Trump Has Impeachment Meltdown on Fox and Friends: A Closer Look

Trump Has Impeachment Meltdown on Fox and Friends: A Closer Look

-The president
and his Republican allies have brought into
a ludicrous conspiracy theory claiming it was Ukraine that
interfered in the 2016 election. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] Among the many qualifications
you’d expect a person to have, in order to become president
of the United States, one of them would be an ability
to function in the morning. That is not the case
with Donald Trump. I mean, look at him.
I mean, that [ Laughter ]
is how a cat reacts when you try to move them
off your bed. Alright, you know, fine.
Just stay there. [ Laughter ]
In fact, one small detail we learned from last week’s
impeachment hearings was that Trump hates mornings. You might remember
that an embassy staffer, David Holmes, testified that he
overheard a call between Trump and his hand-picked ambassador
to the EU, Gordon Sondland, in which they
discussed their scheme to orchestrate a quid pro quo
with Ukraine. Holmes said he could hear
Trump screaming on the other end of the call
and then added this… -After the call ended,
Ambassador Sondland remarked that the president was
in a bad mood, as Ambassador Sondland stated
was often the case early in the morning. [ Laughter ] First of all,
it doesn’t surprise me that Trump is in a bad mood
early in the morning. Look at what he eats. He has the diet
of a 16-year-old stoner. [ Laughter, clapping ]
When you have that much fried food sloshing around
in your digestive tract, you’re not gonna sleep well. That’s why Trump
always looks like he just woke up screaming
in the middle of a nightmare where he’s bein’ chased
by a giant drumstick with the head of Adam Schiff. [ Laughter and applause ]
So, the impeachment hearings established not only
that Trump orchestrated a criminal conspiracy
to extort a foreign country to interfere
in the 2020 election, using hundreds of millions
of dollars in taxpayer money, they also established
that Trump hates mornings. And we saw Trump’s irritability
on full display Friday, when he woke up bright
and early and called in for a video conference
with his therapist, the host of “Fox and Friends.” [ Laughter ]
Now, this interview lasted for a total of 53 minutes! [ Audience ohhs ]
And here’s a little time lapse, just to give you a taste of how
long and how insane it was. -Mr. Trump, good morning to ya.
-Good morning. -Good morning. -Good to have you
on “Fox and Friends” today. [laughs] As you said in your
tweet, another slow news week. -I see these hearings. Well, we have a great day
and then, you pick up the phony New York Times,
which is a total phony paper. I don’t read it anymore.
You can’t read it. I have really good hearing and I’ve been watching guys,
for 40 years, make phone calls and I can’t hear when you’re —
and you can be two feet away. I can’t hear. Why aren’t all those
countries in Europe, why aren’t they paying? Why is it always
the United States, the sucker? I got elected on that.
You know, ’cause we’re like a gravy train for them, okay?
[ Laughter ] We’re like a gravy train. -Let’s see if it works.
-One other thing,
before we get off. [ Laughter ]
The Republican Party. Oh, yeah. I know. We can keep
this goin’ all day, right? It’s easy.
‘Cause, if you have a bulldozer -Right.
-or if you have heavy
blowtorches and things, you know, you can break through.
I love your show. -Thank you so much,
Mr. President, for being with us.
-Yeah. -President Trump,
thanks so much.
-Thank you much. -Both: Thank you.
-Both: Alright. -Goodbye.
[ Laughter ] -Well, we just went 57 minutes
without havin’ a sip of water. -Right. I know.
-Water?! [ Laughter and applause ]
After that, I woulda reached for the vodka. [ Laughter and applause ]
I mean, those guys barely said a word. How would Trump even know he was actually talkin’
to anyone? At some point, they should
just disconnect his phone and let him think he’s on TV. [as Trump] I love your show. You people are great. What’s that, Steve? [ Dial tone ]
[ Laughter ] [laughs] That’s a great
point, Steve. [ Laughter ]
This interview is still a revealing glimpse
into the madness that has taken hold
of the Republican Party and the right-wing media
apparatus that supports it. For example, when the last
impeachment hearing ended on Thursday, the Democratic
chairman, Adam Schiff, ended it with a closing argument
that summarized the evidence. -This president believes
he is above the law, beyond accountability. And, in my view, there is
nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are
above the law. And I would just say,
to people watching here at home and around the world, in the words
of my great colleague, “We are better than that.” [bangs gavel] Adjourned. [ Applause and cheering ] Wow. That’s a… stirring defense of democracy
that neatly summarized the president’s various
abuses of power. And, now, Mr. President,
your rebuttal. -Adam Schiff is a sick puppy. [ Laughter ]
Let me tell ya,
he’s a sick puppy. [laughing] He’s so sick.
Now, Schiff, remember this — He makes it all up.
