100 thoughts on “Trump is first president to face impeachment while seeking re-election

  1. Never thought I’d see mindless zombies in real life. You know? The kind that run in hordes and have no control over identifying what’s real and what’s not. Desperate for a bite of anything.

    It’s a good thing they all wear red hats.

  2. They absolutely should be made to recuse from the impeachment. There is NO WAY they will be fair. I thi k the American people should demand it!


  4. No, Trump is first President to face an impeachment SHAM/SCAM cuz Democrats are still butthurt & hate America & the people that didn't vote for the Hildabeast.
    Then Trump will be re-elected w more support than Bubba the rapist had.

  5. Their job is to uphold the Constitution being part of the impeachment trial and running for president is part of their duties.

  6. Another thing Trump still has time for; the first President to be impeached twice. Who knows, if he gets reelected, he could be impeached 5 -10 times.

  7. Sometimes that at the people are united have ever created of a respectfully to keep America citizens different people and different language they are all United only for have a greater future because the future is only that to have respectfully and even only time will tell that but the candidate for man and woman that well because the future is United is always on the same team sorry everyone but I'm telling the truth line now that because United is all Americans different people in different language for the United States of America okay everyone and only time will tell that the only the right way it is

  8. Marsha is looking old and wrinkled, not like those photos she had photoshopped for her Senate campaign. The candidates she mentioned don't appear for the Senate hearing until Tuesday, so they can spend any amount of time between now and then for campaigning or an art class. If anyone should recuse themselves, it should be Turtleman and the other swamp creatures that have already made up their minds that they will vote as Donnie tells them!

  9. jury with those running against him, very strange court case. but its the new normal. if they make a movie Mr. Bean could play Schiff, but who would play Nancy/????

  10. Ofcourse there is bad blood. The over arching crime is this coup against the president. Who was involved for a fact. D. N. C. Hillary Clinton, their partners in this crime, our intelligence agencies. They incorporated foreign intelligence agencies. There's no question about this.. Third World stuff. Now, same people polosi, schiff nedler, are the prosecutors in the presidents impeachment.!!! Constitution and law inverted.. Hello 1984,animal farm, saul alinsky! Rules tor radicals, Hillary Clinton's mentor… Get it???C. J. And Ruthie B

  11. I can't wait to vote for an impeached President!!! The white house needs to make Peach pie the new national emblem!!!

  12. 2questions ,whos money are they using to campaign And are these the same people who have impeachment planning along with Pelosi ? Is so who wants to vote for people who are known for 3 1/2 years of doing nothing for the people they elected them in to do for them as citizens and how about the wasted money paid to them to get things done for them in the house and nothing has been done yet but pass Bills to Barr President Trump from Doing his job .

  13. More obfuscation and no direct answers. Even the Ruskie troll bots didn't have much to work off of in the comments section. 🤣

  14. This is why I don’t watch some of Fox on the weekend even through the week..even Trump questioned some of these reporters..

  15. The election is the readon for the impeachment. The dems know they cant beat him, so they have to get him removed, or at least blocked from reelection, to have a chance at the white house.

  16. Let's cut the crap and tell it like it is. Trump is the first president to face impeachment after he won the 2016 election, BEFORE he took office!

  17. We LOVE you!
    ❤ Julian Assange!!!!!
    ❤ Chelsea Manning
    ❤ Edward Snowden
    HEROES of the people…of truth and

  18. It seems to me you can't do both Run against the president for the presidency and at the same time sit in judgement in the Senate of the president!!

  19. There is no such thing is an "impartial Senate." That is an absurdity on its face. Pelosi running around demanding an "impartial trial" while NOT providing that in the House is also an absurdity on its face.

  20. Zoo reports Animals have escaped after the oversight of Pest Control Professionals. The leader of the pack, Trump high risk for people.

  21. This isn't to remove Trump by impeachment. The Trump versus Clinton race was really really close. They just want to damage Trump enough to swing the needle back to the Democrats so they have the power. Then once Democrats are in, watch America bend over and take it from the world.

  22. There is no one to blame for Trump's impeachment other than Trump. The democrats were not going to draw up articles of impeachment despite strong demands from their constituents. In the end, Trump gave them no choice. The man-baby fired anyone in his administration with a shred of competency, maturity or prudence. He was determined to take full charge of his own actions, assured that there would be no consequences, as there had never been before in his life… …until now.

  23. Nancy Pelosi made Trump the first president to be impeached while seeking a second term. This is a historical first . Trump made history again

  24. Does the interviewer not understand the difference between running for president and being a regular senator? She's slow.

  25. I wonder do these people get paid to get up there and lie and make a fool at a self trying to protect they president

  26. And will be the first time a President wins a massive re election while impeached. Says a lot about the corrupt Dems and their media lap dogs

  27. And he will win both.
    No worries.
    Trump 2020.
    The American Public have seen how much he has accomplished, even while the Dems have consistently attacked him in an attempt to derail his accomplishment of all that he has done.

