Trump reveals new details on imminent threat from Soleimani

Trump reveals new details on imminent threat from Soleimani

100 thoughts on “Trump reveals new details on imminent threat from Soleimani

  1. Don’t let your hate for Trump decide for your land. He’s doing good. He’s got sense but it takes time for you to sense his.

  2. As an Australian, I’m looking from the outside in. But some of my friends just don’t get it, like Lemmings they are so quick to criticise President Donald Trump just because some Bolshevik comes up with some unsubstantiated reason.
    My take on it is that the USA is the greatest Democracy the world has ever seen, but also the most corrupt.
    For that reason Pres. Trump gave that “Draining the Swamp” comment.
    And now the Deep State of Ultra left wing Democrats are slowly realising there number is up.
    No one ever has had the strength or determination to take these steps to clean up Washington, but Donald Trump is doing just that, he’s dragging the leftist elites so to hold them to account.
    You may not like him, but you should at least admire him for his guts and determination.
    “I have spoken”
    Rant over!

  3. China has been doing this loan rebuilding projects for year, and when those countries can't repay them, they took control of that part of countries. Have sneaky is that.

  4. We do want nor need your sopapera. . . As the stomach turns! Trump is a great actor, but we are sick of the script and writers.

  5. Wow! This guy can’t keep his mouth shut🤣. He spits fake news and lies, but then forgets what he was told to talk about and spills the beans “we left the troops there to take the oil… we took their oil”—trump🧐

  6. I love the brazen honesty: "I left troops to take the oil, I took the oil, the only troops I have are taking the oil, they're protecting the oil, I took over the oil…Well maybe we will, maybe we wont, I dont know maybe we should take it, but we have the oil, right now the United States has the oil…other than protecting the oil, we have the oil"

  7. Thank you President Trump for preventing Obama-Clinton-Bengahzi! Trump 2020! END the Dems TREASONOUS Impeachment Coup.

  8. President “stock market is at a record high”

    And y’all still poor 😂

    “Not me! I’m not poor.”

    Get sick one time. 😂

  9. Republicans: fire police military. We will pay for it. Healthcare? That’s socialism!


    Also most Democrats secretly think the same thing. That’s even more 😂

  10. Trump is getting more and more charismatic…when the going gets tough, the tough get going. His logic and tactics seem sound. I cant believe Democrats and news anymore. Im going to use my own brain. I am not a sheep easily swayed. I believe a long time ago in the 80's he was taken back by some changes in our goverment that began to happen…I believe now he is correcting those problems. He is a true patriot at heart. Its important to remember that we are bickering amongst each other but hopefully at the core of the democrats is the overall fight for freedom. There is a reason why we are a great nation. Freedom.

  11. Whether the idea and act of killing this guy was good or bad, Trump is just not believable. Someone is always telling him things he did or is responsible for are the greatest ever or in memory. Now, the Dems are equally not believable that everything he does is the worst.

  12. The US armed forces are now a mercenary force? I suppose it is better to get paid for your troops foreign involvement than not, but it easily leads to endless deployment of young Americans to foreign countries without even a financial incentive to bring them home. Donald Trump isn't hiring out his children. He is hiring out other people's children, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers that are sent to protect the Saudi Royals and oil, but not Donnie's family. It is a game for him. And to make himself feel better than OK with it, he holds unceasing campaign rallies throughout his presidency to base bask in the adoration of the very people whose children, husbands, wives and even mothers and fathers that will be sent to the middle East to defend a foreign elite that he no longer has to think about in terms of financial accountability. I won't give Trump all the "credit". He is there, he has this power, because the Dems offer an alternative that is repugnant to 30 to 40% of the country and objectionable to another 10% plus. And probably questionable to another 20%. Not everything is s disaster under Trump (it is also not as good as he says), but this is an epic disaster. Lives don't count for this guy. He makes theoretical economics that places a dollar value, free from ultimate moral or ethical context, a reality. This is horrifying.

    Finally, just to be clear, people like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and AOC plus 3 are almost as bad, as bad or worse depending on what you are talking about. They help him with this agenda because their alternative and approach to trying to stop him are offensive to too many people and they are blind to it.

  13. They pay we protect… ? So America has Officially become a mercenary country. At least he's admitted it openly.
    What has this country become. God help us.

  14. Complete lies.if Solemani wanted to attack the embassy he would have already done it. he was invited by the Iraq's president to conquer Daesh there. the question is what have you done with the Kia's and wounded from the 22ballistic missile attacks in 2bases?

  15. If He didn’t attack they would bash him for getting Americans killed and and yet he gets bashed for what he did. He dont win either way.

  16. IF THEY ARE PAYING US THAT IS AWESOME so when some one complaints about us being there where are only where people want us to be and they are paying for it im good with that

  17. Trump u say that every one that doesn't agree with you it pertains to hate towards Iran or you.

  18. Maybe Trump has done good things ,BUT allow me to be skeptic.Why?
    Killing of millions of Native people, stealing their land, mocking native people. I expect more grown up attitude.
    USA can allow this?

    Hungary is greater though.

  19. What is it with Stoltenberg and Trump??
    Stoltenberg supported Hamas and other terror organisations when he was politician in Norway.

    He acts like a shining angel, during his period in politics the peace agreement between Israel and Palestinian people were drafted.

    Is that the agreement that Trump will confirm for 7 years???
    Let me be skeptic about smooth politicians , they have usually something to hide.

  20. Trump going very soft on immigration gonna cost him alot of votes..

    advocating for more foreign workers to come in . Dont he want a re election?

  21. Faux News?… we have the oil… sure it was imminent Soleimani´s attack that made US killed him, not the oil… but we took the oil… protecting oil… we have the oil… still protecting the oil…

  22. You don't need to explain anything to these people list for president you did the right thing you're not going to listen to you they're not going to believe you they're going to download no matter what.
    Shrug it off get on with business.
    in light of recent events you won't take my advice I'm sure but I'm going to give it to you anyway.
    Time for martial law. Thoroughly clean the swamp.
    Then give the country back to the people belongs to..
    My reference is a recent Doonesbury report

  23. By the way Mister president who get less than a year.
    are the most powerful nation in the world and the simple fact is whether people want to buy into it or not we stand for righteousness and freedom.
    Just do it let the chips fall where they may if you don't it's never going to get done the world is in 4 along hurt if you don't

  24. I like the Donald but you can definitely tell he was in sales. Everything is at the extreme end of the spectrum – “the worst”, “the best”, “the greatest”, “ever”

  25. Why not put all the Islamaniacs in Guantanamo Bay?
    Then you can charge their native countries for their board and lodging. I'm a Brit and I'm sure my fellow tax payers would be happy to pay up.

  26. This is not right, people don't judge people, God will, if we don't behave he will give us judgement day, then the nice world we're living in now will be gone, everyone will die in this world, it was beautiful the day before, why war, can we live happily in this world first.😑

  27. Laura: Why were you so abrasive towards Trump? It's like you were attacking him. Don't expect him to give you another interview anytime soon.

  28. Trump: We took the oil, we stayed for the oil, we went for the oil.
    Trumpites: We voted for stupid, we elected stupid, we want another term of stupid.

  29. Could of been four embassies and maybe some US military bases. Ok, end of any really NEW news! The rest is political bs.

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