Trump teases possible Swiss trade deal

Trump teases possible Swiss trade deal

100 thoughts on “Trump teases possible Swiss trade deal

  1. They asked three-year-old JFK Junior at his daddy’s funeral who is the current president.

  2. Once again Mr trump putting the American people first and making trade deals with Switzerland creating jobs for American people and making friends with the business people of Switzerland what will benefit America will benefit Switzerland as well as greater cooperation among the business Communities can only mean a win-win for Switzerland and America once again a fine example of the president working towards to making America great again

  3. These trade deals need too be 100% implemented…China…USMCA… Japanese… and all others 100% implemented not partially

  4. Those Swiss better check those cows they have and see if they are putting out too much CO2 with their farting…Save the Planet, the cows and about 5 billion people need to go away. They are harming the bio-sphere. Just ask the little girl from Sweden. She knows all about it.

  5. Man is just unstoppable, leaders like his agenda, direction and results he has accomplished
    World is paying attention
    Granted, with differences, a majority still willing to work with one another, to accomplish goals
    Except democrats and liberals from the USA
    And everyone is noticing that too
    GO TRUMP, fun to watch, gets stuff done, works harder than any president I’ve ever seen

  6. Global warming or not but there is certainly something unprecendent going on with the earths weather wether its man made or natural its getting worse.

  7. Meanwhile the dirty filthy leftist democrat radicals try to kick out POTUS, as they are FRIGHTENED to be exposed to the world, resulting in imprisonment or hanged🗳💵💶🐁🐁🐁🐁🐀🐁🐁🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁🐀

  8. I can speak English, some Japanese, and Spanish. Does that mean I can be President of the Swiss people? She was trying to show that most Americans only speak English. Like they are More sophisticated than us. LOL In 50 Years the Europeans will all be speaking Urdu, or Arabic, and Farsi LOL.

  9. Global warming! yeah right hahaha. No warming for over 20 years now, global cooling for the last five years. No such thing as CO2 caused or man made climate change. CO2 has zero effect on the earths climate. Those are the facts.

  10. Und welcher Vollpfosten schickt denn diese rot Gekleidete zu Trump um mit ihm über Wirtschaft zu sprechen? Die kann vielleicht über Genossen palavern, aber doch nicht über Fragen der Wirtschaft. Unmögliche Besetzung! Die kann das nicht!

  11. Peinlich die Somaruga aber die Linksfaschisten sind überall Peinlich! Klima-Klima und den Leuten die Kohle aus der Tasche ziehen mehr nicht!

  12. Communism is a cancer. It even spread to so called "neutral" Swiss now. That insufferable woman sounds like an ex who won't shut up. Switzerland, is this the best you've got? Good news she won't be leader for long.

  13. Yea as President Trump is working to make America a better place what are the Demorats doing destroying it at every cut and turn .

  14. House Dem's: Pass president's legislation to implement USMCA trade deal.
    Also House Dem's: Trump is illegitimate, a threat to the Nation, and must be removed!

  15. Notice how Trump wants to talk business and the skirt president of Switzerland wants to talk "diversity and climate change". The is a perfect meme for Europe and USA.

  16. Last year I sent an email to The Whitehouse stating I was a veteran and I was proud he was my President. To my surprise, he and his wife sent me a nice autographed letter and autographed photo. As busy as he is, took a moment of his time to recognize me. Very humbled by that simple act of kindness. I love my President. God bless him.

  17. I would wish for President Trump a Good Night's Sleep! PEACE and Quiet for you, Sir. You have earned it! (and maybe a nice, quiet round of golf — when the time if right for you, sir.)

  18. Trump, while speaking with the President of Switzerland: “I like this place. I might buy it… Good banks, good real estate. I’m definitely buying it.”

  19. Mr Trump really works for America . I am belonging to those who still wonder what he did wrong,greetings to him and everyone who cares about Western values from Greece.

  20. A trade deal with Switzerland you say, ok now your talking, what would they give us for Trump. He comes with a gold toilet and 16000 lies.

  21. Kann die Sommaruga wenigstens korrektes Englisch lernen?

    Man merkt ihr total an, dass sie Trump nicht mag – damit schadet sie unserem Land.

    Und dann muss die dumme Tante noch von dem imaginären "Global Warming" quasseln. Peinlicher geht's gar nicht mehr. Trump ist viel zu intelligent, um auf diesen Schwindel reinzufallen.

    Ich habe Physik studiert und verfolgte das Thema seit 1983. Krasse Lügenmärchen und Post-Normal Science! Es geht NUR um höhere Steurn und Kommunismus.

    Sommaruga unterstützt Marxismus, den Klimabetrug und die Masseneinwanderung aus der 3. Welt gemäss UNO "Replacement Migration" Plan.

    Trump will nur das Beste für die USA. Sommaruga schert sich nicht um unser Wohlergehen!

  22. I heard there was a liberal protest outside – but, they threw in a few ‘job applications’ to disperse the crowd.

    Nothing stops a liberal riot like the thought of having to get a job.

  23. How has the Left wings Insane Lust for power impacted out country and our future ?? Does it Harm Trump’s ability to negotiate trade deals across the world ??? Does it impact his ability to lead the Free World ??? Does it impact negotiations with Iran and North Korea ?? I would say that yes, It greatly impacts those Negotiations in a very negative way !! They Time these attack to occur at the worst time, Like following Trump’s speech at the UN !! It’s a Disgrace !!

  24. Let me repeat my German comment in English:

    As Swiss citizen, I feel embarrassed by Sommaruga's inability to speak proper English.

    And her attempt to bring up that ridiculous climate hoax is just cringeworthy!

    Trump far too intelligent to fall for this climate BS, so why is she trying to ruin this brief meeting with such comments?

    The monumental difference between Trump and Sommaruga is that Trump wants the best for the people of his own country and he wishes well on everyone else.

    Sommaruga hates her own country, as she is filled with Marxist ideology. She promotes the climate change hoax to help establish a global Marxist rule and she fully supports the related mass migration, none of which is in the interest of Swiss people … or anyone else.

  25. Great president. Mr Trump. They just don't get it. Diversity does not work if the different cultures or groups play by different rules. Yes, you GET French Swiss, Italian Swiss, German Swiss, Austria Swiss, but they all SWISS. All one thing, all playing by the same rules.

  26. The most annoying part of this video is that banner beneath, which is perfectly hiding the nice swiss lady's probably equally nice legs.

  27. I thougt america already had trade deals. Talk about desperatation. I guess trump ego could not handle that anyone else made a deal.

  28. Switzerland is the home of the rothchilds…. The rothchilds are Swamp Creatures that have to be put out of their misery.
    I predict that they will suicide themselves, its the only way out.

  29. Trade deal with Switzerland will finally land us Good quality imports, unlike all the garbage we are forced to buy from china and mexico. Even canadian quity is taking a dump bcas of good ol boy Trudeau

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