Touching Dead Bugs – 10 Minute Power Hour

Touching Dead Bugs – 10 Minute Power Hour

*music* Arin: Hi. Hey! Woaah! Hey! Hey!
Dan: Oh, hey! Oh, hey! A: HEY! WOAH!
D: WOO! Hello! A: YEAAAAAH!!! D: Welcome to the 10 Minute- D: …Power Hour. A: We’re going to p- A: Can you see that? D: Yeah, let’s- Well, you just pointed right at it. D: Welcome to the 10 Minute Power Hour. That’s Arin Hanson and I’m Daniel Avidan and today- A: Is that how you pronounce it? D: Yeah. *balloons rustling/squeaking* D: Ohh! D: It’s flying awaaay! A: It wasn’t… wasn’t enough balloons. D: It’s pretty flawless. A: Just wrap it up. *dinosaur and cup crashing to the ground* A: What are we doing today, Dan? D: I don’t know. A: Oh, I- I’m the one who knows.
D: Yeah. A: It’s- We’re doing… A: …Taxidermyyyy! D: Oh my God! A: With our special guest, Suzy, my wife! D: It’s Suzanne Berhow! A: She’s beautiful, and I love her! Suzy: [mouthing] No… D: [laughs] A: What do you mean, “No?” S: Are you guys ready? A: Yeah!
D: Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. D: Come on over. A: Come on over. Bring your chair, ladies. S: Hi guys, welcome to 10 Minute Power Hour! D: Yaaaaay!
[Suzy giggles] S: I’m your host, Suzy Berhow, and today we’re gonna be taxiderming some bugs! A: [softly] Oh, shit. D: I cannot wait. D: Teach us how, Suzy, because I don’t know anything. D: Do you have bugs? A: Where are your materials? S: I have them all right here. D: [excited gasp] A: She’s gonna get them. D: So, how are you guys? D: Everything good? Tucker: Don’t talk to us. D: Okay. A: How come Dan gets the clean one and I get the one that’s, like, covered in bug shit? S: So you guys have everything you need. You have your boards- Don’t smell it. A: [weird gagging noise] S: These are your pins; you guys will share. And then these are… important. S: All right. (D: Okay.) So, to get started, I’m gonna give you each a Luna Moth. A: Oh, the Luna Moth is so beautiful! S: There you go. These ones are from Georgia, here in the United States. S: Go ahead and reach in there and pull it out. D: It’s more moist then I wanted it to be… A: What do you mean, “Pull it out?” I’m gonna fuckin’… D: Can I just shake it out? S: Yeah! I mean, be gentle. A: [gagging] S: It’s kind of got the consistency of wet paper towel. So you really want to be careful with it.
A: [continuously gagging] D: Euughh… S: Look, you did it!
A: [still gagging]
D: [giggles] A: It’s beautif- [gags again] D: [giggles] D: How’d you get it out? Did you touch the wing? A: I just ripped the bag open, and fuckin’ (D: Ohh.) dumped it out on the stupid piece of wood. D: That’s a smart idea. A: Sorry. I didn’t mean to call your piece of wood stupid. *Funky Jams* A: You want us to… rip the legs off this tiny little creature? A: What if it hurts him? S: [as the dead moth] Hi, Dan! Nice to see you! D: Nooo! Don’t personify him! S: [still the dead moth] What’re you doin’, Dan? A: Oh, he’s so fluff- his fluff is coming off on me!! A: Nooo! His fluff is rubbing off on my fingers! S: You gotta be more delicate. A: What do you mean more delicate?! [Dan screams] How am I supposed to hold it if its fluff is coming off? S: You’re yelling! You’re gonna make Dan scared. D: Yeah, I am s- AAAA! AAGH!! D: Oh, I don’t like it!! D: [intermittent yells of disgust] S: You got it. You got it. * p o p * D: AAAAAA-HA-HAAAUGH A: AH! He’s got little pricks! He pricked my finger! D: Okay… S: Perfect, Dan!
A: Oh, no… D: Thank you. S: Wow… Dan’s beating you. D: Yeah. A: What do you mean he’s beating me? D: In the race to rip off an innocent creature’s legs. A: Yeah, he’s beating the insects… S: He’s dead. S: I promise he can’t feel anything. D: [uncomfortable laugh] D: It’s just gross ’cause, like, it extends when you pull it… D: Like, “Yes, take my hand!” Then you rip the whole thi-… Ugh… S: Now, for some bugs, you will leave the legs on. But for butterflies and moths when you display them- S: -it’s better if you take them off ’cause it’s easier to display them. A: Okay. Did it.
