Trump: Dems are trying to take nomination away from Bernie Sanders

Trump: Dems are trying to take nomination away from Bernie Sanders

100 thoughts on “Trump: Dems are trying to take nomination away from Bernie Sanders

  1. It's Bernie vs Wall St.
    "So the real question from the 1980s on was about who would be the basic planning center of society. Would it be the financial sector – the banks and bondholders, whose interest is really the One Percent that own most of the banks’ bonds and stocks? 

    Or, is it going to be governments trying to subsidize the economy to help the 99 Percent grow and prosper? That was the social democratic view opposed by Thatcherism and Reaganism."

    "Confusion over the word “socialism” may be cleared up by recognizing that every economy is mixed, and every economy is planned – by someone. If not the government in the public interest, then by Wall Street and other financial centers in their interest."
    ~ Dr. Michael Hudson

  2. That is the problem.. I'm worried about when I vote for Trump… Is my vote going to be switched to sick nasty democrats….!!

  3. I c he got the press in line. The dems are running an 80 year old heart attack communist and an 80 year old criminal with Alzheimer's.

  4. Why do you think bloomnut, pocahontas, and the rest stayed in this long. They all go 60 some of the votes that might have closed the gap between sleepy joe and crazy Bernie. Now today bloomnut dropped out. He did what he set out to do.

  5. For once he is telling the truth. If Biden wins the nomination Trump has my vote again and hopefully he will actually drain the swamp instead of just talk about it.

  6. Looks like trump changed his mind about locking up hillary.

    Who's weaker, trump or the American people?
    Weaknees pollutes the air.

  7. What do you mean running a socialist, a gun grabber billionaire, a literal corpse and a lying liar was a bad idea!?”
    -John Cucct, (d)
    🐍No step on SNEK! 🇺🇸

  8. DNC is tipping the scales. You're not the supposed to do that, but they are. Any progressive that will vote for Biden in November should just become a slave to them, stop pretending you're anything different. I don't see why even 1 sanders supporter should reward the dnc crooks and vote for a senile fool like Biden. Better to stay home and punish them!

  9. To build about seven gun and ammunition manufacturing building's in Orange County Indiana or in Lawrence County Indiana for the Federal Government Independent Army that I want to start up, to build one machine gun manufacturing plant about 500,000 square feet, one semi-automatic and bolt action rifle manufacturing plant about 200,000 square feet, one pistol manufacturing plant about 100,000 square feet, one machine gun ammunition manufacturing plant about 500,000 square feet, one semi-automatic and bolt action rifle and pistol ammunition manufacturing plant about 200,000 square feet, and to build seven ammunition storage buildings about 100,000 – 200,000 square feet for each building. To spend about $20 Billion on building about 20 buildings, and on the materials and labor to manufacture the machine guns, rifles, pistols, and ammunition. To build one machine gun ammunition storage building 500,000 square feet. To build five buildings about 100,000 – 200,000 square feet, machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, bolt action rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and ammunition.
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    Why to start manufacturing machine guns, rifles, pistols, and ammunition, because I believe that Barack Obama's gang and Mary Stanley's gang bought Oshkosh Truck Co., FN Herstal, General Dynamics Co., Lockheed Martin Co., Boeing Airlines Co., and Heckler and Koch, Winchester firearms, Beretta firearms, Hornady ammunition, Sig Sauer firearms, Federal American ammunition, those criminal gangs own a lot of companies that make military weapons, so there's no gun manufacturers, that aren't part of those criminal gangs, from an ethical viewpoint, that the Federal Government Independent Army would not want to buy their weapons from those criminal gangs, that those criminal gangs have bought about all of the gun and ammunition manufactures in the world. That's why the Federal Government Independent Army that I want to start up, needs to manufacture their own weapons, and the Federal Government Independent Army Banks and Mint that I want to start up, to print money for the Independent Army to manufacture weapons and to pay the Independent Army workers. And to seize the Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Treasury Department, and U.S. Mint, and to all of the money that's in those buildings and to haul it to Mitchell Indiana or French Lick Indiana, and put that money in one of the Federal Government Independent Army Banks, and to use some that money to manufacture military weapons for the Federal Government Independent Army, to build some manufacturing buildings in Lawrence County Indiana or Orange County Indiana, to manufacture Army jeeps with automated machine guns, Army with automated machine guns and missile and rocket launchers, Army trucks with automated machine guns and missile launchers, Army tanks with cannons and automated machine guns and rocket and missile launchers, missiles, rockets, missile and rocket launchers, to manufacture fighter jets, bomber jets, Army helicopters, bombs for the jets, and drones.

