Trish Regan: Andrew McCabe walking free is ‘a total injustice’

Trish Regan: Andrew McCabe walking free is ‘a total injustice’

100 thoughts on “Trish Regan: Andrew McCabe walking free is ‘a total injustice’

  1. I've been repeating this on video after video here lately!

    It's no secrete anymore; these people are pushing for a civil war! They are truly hoping some deranged Trump voter/supporter loses their grip on reality and fires the 1st shot doing enough damage to give the lunatic/suicidal left a reason to enact their "endgame" protocol!

  2. How is it an injustice trumps own prosecutors his own justice department couldn’t get anything on the guy it’s not like the Attorney General won’t prosecute the president they tried to prosecute this man problem is they couldn’t prove he did anything trump administration let him walk

  3. It's not about the friggan wall! Democrats want border security yes, but they don't want Trump. Maybe they are saying some of the same things that Trump is saying, and a whole lot of things that Trump isn't saying, like no more fracking, no more coal. No more lying. It's not too much to ask for clean air is it? WE NEED A PRESIDENT THAT GETS ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION. Everything else is moot.

  4. This is what I call a typical example of “Liberal Fascism “ .
    This my advice to President Trump : either you exercise your constitutional power to protect innocent Americans from unequal justice and unfair and brutal treatment by the corrupt system or they eventually will come after you and they will eat you alive.

  5. I want to know what Republican(s) is(are) allowing this, and / or, why are we NOT doing Justice correctly, period !!! All these obvious lies, and crimes from Dems and I am tired of them having NO Accountability.

  6. William Barr Auto investigate all them a hose in the Senate and find out who's paying them money to say what they're saying on national

  7. This is part of the plan and if it isn't That is how they need to deal,with this divide Pole low ski and her clowns have created.

  8. just to put this in prospective: the person saying that Barr should be ashamed and embarrassed is the one who lied about being in Vietnam over and over again. Really do these politicians have any shame at all.

  9. MCCABE WAS ACQUITTED proving there is no deep state. Hannity, Pirro, Carlson, Gowdy, Jordan, Gaetz, McCarthy and others now have s__t on their faces for falsely saying every day there was a deep state trying to bring Trump down. It is proven that Trump is bringing himself down with his criminal acts.

  10. Was anyone surprised, or am I just completely jaded? This was about the Democrats hatred for the President. Just like the list of things they – and the possibly worse RINOs – have launched against the President, and definitely worse, against truth.
    I have never seen real justice on earth, and it's honestly just getting too tough to take. I love this country so much, and it's just heartbreaking that there are people sitting in every branch of Government who hate it. It sucks to feel so helpless.

  11. Tragically traitor Obama is very intelligent, he has paid off enough people in the right place s, yes lieing media. Now F B I COMEY MCCABE I SUSPECT WILL WALK. NO I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN BARR EITHER

  12. McCabe didn't lie, therefore no charges. Stone lied about Russian contacts and undermining America! Wake up and vote BLUE IN NOVEMBER!🤗

  13. The message is clear: McCabe is one of us and we do not prosecute our own. We will do as we please and will never under any circumstances beheld accountable for anything.

  14. Bloomberg invited the Hillary to steal the White House again, Bloomberg is crazy, he won't be able to be a candidate, the one who should win in that corrupt race, except the Bernie, Bernie Sanders should win, and then lose with Donald Trump in November, Bernie is the most honest they have, the thief mafia of the Democratic Party does not want him but his supporters who support him are more than the others and in November they will lose, the one who will win will be the Party Republican who is the Party of the United States of America, TRUMP 2020

  15. Pray to GOD above and have patience, it takes the time needed to get to the bottom of the REAL evidence they have been hiding for many years. AG Barr IS getting to the bottom of it slowly and SURELY. He needs to be and IS BEING thorough so the guilty deep state folks CANNOT weasel out of the charges they are guilty of for treason and a coup against the sitting president. PERP walks are coming it is only a matter of time. Have patience AMERICA!

  16. Nothing ever changes. The Upper Tier of Justice will continue to live on. Whats so strange is to see Washington not even be embarrassed of jostled over it. Business as usual at DoJ, and we can do NOTHING about it.

