True Facts About The Owl

True Facts About The Owl

here are true facts about be Owl. baby Owls are called Owlets and they look like a cotton ball that grew a face, and legs. Owlets are born without flight feathers. the Owl has large front facing eyes which give it a wide range of binocular vision. its eyes on nearly immobile in their sockets and therefore it must swivel its head around its neck to see. Some owls bob their heads up and down in order to maximize their depth perception. try it right now. focus on object and bob your head up and down. that’s right keep bobbing your head. it doesn’t really work for humans, but you do look like an idiot. as the Owl grows older it developes its flying feathers oh my thats cute, he’s like little baby. He likes being pet, its really the eyes isn’t it, it’s adorable. oh look this ones playing with his friend. wait, what you doing to that Bird? crap you’re not playing don’t try to hide it. I already saw it. beneath those fluffy feathers the owl is what we call a bird of prey. because it eats prey. just as the as the Owls call us apes of the hamburger, because we eat hamburgers. The Owl is a specialized hunting machine its talons on are zygodactyl, two in front two in back, and their grip is the strongest of the raptors 500 pounds per square inch eight times stronger than the human. they crush their victims, then tear off little strips before swallowing them whole… digesting them and then vomiting out the bones and fur in a small pellet. and this is why it’s polite to throw up at an owl dinner party. The Owl is a quiet hunter. it has specialized feathers on the front of its wings that reduce turbulence and allow it to fly in relative silence. if silence were loudness they would be the loudest flying bird. that’s a terrible metaphor. the Owl’s face is basically like a giant ear. The specialized feathers of its facial disc channel sound to its ear holes, like a fuzzy satellite dish. that’s nasty, yep thats an earhole many owls have asymmetrical year holes; one is higher than the other. By sensing tiny differences in the delay in volume of sound as it arrives in each ear, …the Owl is able to create a three-dimensional auditory map of its surroundings. try riding a bicycle at night and picking up on moving burrito with your feet, based on the sound that it makes. That is how an Owl do. When they aren’t being quiet, Owls make a wide variety of sounds. perhaps the most famous of these sounds is the ‘hoo hoo’ sound made by some Owls. It reminds me of the fairy tale, where a young girl is lost in the forest, and she sees an Owl and asked it ‘do you know where my mother is?’ and the Owl responds ‘why the hell would I know where your mother is?!’ ‘are you stupid? and why are you fairy tale children always getting lost in forests and hallucinating about animals that can talk?” and then the owl swooped down and ripped the little girl’s face off and ate her eyeballs. and then the owl hooted ‘hoo hoo’ it’s a German fairy tale so its a little dark I guess. maybe it’s the translation? Nope not the translation. says right here rips her face off. oh god there’s even a picture. just remember don’t do drugs because an Owl may just to rip your face off

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  1. [whispering] featherpants

    I knew there was a more scientific word for people! "apes of the hamburger" smmfh & lmmfao.. now I'm gonna need a bodycast, think I hurt myself.

  2. Wow these videos are amazing!! I haven't laughed this much in a long time! We are binge watching them! The Angler fish one is really funny and the first one we watched. I hope you are still making videos!

  3. How is it that I'm just discovering this channel? And that Walter Matthau is still living to narrate it?! I'm in hooter 🦉 heaven. ♥️🙋‍♀️🍃

  4. zefrank1: "have you seen my mother? and the owl says…"
    me: "who?"
    zefrank1: "why the hell would I know where your mother is?"

  5. Morgan Freedman narrated this mans birth with unusual gusto as one of his tears was drank by the bebe thus this man was born with a much more deep and rich voice than the lesser homans, that is how a Zefrank1 do.

  6. Owls are twisted little, sadistic freaks. There is one that lives in the tree outside my shop door. When I finish/stop a project late at night, he/she likes to sit in a branch about head height and do this scream at me as I get the door pulled closed. Freaking thing is about 3' or 4' from my head. I'm getting use to it now, . . . kinda. But the first time, I screamed back, dropped everything I was carrying, and ran back into the shop. I think I crapped myself too. To add insult, and this might have only been in my head but, I would almost swear, I heard it snicker like Snidely Whiplash's dog Muttley afterwards. Now, even though I know its coming and mentally I'm prep for it, it still freaks me out and makes me jump every time. I'm being punked by an owl.

  7. "True facts"?
    Are there any "false facts" then?
    Fact by definition is true so "false fact" is an oxymoron and doesn't exist.

  8. i wanst fascinated by the owl: i was fascinated by your words n expression.
    and so the whole point of view is not to do drugs 🤔

  9. That last part about drugs isn't funny for me. There's 2 owls in my building.

    Idk how they ended up there. Barn owls xD

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