He’s sick. There’s somethin’
wrong with him. -There’s something wrong
with him? You just spent an hour
screaming into a telephone! [ Laughter ]
You’re not a president. You have the anger and free time
of a sports radio caller. [as Trump] I call it
the failing New York Times and let me tell you another
thing: The Mets suck! [ Laughter ] I really think contrast
is worth noting and sums things up perfectly:
On one hand, you have a calm, measured, fact-based
defense of democracy and the rule of law
from one side that, whatever their faults
as politicians, inhabits our actual reality. On the other hand, you have
a red-faced lunatic screaming at three terrified captives,
[ Laughter ] trapped on a TV set
ike they’re in a “Saw” movie. I mean, look at ’em.
[ Laughter ] look like three tourists
sitting on the subway who just saw a roach
smokin’ a cigarette. [ Laughter ] And, by the way, I’m sure the
roach was smokin’ the cigarette because he just heard
Trump’s interview. [ Laughter and applause ]
“This Trump guy’s out of his goddamn mind.” [ Laughter and applause ] [ Fresh laughter ] Now, we’ve seen two weeks
of conclusive evidence in public impeachment hearings,
with one witness after another testifying definitively
that there was, in fact, a corrupt quid pro quo. Congress is likely
to move on to the next phase, passing articles of impeachment
in the House and starting a trial
in the Senate, so, in the “Fox and Friends”
interview, Trump gave us a preview of one of his lines of defense,
a line Republicans have unsuccessfully repeated
for weeks. Trump said he was just
concerned about corruption in Ukraine, in general,
not the Bidens, specifically. -We’re looking for corruption. There’s tremendous
corruption. We’re looking for — Why should we be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to countries when there’s
this kind of corruption? -Mr. President — A couple of days ago,
-Anyway, go ahead. -your ambassador
to the United — to the EU, Mr. Sondland,
in his opening statement, said that there was
quid pro quo. There was quid pro quo,
he said, because you wanted an investigation
into corruption, in exchange for a visit
to the White House, or something like that. -Yeah.
Well, that’s total nonsense. I do want, always, corruption. [ Laughter ]
-Ahnh. [ Clapping ]
I don’t think that’s what you meant. [ Laughter ]
Also, what’s with
the insane syntax? [laughing]
“I do want, always, corruption”? [ Laughter ]
That sounds like something a gangster would say
in an off-brand version of “Grand Theft Auto.” [ Laughter, clapping ]
“I do want, always, corruption. Car stealing
is your next mission.” [ Laughter ]
It’s obviously a ridiculous lie that is contradicted
by literally all of the evidence.
Trump has no defense, so all he can do is
smear the witnesses with lies
and conspiracy theories. Take, for example, the former
ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch,
who gave her moving testimony about the smear campaign
against her. Yovanovitch is a career
foreign service officer who has served Republican
presidents and, yet, Trump concocted
a ridiculous lie about her. -I don’t even know these people. You know, I come to Washington. So you’ve had Bush
and you have Never-Trumpers. And I come in and I end up with thousands of people
that are Never-Trumpers. -Right.
-Clinton people. And, sometimes,
the Never-Trumpers are worse than Clinton and Obama people,
believe me. But this ambassador that,
you know, everybody says is so wonderful, she wouldn’t hang my picture
in the embassy, okay? She’s in charge of the embassy. She wouldn’t hang it. It took like a year
and a half or two years for her to get the picture up. She said bad things about me, didn’t wanna hang my picture
in the embassy. Standard is you put the
president of the United States’ picture in an embassy. -None of that is true. The embassy in Kiev
hung the official photographs of the president,
vice president, and secretary of State as soon as they arrived
from Washington, D.C. And a former embassy official
in London tweeted it took the White House
almost 15 months to get official photos sent
to embassies to hang and were instructed not
to print other photos. And I understand
why the White House would prevent embassies
from printing other photos. because, then, you could pick
whichever one you want, like this one. [ Laughter ]
Or, you know, like this one. Or my personal favorite,
you know, this one. I mean. [ Laughter and applause ]
In a way, that one looks like an actual work of art. That should be hanging in the Salvador Dalí Museum, under the title
Melting Criminal. [ Laughter and applause ]
-So. [ Cheering]
It was not, in any way, shape, or form, it was not Yovanovitch’s
fault the pictures were delayed. It was the White House’s fault. And if you’re wondering why it
would take the White House 15 months to send photos,
maybe it was because the guy in charge was on the
[bleep] phone for an hour! [ Laughter and applause ] But this is the paranoid
alternate reality Trump and his Fox News
allies live in. Anyone who disagrees
with his criminal behavior is a spy or a traitor
or a so-called Never-Trumper. Trump has used
that phrase repeatedly, even to describe
the Russia advisor to Vice President Mike Pence
who testified last week. The advisor, Jennifer Williams, was asked about that accusation
during her hearing. -Ms. Williams,
are you a Never-Trumper? -I’m not sure I know an official
definition of a Never-Trumper. -Yeah.
