey, Syria, Iraq, etc. We are not gonna spend any more trillions of dollars defending different populations and surely are not gonna sacrifice any more American lives fighting wars 10,000 miles from home. Those trillions of dollars are better invested in the good old USA.

  29. It is obvious Hillary Clinton Kai Kahele Some other Democrats , New York times, Washington Post, CNN,BBC, google, facebook, twitter, Saudi, Turkey, Pakistan, Al Qaida they are all connected and coordinating.

  30. US citizens will benefit very well from a powerful Presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard. Their very likely landslide victory will provide a great mandate for their takedown of the deep state. Tulsi spent two hours with Donald Trump after he won the election in 2016.

  31. Never quote 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕹𝖊𝖜 𝖄𝖔𝖗𝖐 𝕿𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘. It's a sign of weakness.
    She just got "Trumped."

  32. Why when good presidents try for the economy they get bashed or assassinated, but when u get a crooked president in the white house it's all wrong for getting caught in his actions.🤔. C'mon America!!!

  33. What for sending troops to help the good people when America has traitors like Hillary Killery and Barry Obumer ,and there buddies 👿👿👿

  34. ISIS Head Abu bakr albaghdadi is dead. All thanks to yr commander in chief, Donald Trump & the good American people. Top story right now in India, Thank you 🙏💕America

  35. This Women is going to beat Trump 😜 and everybody knows it. She is the most qualified candidate and her stance is something many people are championing. She has my vote 2020 😁

  36. Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, the Isis militia paid for by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA did. All 3 times the CIA investigations proved as such and you keep lying about Assad using chemical weapons, you’re stupid

  37. Oh my god. A presidential candidate who actually wants to end regime change wars of the neocons and needless deaths. Wow what a groundbreaking revolutionary breath of fresh air new concept for people brought up on US led wars all their lives. Seems for MSM. Anyone who doesn't like war and bombing and invading other countries must a Russian spy taking orders directly from the Kremlin. THis si the 24/7 Goebbelisian line these days. Yeah Tulsi Gabbard only crime is being against US led wars which could one day lead to nuclear war with either Russia or China.

  38. That's what you get for PRETENDING to be decent. You belong to a demonic party. What do you expect? You don't feel sorry for the president. Why should we care when it happens to YOU?

  39. The commentator on the left is bit disingenuous. Tulsi is right and she has military experience. Being a patriot doesn't mean supporting a corrupt Military Industrial Complex. It means not wasting millions of dollars overseas that could have been used in America to build the country stronger.

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