100 thoughts on “Trump talks trade with China, immigration policy and US economy

  1. I think it is rude that a journalist does not have the decency to let the president of America speak out, to interrupt him and to impose her own opinion on him

  2. Way too many people now a days do not want to work… a huge percentage of the homeless will not work because too many of them are addicts… I personally would be willing to take in hmthe homeless to get them on their feet and send them on their way, but it doesn't happen… it's a sad situation…

  3. 40 billion wow, its seems like between all these new deals it seems like trump gained almost 1 trillion dollars already!!!!! WOW!! not trump but america

  4. Trump is being a typical globalist here doesn’t see the importance of keeping the labour tight instead allowing Americans to compete with people all over the world. This policy isn’t good for the nation rather it’s good for corporate America. No you do not need to compete with the entire world. You need to take care of Americans health, education, safety, security and build families and working societies.

  5. My president. Shouldnt have to explain nothing but how he wants us civalized humans to rid the world of demonic democrap creatures

  6. Disappointed in Trumps responses here, are we to believe the foreigner working for 4$ an hour is the “smart one”? Good job Laura putting Trumps feet to the fire.

  7. Many US soldiers have died fighting communism in Korea & V Nam. So, why are we trading with communists now? By trading with them we are giving them money & access to our hi-tech know-how.
    Did our solders die in vain?
    Isolate communists regimes n you will weaken them big time!

  8. Legalize marijuana and make it to where people don’t fail test to get a job and you’ll have more workers than you can deal with

  9. Yes Laura, but like I told Mark Lavin, high tech will not higher someone with a master's in women studies no matter what collage you went to. Fix the secondary education system before you threaten to throw out the intilectuly skilled who are begging to become America's. After all they will only contribute to American success. Trump is correct on this point.

  10. Ingraham's needs to BACK Down.. Trumps is the ONLY president that did 99% of what he ran on and some. She has NO CLUE abut running a business and you have to answer to your board members on cost. What she should have asked is do you think Dems welfare producing places like Detroit, 96% Democrats and that city is 47% illiterate, Dems Maryland 13 intercity schools not ONE student passed the reading and writing tests. do you think that hurts wage increases and the country is lacking smart people for tech jobs

  11. Economists left right and center agree Trump’s trade policy is stupid. In 1929 a group of 16 Senators in a surprise announcement said they had changed their position and were going to vote for big tariffs on imported goods, the Smoot Hawley Bill. A few days later the US stock market crashed and the depression began. Trump didn’t get the message. Under Trump our trade deficit has not declined, it has doubled. Farmers have gone bankrupt. The typical US family is paying an extra thousand dollars per year for tariffs on what they buy. A study released by economists at the federal reserve demonstrates the tariffs have hurt US industries, not helped them. The index of manufacturing has declined for six straight months to the lowest level since 2009. The price of the stock of US Steel has not increased, it has collapsed. . Say what you want about Trump but no one can deny that he’s stunningly stupid.

  12. She didnt get want Trump was trying to say about labour, sometimes professional people are hard to find, and offcourse Americans should be given preference, but its disingenuous of this reporter to equate hiring a engineer from china to outsourcing the manufacturing of shoes to slave labour factory in China, thats not want Trump meant. Not all Americans are professionals, just like every other country in the world.

  13. Trump doesn't care about "Human Right". He dodge the Human right question and Trump keep talking about Trade. This is Sad. Trump please concern about Human Right China

  14. I like how she pressure him in the discussions. And I also like his responses. They are short, blunt and honest. But she needs to let him finish his statement before she interrupts

  15. Every Con man sell dreams…Just wait you'll see. No you won't because they are going to run off with the bank. He spent 1 billion on Secret Service! Playing Golf at his own properties! 200 plus days he hasn't been in the White House doing his job!!

  16. the USA is training its replacement through foreign student who buy there way in buy there degrees then family reunion not forces to learn the language cost Australia in excess of 5 billion a year its bad Donny train US citizen stop reading personal rant i am starting to think Asia and Russia they hate the west caution always Africa look at the boors farmers and what and whos paying the bills

  17. So on the H1B, maybe a stricter application process is in order to prevent companies from sponsoring overseas labor to replace American workers.