No one knows what it means because it’s a dumb,
made-up term. It sounds like a fictional
animal from “A Wrinkle in Time.” “There were fur pigs
and gryffindoodles and Never-Trumpers.” [ Laughter ] This is the paranoid
alternate universe Trump and his allies
on Fox News inhabit and reinforce
for their audience. Everyone who’s against them
is a spy and a traitor. Even Gordon Sondland,
the ambassador who testified last week,
is supposedly a secret member
of the deep state now. This guy donated $1 million
to Trump’s inaugural committee. $1 million, and, yet,
over the weekend, Fox host Jeanine Pirro said
Sondland was out to get Trump. -His testimony is not only
canceled by the facts, but by his demeanor,
his arrogance, and his inappropriate smirking, [ Laughter ]
making it clear that he, like many
deep state bureaucrats, is not a fan of the president. -He’s a deep state bureaucrat?! He’s a businessman who gave the
president’s inaugural committee $1 million,
and then Trump appointed him. If he’s a deep state bureaucrat,
then everyone is! Jeanine Pirro probably
says the same thing about her own reflection
in the mirror. [as Pirro] Who are you?! And why are you copying
my movements?! [ Laughter ]
You’re a part of the deep state! Don’t point at me! [ Laughter ]
The Republican Party of Donald Trump is a movement
consumed by paranoia, peering around every corner,
looking for spies and saboteurs, indulging in disseminating
absurd conspiracy theories. For example, Trump’s
been peddling an unhinged and completely debunked
conspiracy theory that it was actually Ukraine,
and not Russia, that interfered
in the 2016 election. Trump repeated
that insane claim again during his interview Friday
and even “Fox and Friends,” the show that is more pro-Trump than virtually
any other show on TV, tried to gently push back. -It’s very interesting. They have the server, right? From the DNC,
Democratic National Committee. -Who has the server?
-The FBI went in and they told ’em,
“Get outta here! You’re not getting it.
We’re not giving it to you.” They gave the server
to Crowdstrike, or whatever it’s called,
which is a country — which is a company owned
by a very wealthy Ukrainian. And I still wanna
see that server. You know, the FBI has never
gotten that server. That’s a big part
of this whole thing. Why did they give it
to a Ukrainian company? -Are you sure they did that? [ Laughter ]
Are you sure they gave it
to Ukraine? -Well, that’s what the word is. [ Laughter ]
-Oh! Oh, is that what the word is? Do ya spend a lotta time
hangin’ out on street corners, gettin’ the latest scoop?
[ Laughter ] Seriously, who do you
even talk to, anyway? You spent most of your time
wandering around in circles [ Laughter ]
on the White House lawn, by yourself.
He’s probably out there hopin’ to find the server. [as Trump] Crowdstrike?
[ Laughter ] Where are you, Crowdstrike? It’s like you know it’s bad
when even “Fox and Friends” is questioning Trump. That would be like
E! putting up a disclaimer during the “Kardashians,”
that said, “This is all scripted.
None of this is real.” [ Laughter ] Yet, Trump’s allies on Fox
and the Republican Party have actually been repeating
this nonsense, even though his own former national security
official Fiona Hill debunked it during
the impeachment testimony. And, in an interview, Trump’s former Homeland Security
advisor Tom Bossert also said it had been debunked and, yet, on Sunday,
GOP Senator John Kennedy repeated it, anyway. -Senator Kennedy,
who do you believe was responsible for hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign
computers, their emails? Was it Russia or Ukraine? -I don’t know. [ Light laughter ]
Nor do you. Nor do any of us. Miss Hill is entitled
-Well, I mean, -to her opinion.
-let me just interrupt to say, the entire
intelligence community says it was Russia. [ Scattered laughter ] -Right.
But it could also be Ukraine. -No, it can’t!
[ Laughter ] Literally everyone who has
studied this said it can’t. It was Russia. [as Kennedy]
Coulda been Ukraine? Coulda been Russia. Coulda been a swamp witch
that turned me into a senator, from a rooster. [ Laughter, clapping ] Could’ve been. [ Laughter ]
And then, there’s Rudy Giuliani, who, at this very moment,
is under criminal investigation, In fact, today, we learned
that subpoenas have been issued, seeking information on
Giuliani’s consulting business as part of a broad
federal investigation into possible money laundering,
obstruction of justice, and campaign finance violations. Over the weekend,
Rudy was asked by Fox News if he was worried
about getting indicted and his reaction
was very Rudy-esque. -Are you afraid, Mr. Mayor,
that you could be indicted? -Ohhh, wow. [ Laughter ]
How long have you known me? -I’ve known you several years. -You think I’m afraid? -I-I don’t know.
-Do you think I get afraid? [ Laughter ]
-Having no fear is a good quality
if you’re Daredevil, but, Rudy’s like a contestant
on that game show “Wipeout,” who gives a thumbs-up
to the camera right before a foam hammer
knocks him into the water. [ Laughter ] And I do think you get afraid. I mean, have you looked
at yourself? You always look afraid.
[ Laughter ] You look like you found out
what you [laughing] did. [ Laughter ]
The Republican Party and the right-wing media
apparatus it supports are spreading insane
conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, we keep getting more
and more evidence against Trump and, every time, they go… -Ohhh, wow. [ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]

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