  10. The media are gossipers and slanderers. They ask manipulative questions with intent to distort the other. Trump is right. Nothing but fake news today. All false reports period. This country needs to repent and turn back to God. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ or miss heaven and spend eternity in hell. Wake up people wake up, the time is now, to make Jesus Christ your Lord and savior.

  11. Trump may use an 8th grade vocabulary, but is very sly. That fools his elitist opponents and the press.

    His defense of Bolshevik Bernie is designed to coddle the Bernie Brigade. When Sanders get the DNC super-shaft, which he will, those followers may be mad enough to vote for Trump.

  12. Really come on I don't like Trump but I mean even this I think is a little ridiculous Trump's Dems are trying to take votes away from Bernie Sanders umm yeah isn't that what you're supposed to do it in an election race is try and take voters from the other nomination so that they vote for you and that's how you get into office unless you're Trump and your numbers show that you shouldn't have won to go into presidency but you still somehow did But that's neither here nor there

  13. It’s an attempt to sway democrats to follow trump’s desire to pick his own opponent.
    Trump knows damned well that Biden is less controversial and far more viable as a Democratic contender.

  14. Don’t you hate videos with a title and content including a bunch of other stuff played before the relevant portion?

  15. THE DEBT BASE ECONOMY CAN ONLY PRODUCE DEBT. And you can continue switching Democrats with Republicans. It will only prove your Stupidity.

  16. And Truml says thus because he us suddenly a champion gir fair play? Laughable.
    No it's because he thinks he can beat Sanders. Who cares if its true. When did this guy ever care about unfair elections? Right Russia "if you're listening "?
    What a tool.
    Cant wait till hes out of office and up on charges that for some ant- democratic reason cant be brought against him while president. Another crack in our republic.
    No Donald you friggin orange menace. You're leaving soon. And I will be clapping like a guy in a three- way with twin sisters.

  17. Everytime I hear Trump speak I'm reminded of how magnetic his personality really is. The media does everything it can to put words in his mouth, but when he talks directly to the American people he speaks their language.

  18. Dying Polar Bears
    A recent study completed by the U.S. Geological Survey shows that cannibalism—while brutal—may be the least of the bear’s problems. Many are also drowning, unable to swim in the increased spaces between melting sea ice. Two-thirds of them may be gone by 2050.

  19. What does it take to be a leader of the west…We are as a people a mixed bag of Knutts…A leader must be moral..just…and self established and a person of there word…Gods word to protect David and all those who help David is a blessing for any nation…A President who respects Gods oath and prrsents the law of the land to respect your neighbour and to help others..For the law to remain just we must have Gods intestest at heart.or we lose our respect for our neighbours….The west is the beacon of the world ..We don't change the law of the land to intertwine into the world..The world must meet our standards..That's what a leader should be for a mixed bag of knutts..Thus far Prez Trump has reflected these values..I hope he remains humble and grateful for Gods intervention……Down with Socialism and Communism…Republic and less Goverment will smooth out the next decade..

  20. Trump it would be a big mistake to do anything to help Bernie or suggest he should have won. If Bernie gets the nomination we will see at the very least a small scale civil war regardless of if he wins or loses the election.

  21. I’m a Bernie supporter but if the establishment steals the nomination from Bernie I’ll definitely vote for Trump to punish the Democratic Party elite. We all need to unite for Trump to send a message.

