10 thoughts on “Trump admin weakens enforcement of Endangered Species Act

  1. What else will this idiot do?… loves to poke sticks at things that matter and see how much he can upset us…what next…sticking babies up on a pole?

  2. This is disgusting. Check out what drumpf's going to do to Bristol Bay in Alaska. 40% of the world's sockeye salmon are there along with one of the last pristine environments on the planet. They are going to cause catastrophic and irreversible damage. He needs to be STOPPED. He's already sold off large swaths of protected land to fracking companies. He is trashing not just the US but the planet. I hope environmental agencies sue and keep them in court.

  3. I live in Washington State, and a lot of the endangered species like Mountain lions, black bears, wolfs, and mountain goats are thriving and have made a solid comeback. I believe that the earth is our mother, but we must do our part to restore the balance, and maybe some of these endangered animals are not endangered anymore. My perspective.

  4. To get to my nature wildlife you better go through me cause if their is no bullet in my head I'm gonna fight to the death to saving our nature and wildlife.

    Burn in Hell trump

  5. Fake news? The only thing fake is, well everything Trump is and represents. Fake hair. Eats processed fake food. His fake billions, fake wife .everything he says is fake or exaggerated. All his so called friends and associates fake. Fake politicians wake the hell up ,you spineless cowards stand up to this fake tan idiot . Do any of you have a mirror in your homes ? Take a look into it . All of you fake supporters of this fake game show host of a president will be remembered for your cowardly fake careers. Hope its worth it

  6. This is purely for profit of major corporations that do work in Mining, drilling, etc. When someone tells you that our government isn't a corrupt puppet of Corporations, they're extremely dumb and brainwashed.

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