D: Okay, and- S: And we’re gonna frame these in the office afterwards, right? D: Oh! No shit!
S: I’m sure this will be really nice. A: I did your dirty deed, Suzy. S: Okay, great. D: What do I do with the legs? S: Uh- D: Do I sweep them into this? S: Put ’em on this. *more Funky Music* S: You gotta hold it yourself, Dan. You’re gonna prick me. A: Oh no, I lost an antenna! Suzy, nooo! S: That happens. You gotta be more delicate, Arin. A: What do you mean be more delicate? You just said rip his legs off! A: The hell is delicate about that?! D: [giggles] D: My pin is kind of coming out the side, is that bad? D: Does it need to be from the-? A: Mine’s in the dead center, ’cause I’m epic. S: We’ll make it work! I’m just narrating it.
D: Okay… S: So, I mean, whichever way you do it, we’ll make it work. S: This is, like, the most complicated 10 Minute Power Hour ever. A: Look how fucking fuzzy my goddamn thumb is! look at this fuzz! A: There’s like a hundred fuzzes on here! D: Pin it down through the… S: Oh! D: Like that? S: I forgot. Don’t put the pin through the wing. D: Ah. S: You put the pin through the card. A: That’s why you use the card. D: Ahhh-ohh! S: Arin gets it. Yeah, look at you~! A: [goofy voice] i’M LeArNinG S: You’re breaking the wing… A: I’m not breaking it, what do you mean? D: How’s that look? S: You know, that’s a lot better, Dan. D: Thanks, Suzy! S: I really like that.. D: That’s an F+! A: Suzy, I- A: I gotta redo it… (2x) A: NO- What do you mean I’m breaking it? Which wing am I breaking?! S: It’s breaking right h-
A: [shrill scream]
S: [giggles] D: That wing is one step closer to the edge… D: …and it’s abOUt to brEAK! A: [laughs]
D: [laughs at his own Funny Joke] S: That was really good. A: [laughs] D: Look at that, Tucker. D: Does that fuckin’… jerk your gherkin? A&D: [laugh] S: Did you get the… uh- A&D: [still laughing]
S: [patiently waiting for them to be professionals] S: Did you get the antennas secured? D: The antennas secured? S: Yours is already perfectly shaped.. D: Yaaay! A: Yeah… Oh, good job winning the fuckin’… A: …gene pool lottery, dude.
D: [laughs] D: [genuinely] Thank you. A: Asshole. D: [laughs] S: Wow, Arin, that looks so much better! A: Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?
S: Wow~! D: Oh, that does look good.
A: It’s fuckin’ great. S: If I was gonna give it another grade, it’s not asymmetrical in this V-shape on the other side. S: But that’s fine. S: We have another bug to do now. *more Funky Fresh Jams* D: [high-pitched scream] D: He’s looking at me!!! D: Hold on, let me turn him around so he’s looking away. A: [whispering] Don’t look at me…
D: Eugh… D: Oh, God, why are the legs so long and spindly? D: Ohhh- OH! AUHGH! D: I hate this part! A: Hey! This guy’s got a long proboscis! S: He does, does he?
D: He does. A: Look at his curly little proboscis!! S: Oooooo!
A: [giggle of pure joy] D: Do we rip that off too? Like an animal?
S: Woooo! A: It’s got a huge proboscis! A: Are you gonna extend his proboscis?
A: [joyful laughter] A: He uses that to drink nectar from flowers and such! S: That’s right~! S: Wow, Arin! [laughter in background] D: [inaudible]
A: [laughs] S: Here you go ~ A: Thank you. Ross?: Good job, buddy! A&D: [laughing] D: Who’s havin’ a special science day? [all three laugh] A: Do you want a staaaar sticker~?
S: It’s true! A: I think my butterfly is crook’d… S: Y’know, I thought that you’re going for more like a resting position? S: Like he’s, like, resting on a… flower. A: Did I fuck it up? A: Oh, I’m such an idiot. S: It looks like he’s resting! It’s a more natural pose. Some people like the natural pose. A: Yeah, I… went for that. That was my intention. A: So, thank you for noticing.