  22. wow, its strange to see president Trump being so calm while interviewed, he must've had good morning that day

  23. Didn’t they catch the Democrats shuffling Bernie’s votes over to Biden ? The election should be disqualified if that is true ., the democrats will lose by default .. unethical practice cannot be acceptable .. voters should be mad as all get go ..Hrc and grr gang did that same thing in 2016 elections
    Don’t let them get away with that !

  24. Why are people blaming Biden for presidential elections? The man's running for the senate.

  25. President Trump you are rock solid…. God bless you and America…. But please don't forget about us in South Africa…..

  26. I just want weed legalized and the protection of rights we already have like guns tobacco alcohol entertainment such as shows games books music.

  27. The one and only time I've ever agreed with anything this man said regarding the Dems pulling out all the stops to ensure Bernie doesn't get the nomination.

  28. A vote for comrade Bernie or any other demo-rat, is a vote against America, a vote against freedom, a vote against our constitution. Our veterans didn't sacrifice everything so remedials can take our freedoms away. You either love and support America, or you can leave. Trump 2020 is the only option for America. Do your research children.

  29. No Intelligence, smarts or class at all! Is a wanna be who the voters made a "JOKE ON OUR GREAT COUNTRY" with. It's no longer funny.

  30. This President is a idiot the people that supports this President are idiots as well they are morons they are imbeciles they are disgusting people President Trump is a pile of crap he is a disgusting individual it's sad that we have people instead of processing a guy and get him thrown in jail because of maybe they come you're doing well so you just give him a pat on the back for all the horrible things that we are done as a criminal and said that I couldn't come to a point where did the Comanche that criminal he's a thug he's a idiot he still gets away with his stuff and you got people that back to me with me and they are no better than he is our president is a disgusting piece of crap he is a horrible human being

  31. i dont believe a word this lying dumbass draft-dodger says. Nothing but a whiny moron. Everything is somebody else's fault for poor poor Donny. Everyone out to get him, awww….c'mon Don, lets see your taxes, lets see Mexico pay for the wall, if you're so innocent let McGahn testify, and provide a DNA sample to Carroll, why not? It would clearly and quickly prove your innocence, no? You dont have to be a democrat to see that this is the worst administration and the absolute, most embarrassing dolt of a president ever!

  32. Mr. President don’t doubt which ever one you face, either the senile won or the communist, the moderators will be highly combative and make every effort to shield the Democrat nominee. In Biden’s case don’t worry he’ll wake up the next morning after the debate, roll over and ask his sister when the debate is. Then he’ll say, wait a minute did you guess switch on me again?

  33. It’s amazing to compare the accelerated aging of Presidents and see President Trump just strolling along and looking the same as when he took office. Even after all the lies and government witch hunts to unseat him. Crazy! Keep dismantled their BS Mr. President!!!

  34. They can't help themselves once a shithog ,always a shithog ,it is the democrat way they have been underhanded since the beginning .,Beg ,borrow or steel there votes anyway they can no matter the cost .Just look at the Native Americans they sent to their deaths on the trail of teers
    Simply to give their land away to people who would vote Democrat TRUMP 2020KAG.

  35. Anyways, this COVID-19 is going to run rampant in USA. This is why:

    1. a whole entire swath of America register in either the moron or imbecile band of IQ (see result of 2016 Presidential Election);

    2. an intersecting great swath of Americans (documented , plus undocumented) do not have health coverage. They won't be getting their COVID-19 treated.

    3. a great swath of America, largely intersecting 1 and 2 above, can't afford to be off work. So, they won't get tested, nor treated (no health care), PLUS they won't stay home and self-isolate (they live paycheck to paycheck, with no rainy day fund) — so they will travel to and from work via public transit (no car, you see) where they will still show up, infected and all — transmitting throughout society — it'll reach up to the rich, the famous, the connected ….. and the elected.

    (Universal health care suddenly not sounding so stupid now, huh?)

    (Think — this COVID-19 is being walked around the Trump Hotel in Washington, in the hope by China, Iran, North Korea, of getting it walked on over to the White House by all of Trump's lobbyists that stay at the hotel and hand out there (You don't get Trump's ear unless he can confirm you stayed at his hotel.))

