Tucker: John Bolton refuses to acknowledge his mistakes

Tucker: John Bolton refuses to acknowledge his mistakes

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  1. We should realize that POTUS 45 is a genius, he purposely and strategically pick his advisors and staffs from both sides to know directly what they're up to and also cool down both side knowing they have their rep. in the white house. But our prayers is a must for the presidency of Donald J Trump.

  2. Bolton didn't just want every problem solved by government, he wanted every world problem solved by OUR government. Kristol….great example.

  3. Bolton once boasted that US is the hammer and all other nations are nails. Now, we all now know that he is that nail, all others are the hammer and are glad to see him been booted out in disgrace.

  4. This "Sadistic Animal", would've fit right in with Hitlers, "Laboratory Scientists", conducting experiments on, "Human Guinea Pigs"!

  5. NeoCons are not American patriots; they are traitors to the republic. Patriots know who the NeoCons serve. Their time is running out. Trump is the only force protecting the NeoCons now. He’s offering them a future. Think about it. But (they) are so stupid and self absorbed they don’t get it. Instead, factions among the NeoCons are actually working against Trump. It could be controlled opposition; (they) are masters of the game… but there are just too many mistakes being made these days… the denouement (they) so deserve seems inevitable. Pax Americana!


  7. Bolton was a tool. It's always good to know what extremists are thinking, to be able to have a finger on their pulse to know what they are wanting to do, to know what triggers them and what their objectives are. Doesn't mean you let them do what they want, after all someone has to be the grownup in the room. Initial dealings with North Korea, Russia, China and Iran made a Bolton useful for Trump and America – a hint of sabre rattling to remind our international competition that a certain less humane possibility exists. No one, not me and not you, are ever always right 100% of the time. None of us are perfect after all. Sometimes extremists like Bolton are right. It may only be 0.5% of the time, but sometimes. From time to time it is good to have a tool like Bolton around to remind us of what options exist, what alternative realities are possible. Like any tool; when you no longer need it then it's time to put it away. Time to go away Mr. Bolton. I highly doubt my hope is true, but I hope we don't ever need to use a Bolton again.

  8. Bolton GIT GIT! GONE! Now for War Crimes investigation and Ties with NWO crimminals flying under the Greeny Cartel! After all going “GREEN means World depopulation down to The Georgia Guide Stones Mandate! Using 10 Pillars of Communism to achieve the Goal! Climate Gate Tis the Elephant in All NWO hideaways! Eh!

  9. Hey Tucky: Back when you were maybe 15 and thinking about the future did you think, 'When I grow up I'm gonna be a turd-polishing, fart catching, toady for a faux-populist fascist, and will aspire to be Groom of the Stool?.'

  10. Donald's a genius, look at all who object or complain about Bolton, THEY
    ARE ALL SWAMP TIED AND CANT BE TRUSTED. Awesome move Mr President.

    Clean the exposed swamp clowns as they all have their loyalty out in
    open now 🙂 .. Compromised swamp loyal Targets painted, initiate
    removal strike objective solution at ready .

    These people are stupid.


  11. Hey Tucker, why don't you do one of your rants on how Trump won't admit any mistakes INCLUDING HIRING BOLTON IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU AND FOX ARE PROPAGANDA

  12. If someone asked a year ago…"Guess who Trump is gonna nominate as National Security Advisor?" I would say as an ironic joke, "I dunno…John Bolton?"

    For a President who (aside from Israel) advertised himself as an America first isolationist…..you couldn't make that up. No one would believe you.

  13. Tucker, you are right!… Bolton, the parasite, the tapeworm who lives in the bowels of burocracy… Has Bolton ever served in uniform in any war?… Or he is one of those rich and perverted old men, always ready to send the young and uneducated to died or be mauled in never ending wars, and sending millions of suffering families as refugees that nobody want to accept.

  14. Carlson claims that progressives are mourning the departure of Bolton, provides no sources.

    There’s no question that, based on the American political context, he would be considered a man of the right.

    That’s because Bolton has spent his entire career in conservative circles and served in every GOP presidential administration going back to President Ronald Reagan, LeoGrande said.

    Here are just a few examples of Bolton’s work prior to joining the Trump administration:

    • In high school, Bolton volunteered to campaign for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, who lost to President Lyndon Johnson in the 1964 general election.

