Trump rips ‘America-hating’ Dems at fiery North Carolina rally

Trump rips ‘America-hating’ Dems at fiery North Carolina rally

100 thoughts on “Trump rips ‘America-hating’ Dems at fiery North Carolina rally

  1. TRUMP
    "There was no collusion and no obstruction folks, just like I’ve been saying, no obclusion and no abstraction. I call It fake news, fake news. My uncle was a Nuclear person, you know what Nuclear is, it is very big, but nobody’s ever even heard of a category 5 hurricane, this was a category 5, but Obama never had a category 5, he only had a 2, or maybe a 3, so Trump’s 5 is much betterer. And it will be bad in Alabama and maybe Texas, very bad, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens, just wait and see what happens. But all I hear is Russkie, Russia, Russia, but Putin said he didn’t do it, and why would he, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But there was no Russia, no collusion, except for Hillary, Hillary is collusion. And Epstein was a great guy, wonderful person, we had a lot of fun together with women, very young women, but I never met Epstein, didn’t know him. and I fired Bolton who was a bad person, very bad, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’m draining the swamp, no Tillerson, Preibus, Ryan, Bannon, Scaramucci, Kelly, Mattis, I fired them, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I think Jared would make a very good national security adviser, he’s done a wonderful job in Israel with the Lebanese people. But what’s happened to Fox, they used to be big Trump supporters, very big Trump people, but now they are Fake News, but Hannity is a great guy, great guy, he’s a big Trump guy, Hannity loves Trump, as does Kim Jong Un. He’s a tough guy, and I love tough guys, I love Kim, and he’s a big Trump guy too, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. And Putin is a big Trump guy too, very big Trump guy, but nobody is tougher on Russia then me, I’m very tough on Russia very tough, they say they have tapes, but I never gave them any money, never paid any money, you’ll have to ask my lawyer who is in jail. I think he was telling me to buy Greenland, and why wouldn’t you. It’s what I do best, I buy real estate, but Denmark wouldn’t sell, and that ok, but they love trump in Denmarkland, I call them Denmarkians, and you know where Denmark is don’t you, it’s in Holland.

  2. Well Well Well Lucifer having another one of his stay out of prison Orgies. Donald Judas Chump playing his favorite hits. Same attendees. Evilgelicals, Cuntservatives, Cancervatives, Trumpanzees, Trumptards, Trumpturds, Wife Beaters, Moonshiners, Bootleggers , Jezabels. Talk about folks suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Life imitating life. OMEN. He's their Messiah and Savior. Right in the middle of the Bible Belt. Did he forgive Sin? Walk on Water, Turn Water to Wine. He's to stupid to be the Anti-Christ.

  3. The Worst thing than a Trump supporter is a hypocrite, draft dodger and traitor. I am talking about the Traitors who use their made in Communist Red China devices, Smart phones, tablets, computers defending Donald Judas Trump. You know the hillbillies who shop at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Dollar Stores. Traitors Financing Communist Red CHINA'S MILITARY AND ECONOMY. Wearing MAGA hats made in Communist Red China. Trumpanzee's Twitter Phone is Made in Communist Red China.

  4. hey isnt bolton a war monger from obamas cabinet . glad he fired him but i understood why trump had him there . you always need a live wire on the team . but bolton was way too much of a wild card for a conservative trump. all the man wanted to do was topple other govts and create regime change . trumps like " dude thats not the way to go bruh your fired . lol trump always seems like he wants to negotiate no matter the conflict of nations ,trump is always willing to talk first . unlike war mongers like obama who had these white dems giving him the playbook on destroying america for there own gain . meanwhile we have americans so blided by brainwash fake news cnn that they cant see a good president when he is right in front of their face . trump 2020!

  5. …everyone who disagrees with Trump is un-American, no matter how small or trivial their criticism. Trump is the smartest, most handsome, intelligent leader this nation has ever known. Trump is a stable genius and we should follow and do everything he says, regardless of what anyone else thinks. He is the supreme leader and he will make every part of our lives and country better, no matter how bizarre or silly his ramblings seem!


  7. There was voter fraud in our election for Governor. But an Activist judge denied McCrory's request for a recount. Cooper is not the legitimate Governor. However, he does have a 54% approval rating, only because he's kept his mouth shut in most controversial situations.

  8. Why does Fox have Juan on Fox at all. He is always trying to get his talking points and slams Trump. Fox, you should know not many of your base likes this guy and lately FOX in general has been moving more left than is necessary for a conservative media organization. It is obvious you are trying to be more appealing to the people on the fence or that are not hardcore left. If there was any other conservative outlet. You would loose atleast half of you audience. Where is your loyalty?
    Disapointed fan.

  9. To the 84 downvoting liberal scum do us all a favour go jump in front of a bus has protest you'll get media coverage for days wear a shirt that says I'm a communist and I hate Trump before you do it

  10. We are the resistance ..we have to fight back against Democrats and their campaign of destroying our way of life …wont be easy but we cant take it while on our knees

  11. Dems… if you don't love America,.. you can go back to where you came from.

    (… so I guess they'll be moving to Venezuela…. lol…)

  12. Juan stfu…. you're a loser and has nothing to do with how you feel about the Greatest President ever… just you. You're an offensive human being. if you're even a human being and not a clone or reptilian… definitely nasty.