  18. The kids here major in stupid subjects like art and social justice warrior crap . We don’t have the people to do these jobs . Hmmm parents should talk their kids into majoring in tech that’s where the money is at not art or social working

  19. good Trump? Make Trump great again? Keep Trump great again? Or making Trump drain the swamp again?

  20. Keep all the smart people here and what kick all the dumb ones out they're going to have a lot of homeless people leaving the country

  21. Love your abilities to bargin to to take countries that don't want to bargin who love things the way they were. You are
    No 1 when it comes to running America and dealing with other countries. Thank you mr. President

  22. Since USA gives out MANY green cards (~1 million per year, legal immigrants), let it at least be to smart people.

  23. Trump ran on immigration of people that have qualifications, especially in the technological field. There may be graduates here but for some specialty companies, there are not many graduates that have those intellectual capabilities. If you want those companies, they should be able to hire the kinds of graduates they need and we don’t have enough of those. Not too many become computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, etc… it takes time to develop that in a country where most graduates take degrees that are not going to help them get jobs like Liberal Science, etc… What you are asking Trump is a miracle if he does not open immigration of highly skilled professionals. That is why Canada does it, why Australia does it. Believe it or not some technical graduates here are still not as good as some from other countries, even though I hate to say that. This government is trying to get people trained, his daughter is involved in that with on the job training programs across the country. but that takes time. You should give Trump some time. Don’t be like the liberals who criticize him for every little thing. Or are just really trying to show you can make an interview that does not show you like him a lot? Intel, Google and other Tech companies sponsor those foreign professionals for a reason.Yes, it is brain power those tech companies need. It’s not a low cost income issue, I know since I know people that got hired at great salaries after they were sponsored by Intel or Google. You need to produce news about how to encourage our youth to go into tech or science courses.

  24. I think Laura, you just got a lot of people dislike you on this interview. We know you prepared a lot of questions but you need to listen and let him talk too.

  25. She BEYOND RUDE and Never lets anyone finish what their saying. FIRE her FOX!! Who interrupts the President?? She does the same thing on her CRAP of a show. She is a BAD JOKE!!

  26. The solution to not having enough workers to fill STEM positions isn't importing them; it's incentivising the training of Americans. We should give tax incentives to companies that train Americans to fill openings.

  27. Laura you being super stupid than ever before, do you have any clue what you are talking about foreign students from top schools ? Do you think getting PhD at 25 years, driving Lamborghini to the office at silicon valley, a normal thing??

  28. Laura shut up!! Stop interrupting him!! You're ticking me off!!! Did you suddenly become a Democrat overnight!! What the hell is wrong with you!!


  30. So irritating when you are trying to hear what Mr President Trump was saying to have constant barging and cutting in from the interviewer. Such a display of the lack of basic courtesy 😡

  31. I think she's trying to ask him what he can do to help when companies hire cheap workers to save money rather then qualified people, American or not. It's a problem with a lot of companies. I know this because I work for one which does this. I'm pretty sure I know what she's asking but he's not answering it. Which is why she interrupts him. But that's just imo.

  32. There she goes again, asking a question and then interupting her guest to answer it for him. I would've thought she'd tame that down for the president, I guess she really can't help it

  33. He's right Laura. You can't get anyone to work anymore because they don't want to put there phone down long enuff. I do agree with you though on the wages. I think they need to go up. I believe minimum wage for instance, should be 50k a year. Why not? All money does for the most part is circulate. Most people I know, spend it as quick as they get it and then there are a few that know how to save for a rainy day. My point is, if everyone in the country was given a 100k, in a short period of time it would be right back where it started from. That's just a theory, I can't say for sure. Lol… I'd like to know how much money there is in circulation, or rather, how much has ever been printed in this country. I bet it's more than the actual gold we have up in Kentucky. Hmm….

  34. This was supposed to be an interview. This lady is trying to debate points, and interrupt Trump before he can speak.

  35. I got a question for everyone, btw this is someone who’s family is in the military, what has trump done for anyone ? Lol no president really can do things

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