    • Bolton spent the 1972 summer between law school semesters interning for Vice President Spiro Agnew of President Richard Nixon’s administration.

    • Bolton joined the Reagan administration in the Agency for International Development in 1981, serving a year as general counsel and a year in an administrative role. He later moved to Reagan’s Justice Department, where he was the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs from 1985 to 1988 and assistant attorney general for a year in 1988.

    • Bolton took over in 1989 as the State Department’s assistant secretary for international organization affairs under President George H.W. Bush. He held that post until 1993.

    • Bolton served in 2005 as ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, who appointed him on a "recess appointment" after the Republican-led Senate did not confirm his nomination.

    • Bolton flirted with running for president in 2012 before endorsing Sen. Mitt Romney.

    • Bolton worked for the conservative American Enterprise Institute and contributed to the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, for multiple years. He was also a contributor at Fox News, earning a salary of roughly $569,000 in 2017, per the Washington Post.

    • Bolton created a super PAC in 2013 that contributed millions of dollars to Republican congressional candidates in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

    This man is a NeoCon, not a leftist and Carlson is a lair.

  15. Okay lets be honest tucker, you couldn't say John bolton was the most progressive person in the Trump administration with a straight face. That was kinda dumb.

  16. Everyone agrees that Bolton was a war monger… but why did Trump hire him. It is not like Bolton’s desires were not known. It’s not like the secrets of Bolton’s Iraq and Afghanistan we’re still secret. Trump needs to man up and admit that he does a horrible job of selecting and vetting advisers.

  17. The first mistake Bolton would have to acknowledge would be joining Trump's administration. He is not about to do that, of course. Tucker sucks at reading his TV monitor. And now Bolton "is a progressive" according to Tucker? That is pure crap.

  18. If you agree that Bolton is a neo-con war-monger who had no business being the NSA, and that POTUS was right to fire him (I do), then you must also ask yourself: WHO was the num8-nuts who hired Bolton for the NSA job… (hint: it rhymes with "Rump".)

    Why did Trump hire Bolton? Did no one explain to Trump about Bolton's nature/objectives? Did Trump listen to the warnings, then hire him anyway?

    How Bolton was HIRED by Trump is a much more interesting question then why Trump fired him.

  19. Bolton is not a progressive. Come on. I am a progressive (FDR), and I am thrilled Bolton is gone. I wish Samantha Powers and all neoliberals would just go away.

  20. Trump fires the Iranian hating warmonger Bolton, suddenly the Saudi's petrol tankers are attacked by the limitly armed houtis and amazingly it's Irans fault according to "intelligence".

  21. So, who hired this "man of the left" Tucker? How many are we at now? I'm sure they are all progressives, right?

    Does this brainwashing really work on you guys?

  22. I agree w everything except saying he was a progressive jsjdjfjf what in the world we hate this mf and we’re glad he’s gone 😂😂

