Tucker: Bloomberg paid to be humiliated

Tucker: Bloomberg paid to be humiliated

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Bloomberg paid to be humiliated

  1. I honestly think Bloomberg comes in with a very specific purpose.This real purpose is to complete finish off the already crumbling Democrat and take on our president entirely on his own.

  2. unfortunately on tv we can see only so called humans responsible for war crimes. yes, this is the political environment, criminals! this humans, politicians , are the ones who are working for the military complex, the big pharma companies, the oil companies and the big tech!!!! nobody cares about the hard working people, on tv we see only politicians trying to impress the public! give the people bread and circus!!!!

  3. Pocahontas is doing all the talking and all the others are laughing and chuckling. Bloomberg for the mean time is playing 'serious' ! I think all the others except her got paid by Bloomberg. What a showcase !

  4. Mueller found over 120 secret meetings between Russian agents and Trumps campaign in the 2016 election and everyone questioned about them either lied or took the 5th.  Because of that Mueller could not tie Trump to collusion with Russia and he could not absolve him either.  Barr disgraced himself and the country by misrepresenting Mueller's findings in a 4 page letter falsely claiming Mueller absolved Trump of collusion when Mueller didn't absolve Trump.  Trump doesn't like that the issue is renewed after Barr successfully hid the past collusion under the rug only to have the rug lifted again..

  5. Easy to see that the party who is attempting to speed up the exploitation of this country through illegal immigration, is also eating itself alive.

  6. It was the DNC who changed the rules to allow Little Mikey on the stage. And I just had a hilarious thought as to why. They think if they can run their version of a Trump-like candidate, they can beat Trump = it takes a Trump to beat a Trump. But, Bloomberg is no Trump. He's the left's caricature of Trump. What pisses the left off is that they can't understand Trump or Trump voters, so they attack simply because they don't get it. And they don't want to get it either because the real answer is too hurtful for them. They are universally despised.

  7. He could have gone to a fem Dom and paid a lot less to be humiliated by a better looking babe ;). PS I want my M&Ms but prefer Plain to Peanut. Thanks.

  8. See ? It wasn't the money that got President Trump into the White House – Bloomberg just can't do it despite being far richer than Trump, and truly Warren and Sanders will be torn to shreds by President Trump…..President Trump is the master of mud-slinging, shout down your opponent type of verbal fight.

  9. The United War and Terror State of America is really the laughingstock of this world! Now Pocahontas, a liar herself, stands there and wants to talk about the mistakes of the other candidates….


  11. I liked the picture of Bernie in the invisible box. I think he is trying to say "do me a little favor./ but I could hear him.

  12. The new low of spoken English! LOL LOL LOL LOL I as a foreigner speak better English! LOL
    But I use Grammarly! LOL LOL LOL

  13. Bloomberg could have trumped Warren with one word “Pocahontas.” She is a proven fraud. Bloomberg was not humiliated but he’s learnIng how depraved the Dems are.

  14. I'm loving that hate within dems basement: warms up the sfeer with minimal carbon emission, they broadcast their lies and cognitive dissonance on tv…and above all they get people to vote for Trump after that debate! Great show!!

  15. little mikey looks like a runt of the litter. napoleon anyone????? none of these asshats are fit to live in America much less run it

  16. “Midwest Nice” is a myth. It's actually Midwest Superficial, Midwest Flakey, Midwest Petty, Midwest Passive Aggressive.

  17. That was the very beginning you could see the look on Bloomberg's face "this is going to be bad & a long night. Lol. Lol.

  18. bloomberg is already 77, why in the world did he give that so much money only to be humiliated by warren…he should retaliate like the way trump said to pocahontas…

  19. Did he just call Bloomberg a liberal? Thats just a flat out lie that tucker knows he’s telling. Bloomberg was a republican his whole life until 2018.

  20. Forget picking one of these losers as a presidential runner, they're all so insufferable that even they can't stand each other!
    Though it is amusing they can put their hatred of each other aside even just for a moment to completely blast bloomberg since he manages to somehow be just that bit more insufferable than the rest of them.