  17. I like the stat on the pardons 212 and commutations 1715 from Obama, how corrupt! I believe the DOJ has corrupt individuals inside the organization, will Wrey and Barr weed out the political hacks that are suppose to be impartial. Well one wonders, and what's slowing down the process?

  18. Go GET’em Trish!!!!!!U R A GREAT JOURNALIST!!! God bless u, darlin’
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Thank you Regan. Fire Barr now. Fire Wray. Close the FBI. Fire the coward DOJ attorneys in DC. Change the rule if it exists that these type of cases that affect the entire country must be brought in corrupt commie DC.

  20. Why prosecute a criminal for spitting on the sidewalk when you know you are going to get him for treason ? That man took an oath, he must have had his fingers crossed behind his back . When it comes to lying we are witnessing the best of the best. I think they actually believe they are required to lie. This people are sick .

  21. Outrageous, how could AG Barr do this? Who side is Barr on, he allowed a traitor from the FBI to go free even though he was quility. Gen. Flynn was never quilty of anything.

  22. Not only is it an injustice, but one of many reasons why there will never be any faith in our justice system or rule of law.

  23. "Tonight, a great injustice…" yes, indeed, a great injustice when Trish Regan attacks our 2nd Amendment rights via urging President Trump to ban "assault weapons". I am shocked and heartbroken over this. I can hardly believe this is true. I have LOVED Trish Regan until this very moment. But this is 100% unacceptable. Americans DO NOT support banning "assault weapons" as claimed nor do I care if they do. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

  24. McCabe will be arrested with new more serious charges in a couple of weeks. Arrests coming within a few weeks. Barr is preparing the people sleeping with respects to the Deep State Dems…Arrests 100% on the horizon.

  25. Are the Demo’s the only ones that can charge someone, and they can just choose who ever they want?
    Where are the law people that is going to arrest the dirty Demo’s?

  26. McCabe is not going to get off. We still have the John Durham Criminal investigation. We have to be patient and let the DOJ under AG Barr do their work. As much as I enjoy President Trumps Tweets I wish he would go after the 5th Column and the DNC not those that are doing Americas Business. I disagree with his FBI Pick always have and would like to see Christopher Wray Replaced or made to talk to the Senate. The President is getting Americas Administration ready for the next 4 Years. Now it is up to US the American Voter to give President Trump every bit pf Support we can and that means to Vote a Straight Republican Ticket in November. If every American that are going to Vote for President Trump Also vote Republican for House and Senate Not only will President Trump Win the Republicans will take the house and put an end of the "Obstruction of America" Of Nancy, Schumer And the DNC.

  27. Low-hanging fruit little ride soon enough when Trump takes down to big fish that's what he's after the big 🐟
    Oooobummer 💩🐍

  28. And once again the hard working American people get zero justice and once again, the Socialist Deep State proves why they are the true untouchables. Thus far their record is around 10-0 while the other side is 0-10. Who says Communism died with the Berlin Wall? Ole McCabe was pushing some major BS and took his own BS on Colbert and the Deep State late night talk show circuit. Then his BS cost the U.S taxpayers around $30 million for a BS Mueller investigation which McCabe knew was BS but the taxpayers fitted the bill for the BS.

  29. So now are you not convinced that we live under a Socialist/leftist Authoritarian Dictatorship??We are ruled by an .unelected, appointed, permanent Bureauocracy.

  30. I don't understand also. Why Barr is letting those swamp solders go free? Is he afraid of the Dems,their allies the fake media and their paid to lie commentator ? All Trump people are given into the hand of swamp Prosecutors, swamp judges and swamp Investigator whose judgement is fueled by hate for Trump. Sad

  31. It's only part of what McCabe did that he's going free for. There are still the FISA warrants he falsified and other activities that he will still have to answer for


  33. I keep seeing media talking about the result, but nobody asking the first, simple question: why? Did anyone ask why they didn't charge him? Or are they doing the typical lazy media nonsense of not asking questions and just reporting statements from the government as if they're mouthpieces. Do we know if they flipped McCabe and are working up the food chain?

  34. As Trey Gowdy stated, the DA had trouble with the McCabe indictment and would not have gotten a conviction for the charges, however, it does NOT clear him of the FISA court charges. Andrew McCabe is still in a lot of hot water!