  23. So I was like “Heck yeah” when Mr. Carlson was going in on John Bolton. Then he crossed the line. “Oh he’s the left” “They think the Government should forcefully solve everything”. Dude no. Now I know that you won’t see this comment but hopefully some people do and get enlightened. I’ve served under 3 Presidents, 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat. And the same things happen. Contractors and defense companies get Billions while we live with roaches and suffer( except the Air Force man, their Barracks are awesome). We’ve been bombing multiple countries for more than a decade. How do you try and cox this into a slight against the left. It’s trivializing a massive and major problem. President Obama did heavily expand the Government, and so did President Bush and Reagan and Clinton. You know this as you’re somewhat educated but you know better than to be fully honest despite your being the best Anchor on TV. The left/right paradigm is a joke. The term “progressive” was first developed to categorize the people on the left breaking from the mainstream democratic agenda. Since there’s a significant movement the mainstream guys are using it to try and get the votes, hence why they say the darnedest things hoping it’ll fool the outliers to give them a base. But when they are not in an election cycle they take the same money that ALL politicians take from lobbyists and shoot down any Bill or Law that might actually have a positive effect for the American people. $4.7 trillion wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq, not counting the mounting trillions for Veterans health care as I just lost another buddy in Hawaii from Suicide. Totaling5 people i directly served with that’s offed themselves. John Bolton is a dirtbag. But he not on the left as YOU KNOW FOR A FACT that the leftists were the ones screaming about the Iraq war when it happened and everyone on the right called them “unpatriotic” and “traitors”. Remember the Dixie Chics? What about Phil Donahue? Or Ed Shultz(RIP)? Or Chris Hedges? All of these noble warriors you want to omit because you want to cheapen a strong message with a politic point. Shame on you Mr. Carlson. Shame. The so called Democrats like Obam officials you mentioned it Hilary Clinton you know are fake and don’t actually represent the “Left”. How much money did President Obama take from Citigroup? You think true “progressives” or Leftists find that acceptable? He STILL holds the record for most people deported with night time raids and such. He expanded GWs wars to 7 and dropped more than 26k bombs in ONE YEAR. That sound like a “progressive” to you? No. It doesn’t. But again you know this. The true leftists, like Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, Medea Benjamin they want the massive amount of money and resources the government takes from us citizens to directly fund us and make our lives better. Instead of giving foreign countries billions in weapons and aide why not fix our roads, or guarantee healthcare? Instead of spending $1.7 trillion plus on an Airplane that barely works why not build more vocational schools to train new specialized workers for the next century? But no you want to play partisan garbage. You know who the true left is and what the true thoughts and ideas are, you’ve had Anya Parampil on your show multiple times. Stop this garbage and be better. Do better. Why don’t you invite Peter Joseph or Chris Hedges on your show and have a debate with them. If you have the fortitude

  24. Did he just claim John Bolton is a “Progressive” “leftist”???? Omfg😭😂😂😂 I’m going to pee my pants🤣🤣

  25. Trump Created the problem and removed it and now you want to show him the good guy. okay assume that you are talking to idiots

  26. John Bolton a lefty?? Are you kidding.
    The pointless wars America is engaged in were roundly supported by Fox News. George Bush Jr could do no wrong!
    John Bolton was a regular Fox contributor because he would agree with their talking points.
    Talk about not acknowledging your mistakes.

  27. Bolton is NOT a progressive. I think Tucker's criticism of Bolton is fair, but the issue is many people in both parties have surprisingly agreed on much of foreign policy. But Bolton was a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and life long Republican.

  28. Я русский. And ready to fight. I don't want to, but i don't want to. The flag with and the hammer over the white house in Washington will look very nice. Really?

  29. Tucker, it's no wonder you're bleeding advertisers left and right. You just stated John Bolton is a Progressive. No man or woman who knows even the slightest inkling about politics would suggest Progressives are pro-war like Bolton. That's like saying birds hate to fly. This was either a huge reach brought on by pressure from your remaining donors as an attempt to smear Progressives, or a foolish attempt to stir up controversy to raise your ratings. The end result was you coming off as dumb as your facial expressions imply you are.

  30. The only central key figure unnamed by the Whistle Blower, was John Bolton. Guess who the Whistle Blower must be ? The Whistle Blower statement was crafted to sound like nothing more than hearsay and gossip, but was strategically launched to torpedo the Trump Administration , after Bolton was fired. Maybe the Whistle Blower is John Bolton.

  31. Thank God John Bolton is gone. Trump made an excellent decision. Now we've gotten one of the biggest Neocons out. Also Mitt Romney is one to talk. He's become an absolute moron. He hates Trump because he's done more than Romney ever will. Romney ran in 2012 and lost and let us down. Romney is why we suffered a second Obama term.

  32. John Bolton might be Deep States all he wants is war!! He wants kick your kids out there at the field to get killed !!

  33. I was watching one of President Trump's speeches from the White House and John Bolton was behind him and I swear I saw him throwing Illuminati hand signs left and right

  34. I'm so glad our president is not a warmonger like John Bolton Illuminati make their money by making us make war let's refuse them to make us fight

  35. moammar khadafy stood up at the United Nations and through the charter over his shoulder and behind himself and called it a joke because they were not enforcing it I believe he was murdered by the clintons…. International bankster gangster cartel….I'm no international authority but last I heard Libya had their s*** together and didn't need any big bank loans… Last I heard moammar khadafy wanted to have and hold his own country…. Then some people did something….

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