Trying My Pregnancy Cravings with My Family!

Trying My Pregnancy Cravings with My Family!

100 thoughts on “Trying My Pregnancy Cravings with My Family!

  1. OMG!!!! You're eating dolma?!! I looooove dolma 😍😍💕 did you know that dolma is an Iraqi food … and I'm a huge fan from Iraq 😆💕…. love you guys so much 💕💕… you are amazing 😉 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I only wanted one or two foods during my pregnancies. ALL the Indian food possible, and Trix cereal, which I hadn't had since I was a teenager but I dreamed about it while pregnant.

  3. Are pringles gluten free in America? I’m coeliac and in the uk they have wheat in them

    Edit: oh don’t worry I just got to the part where you say that Bailey is back eating gluten. So happy that she can tolerate it again! Unfortunately for me I’ll never be able to eat it again :((

  4. Ever craved a food you don’t know exists? That’s a different kind of pain. OR if you had it when you were little and it DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE!

  5. Parker we are one and the same XD Except the only thing i like is the original pringles and the icecream thats it XD I dont like many things and i am VERY picky

  6. I'm 24 and just like Parker. I found it's vinegar that I don't like which is why I don't like olives, pickles,etc. Parker most likely doesn't like the brine so if it was a pickle without the brine on it anymore he might like them.

  7. I love Christopher and Jessica’s marriage and relationship so much. I think their dynamic as a couple and as a parenting team and as parents separately. I love how they joke and support each other. Such amazing role models as partners, parents, and as humans! 💜

  8. I’m not pregnant but every time I eat pickle and peanut butter together either in a sandwich, wrap, or just on their own people look at me weird and immediately ask if I’m pregnant.

  9. OHMYGOD I love dolmades so much, australians just call them vine leaves, i love the rice ones, but I'
    m also lebanese and we make them from sratch. Also it's pronounced 'doll-mar-dess' not dolmarrss

  10. I had AWFUL morning sickness for the first 5-6 months and there were some days that the ONLY thing I could eat and not throw up was Blaze Doritos which are insanely spicy. I ate those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It makes me gag thinking about it.

  11. When I hear Jessica saying Parker has never liked pickles and olives,
    😰 I'm offended I love olives and of course pickles.

  12. Hold on these kids don't get to eat all the normal things the parents eat. Come on guys remember you said your childhood memories. Don't forget to let them have of some of there own kiddie foods and memories also

  13. Hi there, maybe its a little bit too late but if jessica still likes turkish desserts i would like to send you a bunch of them from Turkey 😍

  14. Oh my gosh; I can not STAND soggy cereal.
    And oh my gosh Jessica's face when Chris ate the ice cream. She looked ticked at the amount of ice cream.

    Also, Vlassic is the best brand of pickles.

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