D: Is mine good? Mine’s kind of flopping up… A: [huge laughter] D: Suzy- Alright… A: He’s just saying hi, dude! A: He’s like, “Hellooooo!”
D: Like, “Suuup!” S: You know, it’s great. D: He’s got [claps] personALITY! A&D: [laughing] * f u n k y j a m s * A: Its adorable little antennas get in the fuckin’ way. D: Fuck him!! S: Are you getting mad? A: Yeah. S: This is supposed to be calming. A: What do you mean calming? Shit’s breakin’ all over the place. S: Come on, Arin. Do your breathing exercises. A: [breathing?] * funky music * D: OOOOH, NOOooooo! D: Whoaaa, grOSS! D: I’m actually a little grossed out by this.
S: Here you go~! A: Look at him. He’s cool! S: These are some Rhino Beetles. Ross: That’s my favorite bug! R: Now I’m interested!
D: Maybe he’s just sleeping… A: It looks like the tip of my wiener! [laughs] S: You gotta… uh… stretch out the legs. A: What the fuck?! D: Oooooh, God. I wish you’d done that with mine…
S: You don’t pull ’em off… S: You just stretch ’em out! A: Stop, stop! You’re ruining it. S: Oh! I should probably say… S: Uh… I have been approached by the Los Angeles Natural History Museum- S: -to preserve their bug collection for them, as well. D: Whoa! S: Unfortunately, it was not a paid position so I had to turn it down. D: Fair enough. S: But- So, if people like ever wonder about my accreditation… There you go. D: Gotta make that paper, boo boo. D: How’s that? S: That’s great! D: Yeah? S: Yeah! Do the other side. D: [uncomfortable laugh] D: It doesn’t- I don’t know if I’m doing this right, cuz it kind of looks like he’s flying. Like- D: wEeeEEeEeEEE!
S: [giggles] S: We’ll secure him more (2x)
A: Hey, look at him. A: Look at him; he’s silly! Look at how silly he is! [laughs] He’s jumping for joy! A: [imitating dead beetle] h-yAAa! D: I’m sure he’d be happy to know we’re having fun with his corpse. A: [imitating dead beetle again] yAAa! S: So, the next part’s the hard part. You’re gonna lift up this… (crunCH) D: [disgusted groan] D: [uncomfortable laugh] D: Our producer, Hanna, did not have a good reaction to that cracking sound… (cruncH) D: hOHhhh, no… D: Yes… D: Yes, it feels good on my skin. A&S: [laughing] S: Oh, this one you almost had there! D: I-I almost- D: Ugh… D: I don’t know what the difference between, like, the Good Crunch and the You’re-Ruining-This-Thing Crunch. A: Oh, I think they’re the same crunch. D: Are they basically…? S: [quietly] Alright. A: I don’t- I don’t know that bugs were meant to be pinned on a board of wood. S: So, now that you have the wing shells up, you’re gonna go ahead and take out the wing. A: It feels like plastic; it doesn’t feel real. D: It really doesn’t. D: Oh, I fucked up the pin… A: Do I pin him? S: Mhm! S: No, not through him. A: No? Nooo…
S: No. Here, I’m gonna get some pins for you. Here you go. A: Mmmmmm… A: Scary. A: Okay. Okay.
D: [laughs] “Scaryyy.” S: So, what you’re gonna do is place it between the head and the leg so like- S: -right here. S: On all four sides to kind of hold them in place, and then you’re gonna pin the wings just like the butterfly wings. A: Ow, I pricked myself. S: Wait ’til you see what we have for the last bug… D: Oh, crap.
A: The last bug?! A: I don’t have any more room! D: Yeah, I didn’t leave much room… S: I brought another board; don’t worry. We’re safe. D: Cool. S: We needed something bigger for the bug. A: I had it posed, and now it’s not posed! D: Sounds like it’s going well over there. D: Ross, don’t eat McDonald’s in here! R: I was bringin’ Suzy her fries! D: Oh, okay. [laughs] S: I can’t eat ’em right now. R: I’m just telling you it’s here. S: Oh, thank you, Ross. R: I got us some McDonald’s. S: Thanks, Ross. D: Allie, throw some fries into my mouth.
S: You’re so sweet. D: No, no, I- No, it’s okay. Allie: [laughing] I’m like, “Alright!” S: Wow, Arin! Look at that! D: Yours look beautiful. R: [laughing] And a Chicken McNugget!