  35. Find It Most Frustrating That The DOJ Will Not Prosecute McCabe😡It’s Just More Proof That The DOJ, FBI And CIA Are Still Run By The Deep State Clinton/Obama Crime Family Not Our POTUS😡👍🇺🇸🦅

  36. Watching Fox And Friends Sunday Morning And Chris Wallace Sunday Night Who was Obnoxious And Disrespectful And Very InterruptedYesterday And Was Enough To Make Me Puke😡It Appears The  New Socialist/Communist Democrat Party Has Been Putting More Heat On Fox To Join CNN And MSM In Criticizing President Trump IE Daytona 500 Is A Total Disappoint To Us 90 + Million And Growing Daily True Patriots Who Support Our Duly Elected POTUS And Fox Should Know We Will Turn On Them As Fast As They Are Turning On Us And Our President😡 👍 🇺🇸 🦅

    Chris Wallace You No Longer Have Any Credibility With America! Especially Presidents Trumps 90 Million +And Growing Every Day True Patriotic Supporters And Chris We Will See Your Ratings Drop Like The Fox 3PM Host Schepp The Schlep Who Spewed The Same Anti Trump Bias The Idiot Who Ratings Fell So Low He Was Fired And We Hope Your Ratings Plummet Like His Did Because Of Your Despicable Bias Also! America Let Fox Know How You Feel  👍 🇺🇸 🦅

  37. Trish, I agree, and anyone with 1/2 a brain can see it. The answer to that would be interesting, to say the least, Double standard is destroying our country and our belief and true protections under 2nd amendment attack all done on purpose. Trying to understand and find true answers to that many have fallen.

  38. Impeached Trump and his corrupt team of Clowns, prove their are no laws. President Obama's Admin – nobody jailed. Impeached Trump the whole party will be going to jail.

  39. Poor Lady selling her soul and with a straight face. Impeached Trump has told over 15 thousand lies and the Republicans, Fox News just gloss over them.

  40. all are scum, stone, trump and mcabe should go to jail. if trump wants to pardon stone, just wait until he is sentenced, not tweet.

  41. Truth wins in the end. The top FBI and Justice Dept echelon that drag this institution in the mud they will pay one way or the other. Justice will prevail especially to one who judges without mercy no mercy will be given him in his judgement Mercy does triumph. Those crooked cops are not off the hook and it will only get worse before it gets better. Bringing closure to this quagmire.

  42. This is getting outrageous! no wonder Trump is upset. It's not that he wants to tell Barr and the DOJ what to do…he wants them to do something…arrest criminals who went after him and people in his 2016 election! Barr is apart of the boys club…Muellur, Rosenstein, Comey and the like…no justice in our time is a serious injustice!

  43. More propaganda! He was not acquitted. You have to have a trial. He really has to put his face on a two dollar bill? For real? He is not a Christian, never was, never will be. He's a cheating, lying, womanizing, narcissistic, money grubbing, braggart! So are his siblings, if you can call them that. Have a Trump steak with a nice glass of Trump Chianti and some fava beans. Economy has never been better? What good is an economy without a planet? It started with Earth First. That was basically bulldozed. Now it's the Extinction Rebellion, and they are getting treated the same way. As far as the health of the planet, good luck Trumpers, your grandkids are gonna be breathing zero oxygen, big methane, carbon dioxide, cow dung, pig slopping, monster truck rally, totally polluted air. No scent of blossoms or birds bringing joy to the world. This next year is going to see real ocean rise, look forward to it, only to see Trump eating his words! Soon, very soon.

  44. Bill Barr is useless. Republicans rejoiced when Trump nominated him, and then when the Senate confirmed him but what the hell has he done. No Democrat has been held responsible for their despicable and illegal actions while Republicans get lengthy prison sentences. And I have ZERO faith in the Durham report.

  45. Trish I must just come out and say,…You are looking absolutely Fabulous! Total knock out! And to the haters,..No I will NOT apologize for saying this! A red blooded male can only take so much. Oh and I also love your hard hitting truths on what is really going on with this swamp! Thank you.

  46. Andrew McCabe followed the law and the appropriate protocol when he found out Trump is a Russian asset. He did his job and broke no laws and no amount of idle threatening will change that. Weaponized justice investigations are as disgraceful as congressional ones like benghazi. Fox News you should be ashamed of yourselves for pandering to Russian talking points.

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