    4. China got control over COVID-19 by doing things like sequestering 50 million people (woah!!), sending paddy wagons with hazmats to collect infected people from their homes (kicking and screaming, some went), soldering external doors to homes to seal infected people in when the hospitals got full…… Americans with their 2nd Amendment Rights and all the rest of their endless Rights are not going to stand for any of that ….. infecting others be damned.

    5. The WH administration's focus will be on the 2020 election, not on arresting COVID-19 It'll all be blamed on Obama (lol).

    So, yes, this COVID-19 is going to run rampant in USA.

    (note: with COVID-19 running rampant and Trump well behind in polls at some point, Trump will declare a National Emergency and cancel the fall election. Watch for it. And don't act all surprised when it happens.)

  36. Trump would be so much more Presidential if he acted the part. Watch prior Presidents. He needs to do his job.

  37. It seems like your president is getting better and better and his rants are slowly flowing over into results. I don't particularly like him and I don't think a president should be on twitter. But he is seriously America's best choice now more than he was when he first ran for president I think.

  38. Christ!  I could do an easy top 100 on Chump's words alone:
    Russia 'has to get out' of Venezuela!  😃

    My taxes are still under audit…I can't show them for that reason.

    My foundation (The Trump Foundation) is a charitable organization that I derive no benefit from.

    Trump University was perfect and provided value to the students.

    The tax bill hurt me the most…I gained nothing. I would end up paying more in taxes.

    Mar-a-Lago is the perfect venue for the G-8 meeting….and I would gain nothing from having the conference there.

    I was TOTALLY exonerated.

    Article 2 says I can do anything I want.

    Climate change is a hoax.

    Mueller investigation is a hoax.

    Impeachment inquiry is a hoax.

    Ukraine did the "real" interference in the 2016 elections.

    He died crying.

    North Korea is now disarmed and no longer a threat to anyone…there would have been war if not for me.

    The Kurds are not our allies.

    I'm pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.

    I totally changed NAFTA.

    Guaido is the legitimate elected leader of Venezuela.

    America is no longer being laughed at on the world stage. 😃

    The wall is necessary.

    All the troops love me, ask them.   They love me.

    ….they’re going to say, Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world (if GOP incumbent governor loses race). You can’t let that happen to me!!!   😃

    The IG report will show that the FBI Russia investigation was motivated by partisan politics.

    The IG report will show that the Russia investigation was an effort to undermine my presidency.

    The IG report will be HISTORIC and show that the FISA warrant/s on Carter Page led to the FBI investigation into Russian 2016 interference (The russia probe).

    etc. 🙂

    Peace!  🙂

  39. I am sensing some panic from the GOP trolls. They thought this was Bernie’s and now they are seeing a tidal wave for Biden. Biden didn’t even go into most of these states, let alone spend money in them and he still won them.

  40. Trump, the mental midget, blathers on minimizing the scope of the coronavirus at the same time various medical professionals are saying otherwise. Despite clinical proof Trump and many of his followers say it's fraud by their enemies.

  41. Trump is becoming extremely well spoken, I think he's getting used to this political game. His next term should be great!

  42. It is pity. Bernie is such good, decent, honest, precious candidate. Many democrats are really bad and corrupt

  43. Come on FOX News, you should direct every Investigative Journalist in your employ to Mud Rake every area of Biden's and Sander's lives …

  44. He's the guy who I'd invite to my house for a barbecue have a beer and say thank you sir God bless him!

  45. A lot of Americans don’t follow politics and so they vote for a popular name and ex VP. Bernie needs to invest in a “Eco-Bernie Friendly-Super-Pac” and win. Now is the time to target market smartly to counteract the Biden ex VP image association with Obama.

  46. Nobody on earth can spew forth more words & say absolutely nothing than Donald Dementia Trump. If you want the truth from this guy, believe the opposite & you will have it. The USS Trump is sinking, the rats, both 4 legged & 2 legged are jumping overboard & fighting each other for the life boats. Even Captain Courageous, instead of going down with his ship, is trying to $ell it for scrap to the highest bidder while CONNING the other rats
    out of as many lifeboats as possible. That is King Rat for you.

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