  13. Comrades, you are all doing a great job you are smart and right the left knows nothing, when the US is divided and fighting among themselves it will weaken them when all over all of you will have lands and riches beyond your dreams, Russia & Trump2020

  14. 2020 this guy has it in the bag. Creepy Joe Biden will be to busy lawyering up as he has to try and defend accusations he was Epstiens customer raping children.

  15. Donald Trump is the world's BIGGEST liar…If what he's saying is true, then, why was America was so stable, under President Barack Obama's back-to-back two terms in office?…On the contrary, now, because of Trump, America has become the laughing stock of the international community, has become highly distrusted by America's allies, and she is no longer seen as the leader of the free world.

    Trump's administration has been the most chaotic, the most confusing and the most corrosive one, in US presidential history…He has had the largest turnover of staffers, and the largest turnover of staffers, in the shortest space of time, in US history.

    Trump's economy, according to most economists, is heading for a recession…Trump cut taxes, to the tune of $1 trillion, without filling that loss of govt. revenue, while, at the same time, boosting govt. spending…Now, under Trumo's watch, the deficit is at around $2 trillion and, beyond that, under Trump, the US National debt has moved to $22 trillion.

    I know Trumpists like to describe, as, "fake news", any news that is negative towards Trump, but, facts are facts, and they are indesputable, unless Trumpists choose to say that, as Kellyanne Conway once stated, there are "alternative facts", also.

    Last, only an idiot would push and promote the use of high burning, far less safe, and far less environmentally friendly incandescent lightbulbs over LED ones and, moreover, use vanity as the reason the former should be chosen over the latter…Trump is to stupidity what Coca-Cola is to the beverage industry, what Apple is to the smart phone industry, and what Tesla is to the motor car industry.

  16. I think it is funny that conservatives called democrats america haters and yet the democrats o
    are the ones who:
    – wants to stopp masshotings
    – take climate change seriously
    – end the political corruption
    – create better wages
    – take stand against wall street and big business
    – create healthcare for everyone.
    That is someone who loves his country. Conservatives on other hand don't give damm.

  17. tRump you Nincompoop (Again) – Who's listening to your Blah Blah Blah???… They're there to watch a Celebrity Clown Make a Fool of himself AGAIN!!!! – You're a Barrel of Laughs tRump!

  18. "I have nothing to do with Russia", but they cheated in our election and so did Trump with hush money. Proof of voter fraud points more towards republicans. Trump and his republican party lie continuously. Spin, twist, promote via lying Fox News.

  19. When your s….. you BUY from China goes up …they say 1000 dollars /per household lets see how wonderful your DEAL Maker is … you Trumpettes are just plain DUMB …. not in touch with the REAL World …. Look up the word Europe..Nope Not a country…

  20. Dems are literally being honest about wanting a 3rd world dictatorship. With all the disgusting things Democrats have been doing it’s amazing how they get even one vote.

  21. The only way we're going to get Trump to win by a landslide is if we all individually get out and vote these next primaries, it's when people think that they're going to win and decide to not go and vote because they don't think that he could lose is going to be the fall of him and right now that's the last thing we want is to have a dem accidentally get in

  22. democrats hate donald trump …….. but that is hardly a hatred of America

    we are just trying to stop trump and the russians from destroying our democracy

  23. I’m from the UK and this POTUS is the most dynamic by a million miles ! No one in my lifetime apart, maybe, President Reagan can come close ! Drain the Swamp Mr Trump, drain that swamp !

  24. Get registered and vote RED against the democrats and their lying media watch dogs ! ..Let's go blaze um up with red votes ….DT2O2O !!

  25. If trump is a good example of christianity, I'm off this train. Was raised with entirely different values, Lutheran, Missouri Synod. He represents everything I was told was wrong behavior.

  26. We all know these Polls are not trustworthy at all, that aside, I dont see how anyone supporting the Left can be optimistic about anything…..going in to 2020. Yeah, N. Carolina was 4 points difference, and that is considered good news…..but that is posturing, because Conservatives are notorious for not showing up to Congressional elections…..2020 they will be out IN FORCE to vote Trump, so they will check "Republican" across their ballots.

  27. Supporting the mentally sick who puts babies and kids in cages has got to stop! Supporters of that are just as sick. I was a Social Worker for several years, I protected children from people like this. We arrested any one who harmed kids in any way. I pray for your kids if you have any if you support this treatment.

  28. Essentially, The Demons of The Opposition intrinsically are possessed themselves by intense hatred of anything traditionally American, Moral or Spiritual. The Intense Fires of The Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Evengelico Crematories are being Stocked by Cummunist, Socialist Agents in Place. The U.S. is being turned into a Slaughter-House in Waiting. The Trotskyist and Molotovist Prototypes are the Prodromal Agents of Influence and Destruction. The U.S. has been severely contaminated and infiltrated. We must and will engage them on all fronts.

  29. Everybody who support the military and the disgusting US dictators like Bush, Obama, Trump – hates indeed America.

  30. This President opened my eyes about these FAKE news and i appreciate it. Thank you POTUS and to the Secret Servicemen that protect the President and his family.

  31. You can be happier when you have the mandate to run things from 60 plus million Americans.
    The left are so angry all the time, so antifa, so complaining .. worse to come in 2020 when the crying will peak..again

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