Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate

Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate

  1. As a conservative, I can't help but be grateful that the Dems are too dumb to support Tulsi. She would make a formidable opponent in the general election.

  2. Honestly I’m voting for Trump regardless of who is on the other side this yer but I seriously hope she runs in 2024. Because most likely whoever is running against her on the Democratic or Republican side won’t be half as good, smart, honest and beautiful as her.

  3. This woman has not won any state. She only managed to win a territory. Whatever message she has, has not resonated with the people.
    Republicans on the other hand, refused to organize any primaries in all the states just to stifle any would be challengers of Trump.

  4. … I don't care if She's Dem or Republican , what really matters is …
    Does She shave the kitty or Not !!!
    … I'm thinking She Does !!!

  5. She's young, beautiful ,articulated, she can have it all.
    All she needs to do is become republican.
    So she'll be almost perfect.

  6. She's not going to be in the debate because she has no mathematical ability to actually win the number of delegates needed to become the Democratic nominee. To date, she has 2 delegates while Bernie and Biden have over 700. There is no conspiracy, stop watching fox news.

  7. My mailman is also running for president. Why don't fox interview him.

    Tulsi is a opportunist trying to make a few dollars.

  8. She went on fox. It’s over for her….less than 1% of the vote and complaining? she has no chance that’s why she wasn’t invited. I’d hit it though

  9. The fact that she uses FAUX news as her platform says she's a Jill Stein wanna be. She can slam the DNC for letting Bloomberg on the debate stage but she's got about 1% of the vote….mostly disillusioned trump supporters. Having Tucker tossing her salad doesn't give her any credibility. Where is Jill Stein these days…having dinner with Putin?

  10. Tulsi Gabbard logic: Polling at 0.1% of either Biden or Bernie, won 0.2% delegates compared to Biden or Bernie.

    Also Tulsi Gabbard logic: I'm BeInG sHuT oUt Of NeXt DeBaTe 🤪

  11. Because 1v1 just looks nicer. It's not about a fair election, it's about making it a spectacle. Gabbard has basically been ghosted by the dnc.

  12. Auwe… Speaking as one of her constituents, she needs to go back to work and do the job we voted her in for, which is not running for President, not suing Hillary, and not trying out for a Fox News pundit role. Represent your people instead of yourself, you lousy narcissist.

  13. Gabbard is a right wing shill. She has no support. She is unpopular with Democrats. She should go ahead and declare the third party run.

  14. Tulsi hasn't met the requirements for participation in the debate. However, neither had Bloomberg before they made an exception for him (yes, he bought his way in). A little consistency would be nice. I don't like the power wielding by either party any more than I like the electoral college or money to be such a controlling factor . All detract from Democracy: "of the people, by the people, for the people."

  15. No one is trying to smear her. She got 2 delegates because no one trust. She never talks about what she's going to do for the country she only talks about what other people are doing wrong for the country. that's not a Presidential Candidate that's the co-worker everybody loves to hate.

  16. Crying to fox news proves that she does not care about the race anymore. She just needs to cash checks as a contributor LMAO

  17. I’m not a Democrat but I really like Tulsi. She’s articulate and stays on the issues. By far the best woman candidate in the 2020 pool, if not the best overall candidate.

  18. She is a republican mole! I’ve heard nothing but negativity from her on all of the democratic candidates and not one thing to criticize trump. The fact that she’s constantly on FAKE FOX NEWS proves that.

  19. she was honestly the best bet to defeating trump and I would like her if she wasn't so far left on a couple issues.

  20. “Quick Tucker! Enforce your biased narrative and get her off the show before you start agreeing with her liberal policies!”

  21. Tulsi Gabbard supports reparations. Odd how people in this comment section love her so much despite the fact she supports redistribution of wealth aka socialism.
    So many of you are dumb enough to be fooled by a (not even) pretty face. Grow up.

  22. Tulsi is not under anyone's thumb. HRC and her lackey Nancy Pelosi have ruined the Democratic party with their corruption and immorality

  23. I can’t believe Joe Biden is running a campaign for donations on this coronavirus and him and Bernie Sanders are talking about our president give me a break it’s time for Democrats to quit Cryan and get on board


  25. Tulsi is whining because she didn't get her ribbon. Voters have had ample time to your message and no one care.s

  26. I've been a Democrat for over 40 years and I am and have been disgusted with what this party has presented to their party and the United States of America. Tulsi is heads and heels above any Democrat that has ran for president in the past 40 years in intellect and integrity. What a pathetic government our nation has acquired. It looks like another choice between a turd sandwich and a giant duche. We all know Bidden is the latter, if he could only remember not to touch the little girls.

  27. She's one of the fewest democratic candidates that I like, along with Andrew Yang, who dropped out in Feburary.

  28. Take your time Tulsi, work within the system and contribute and argue for a new Dem party. You can be a great asset to the people and work positively with the Republican party until the Dems get a better party. You may even go Republican and be embraced for your views.

  29. I honestly don't understand why the Democrat establishment has shunned her. She would do much better against Trump than Biden or Sanders. Biden doesn't have his marbles together and Sanders is too far left for the American public. I'm conservative, but I can recognize that Gabbard is calm, measured, intelligent, diplomatic, and not extreme. She is a likable person with the makings of a good leader. But alas the Democrats have dug their own grave.

  30. Tulsi, it’s not that they are shutting you out. No one wants you as President. People are smarter then you think and if they really wanted you to be president then you would have the votes from Super Tuesday etc.

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