  21. The truth about demonrats is they are all about themselves and how they can benefit themselves than really for the interests of Americans or the USA.

  22. I'm actually glad there are those on the Left that can spot blantent cheating. Unfortunately, with those "Super Delegates" the DNC recently created, I wouldn't be surprised if Bloomberg wins the Dem Primary on Super Tuesday. I'm calling there's going to be a Contested Conversation, then the SuPeR DeLeGaTeS step right in to "bring sanity to their people" and give the win to Bloomberg

  23. Little Mikes problems started many years ago when he first opened his mouth on an open mic. Then they continued over the years every time he spoke to anyone with a camera. He’s a puppet that only knows what his friends know. He has no real opinion of his own. That’s why he is wishy washy!

  24. All part of the ritual.if you believe Donna brazilles report,Bloomberg and Clinton have already bought their places this round

  25. Tucker is hilarious and very insightful. Been a fan since he made a fool out of the painfully unfunny Jon Stewart over a decade ago.

  26. Bloomberg can never be compared to Trump! Trump has a backbone and quips that would’ve mopped the floor with Pocahantus!

  27. So busy bashing each other and putting one another down, they didn't have time to talk about any real american problems or issues.

  28. how is tucker allowed to criticize billionaires on murdoch's network? i don't get it. there has to be some reason they allow this. oh right, he's anti-bernie.

  29. I'm a trump supporter, but think this report was nonobjective and just a beat up! Come on Tucker you can do better than this garbage

  30. I think we all might have it totally wrong! Bloomberg has so much money thus power, I think there is better chance he just gets a hard one, instead of daily using viagra for totally being humiliated on nation TV???! 😂

  31. 1:42
    Look at how little Bloomberg looks compared to Warren… Haha!
    He looks like he's being scolded by his teacher.
    Too bad he didn't get that box he wanted to stand on…I guess there's a reason he wanted it… SHORTY!

  32. When it comes to Bloomberg. Money talks and money buys everything. But he got slaughtered by Elizabeth Warren at the debate stage, a poor performance. Amy Klobuchar looks like a stay at home mom.

  33. These people need to pack up and get outta town … they are an embarrassment to humanity … normal humanity… what a joke 🙈🙈🙈🙈🤪 … … … on a serious note however, … oh wait … I can’t take these idiots remotely seriously

  34. VIVA TRUMMMMMP!!!!!!!! Make Democratic Elections Great Again! @Tucker show us the results of the 2016 voter fraud investigations please.

  35. Blink harder faster in attempts to hide the truth being exposed while coming up with a lie to cover ur butt. Disgusting people

  36. He had to pay the freaks more for that kinky abuse stuff … well I heard you pay more 😳🇺🇸⚓️ TUCKER … Mistress 😬

  37. I love it!!!! TRUMP IS GOD!!! he has got all the democratic sharks in a feeding frenzy and yall are feeding on yourselves!!!! TRUMP CAN'T BE BEAT 2020

  38. Mike is trying to but the party. The Democrat party is broke & is going to rely on his money. Whoever the candidate eventually is. Most likely none of the people on stage

  39. So how do the dems decide winner. Who tells the biggest lie and gets their constituents to believe it. 😂😃😂😀😅😂

  40. It’s amazing the democrats don’t offer anything to improve America. They just find dirt on each other. Argue with each other and denigrate Trump. It’s obvious Trump is the option people will take. He’s actually done things for America which is something the democrats never have.

  41. They are not politicians, nor even excrement, simply high paid actors working for the Jesuit Crime Corporation. Pathological incompetence by design to usher in Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump….WWF rematch of the decade. Bloomberg is a shill to distract, Warren just reciting this week's lesson plan…all working for the same master.

  42. It really scares me that the Democratic Party has nothing to offer except disagreeing with Donald Trump and bashing people for being successful (AKA Rich).

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