  28. Thirteen facts for which there is evidence:

    • The president forced out anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch with the help of Guiliani and Lev Parnas

    • The president´s hand-picked agents (Giuliani and the three amigos) began the scheme

    • The president illegally froze vital military aid to Ukraine on july 18 (for 55 days) without notifying the congress. The U.S. Government Accountability Office ruled the aid withhold illegal on January 16 2020

    • The president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor on july 25

    • The president´s representatives ratcheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    • The president conditioned a White House meeting on investigation of the Bidens and investigation of the 2016 election

    • The president wanted Ukraine to announce the investigations publicly

    • The president´s conditioning of military assistance and a White House meeting on announcement of investigations raised alarm among officials

    • The president´s security assistance hold became public

    • The president´s scheme was exposed by the whistleblower

    • The president then released the security assistance on September 11

    • The president´s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed security assistance was withheld and conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

    • The president´s actions helped Russia (a dictatorship) against Ukraine (a democracy)

    • The

    (Sources: The 650-page impeachment report, White House emails, etc)

  29. Conflict of interest… Anyone that thinks running against the president is not a conflict needs to have their head shrunk…

  30. Democrats don't focus on fairness. They focus on cheating, lying, stealing, misleading, & RESISTING..

  31. Trump is the first president to openly pad his own pockets and violate our constitution and laws. He should be imprisoned – he is Individual #1 already

  32. Trump, first in everuthing!
    He's also going to be the first president in history to be reelected after being impeached!
    Even when the dems think he loses, he's actually winning!

  33. Yes, and the reason for the impeachment prior to his seeking a 2nd term is exactly why they did it. They have nothing to offer America and they know it. So this is what they are doing. Pelosi smiles and says Trump will be impeached for life? She's going to get a big ugly surprise when she find out SHE will be condemned for this impeachment for the rest of her sorry life. It's going to stain her, not Trump.

  34. In what could be his most explosive allegation to date, Rudolph Giuliani claimed on Monday that he had “mountains of evidence” linking the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden to former President Barack Obama.

    Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” a visibly excited Giuliani said that he had stored the evidence of the Biden-Obama ties in his office safe and was prepared to reveal it “at the proper time.”

    “This isn’t a case of the two men sharing an occasional phone call or meeting,” Giuliani charged. “For eight years, they were basically joined at the hip.”

    Giuliani argued that Obama and Biden had a “secret understanding” that, if anything happened to Obama, “You know who would take his place? That’s right: Joe Biden.”

    Their corrupt deal enabled Biden to “feast at the teat” of the federal government, the former New York mayor said. “Biden took military aircraft around the world and got free housing in Washington, all with the seal of approval of his best pal, Barack Obama,” he said.

  35. So obvious that the Democratic Party intent to "remove" Trump from running in 2020… A LANDSLIDE win for Trump's vice president in 2020! The Republicans will hold the White House.

  36. The Dems claim Trump tried to take out his opponent running for office. Then they put his opponents in the jury to remove him from office. Stinks bad.

  37. No body even cares about the whole Ukraine bs. You guys elected him as president so stop bitching about everything he does. If the news didn’t tell you about everything would you even be worried about anything.

  38. What? — you mean impeached for doing his job and keeping the country on the up swing, while being loved by the vast majority? See Josh Bernstein for numbers of who with which affiliation attended Trump's rally in Idaho. 22,900 inside and several thousand outside watching cctv.

  39. Impartial? Give me a break. All of them a partial. Majority wins period. That explains the House vote and that explains the Senate vote coming up. It’s supposed to be partial stupid. If you don’t like the majority votes, go and vote for the partial side you want to have a majority. That’s why policies steer a majority party. Get educated on issues and then vote – it’s your duty as a voter.

  40. He is the first president to be impeached for whooping a democrat! And for false alligations dems should never win again in my lifetime

  41. Donald John Trump is the best president this country has ever seen. PERIOD…👍 Everyone should pray for him and his family 🙏🙏🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  42. There is enough of them. Why not have others do the job. Why them. Conflict if interest. No other court would ever allow this

  43. I'm surprised the demo-rats haven't said Trump is being racial in his defense because his legal team is all white give it time it will happen.

  44. Everyone around the world can see clearly that the Impeachment is a scam, an attack because the Dems cannot win on their own merits.

  45. Look here comes Lev Parnas. "Never met him." See the pictures of Parnas with Ivanka, the Don Jr., and his table tent placard right next to the Donald's placard Himself. How can our President have such a bad memory – a bad very bad bad memory – when he's the greatest Genius ever in the history of the World? Sad. But listen, when I want to know about modern Toilets and Wind, I go to a TRump Rally.

  46. Watching from the UK it's you commiecrats who look like the toxic useful
    i d i o t s of Frankfurt School Stealth Marxism and thank God Trump
    thwarted your dream of installing Clinton as your second Lenin in the
    centenary year of the Bolshevik Revolution. You were just as bad for
    fiftieth you sky-screeching imbecilic C N N ts.

    You have bootstrapped your Russophobic Paranoia so far up your own c r a c k s
    you're s h 1 t t i n g through your mouths and the day Nancy's creepy
    convoy of German J o o fifth columnists are sent back with the articles
    of acquittal can't come soon enough. The only question is will they take
    their short bus or the clown car.

  47. “Focussing on fairness” What a load of BS. I don’t live in your country but reside overseas and am completely dismayed at how the moral integrity of your country has heading towards rock bottom since the King of Liars has ruled your country. The FOX propaganda channel refuses to look at the facts. Trump doesn’t know Lev Parnas hahahaha The king of fairness blocked witnesses and documents in the house investigation. If the senate creates another circus by dismissing the charges it will be universally acknowledged as a cover up. As a worried Allie how low can America go under this ruler.

  48. I like Presidents that have NOT been impeached. 🍑🍑🍑🍑 in honor of J. McCain.
    A stain the Senate can not remove from Twitter Troll tRump.

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