S: Nooo. D: Ohhh, God.
R: [laughing] S: Alright. [everyone talking over each other] D: Wait- Actually, Ross- D: Can you- Can you hand me a chicken nugget please? R: [still laughing] Here you go. D: Thank you. S: I’m actually so hungry. I can’t believe you guys are eating- R: You want some sweet and sour sauce, man? D: No, thank you, no.
R: Okay, cool. D: I’m just gonna…
A: [laughing] A: It might as well be preserved forever.
[laughing in the background] D: Yeah that’s just what I want. [giggles] * crank those funky tunes, baby * A: [strained] It’s a spider… A: Hooray… D: Oh, God, it’s so fucking disgusting! A: What, you don’t like it? D: Augh. God. A: What, it’s not your friend? D: There’s something about this that’s so much worse- A: What, you don’t want more of it? D: [horrified yell]
A: You don’t want it? D: Get it away!! D: Get it away. S: I think he’s kind of cute. D: Ugh…
S: You don’t like him? D: Suzy…
A: He looks like he’s you know, he’s- S: Look at his teeth! D: Suzy…
A&S: [laughing] D: I swear, I would never hit anyone, but I- I- I will start swinging wildly. S: Look at all his eyes! A: It looks like he’s doing, like, that cat stretch, you know where they’re like- [stretching noise] S: Yeah!
A: See, he’s doing that. S: Look at- Babe, you’re so cute~.
A: Oh, gosh! [giggles] S: Well, you can start pulling on his- not pulling out, but pulling- S: -them around like we did with the beetle. Kind of arranging them. D: When his legs are spread out it like- like a- D: -normal spider. It doesn’t bother me as much it’s only when it was, like- D: [wheeze] “I’m tobogganing towards you!”
S: Ready to pounce? D: Like, it fucking… ughH! S: Look at that, Arin! A: Look at that. He’s beautiful! S: So, now, this is a basic arrangement. S: You guys wouldn’t know-
A: [sarcastic] Oh, I’m sorry Suzy! S: This would work for- D: “What my basic bitch husband here has completed.” D&S: [laugh] A: I did it. (4x) D: Thank you…
A: Yes! S: Yeah, look at that! A: Do you like that shit? S: Yeah, it looks great. A: Yeah, that’s fucking right you like it. S: So sexy. D: Oh, my God, guys. Fucking… D: Keep it in the- D: GeT a ScIEnce rOoM! A: [laughing] A: GeT a LAb, yoU GuYs! D: [laughing] A: “A science room?” D: I couldn’t think of the word ‘lab.’
A: [laughs] D: It’s too… It’s too complicated. [everyone giggling] D: I put my s- I… I put my spider’s leg up. D: So, he’s kinda doing like a…
A: [laughing] I like how you pinned the leg separately! D: …like a little, “See you later boys!” A&S: [laughing] A: Dude, this shit fucking kills me. [laughs]
D: Yeah? D: Thanks. D: It’s nice and secure. A: [still laughing] D: You can barely tell! D: I don’t know, Arin, which leg are you talking about? There’s eight to choose from! A: What do you think of mine? [hacks out of nowhere] D: Yours actually looks amazing. A: Thanks. It’s got a little smiley face on the back. S: You guys did really great. S: I’m really proud of how everything turned out. I mean, your guys’s displays are… S: …truly one-of-a-kind. D: Don’t disturb the nugget, please. [Ross dying of laughter] S: Uh, I-I’m- S: -so proud of you guys. Uh… S: Thanks for having me on so we can do this- S: -fun October…
D: Allie! S: …insect pinning class…
A: You want French fries? D: Thank you, Suzy. D: Anyway, thank you for joining us on the 10 Minute Power Hour. We hope you enjoyed this! A: Thanks for having Suzy with, uh- thanks for Suzy having… A: Thanks for coming, Suzy.
D: Thanks, Suzy! S: Yeah, thanks for having me. A: Yeah, you can check her out at her Instagram @mortemer. S: Yeah, or, uh, my store Psychic Circle. S: I sell some pinned bugs there. A: S: Yeah, but, uh, thanks for having me. You guys did great. S: I’m actually impressed how well you did. S: I’ll frame these guys up for you, and you guys can see what they look like when they’re all done. D: That’s awesome. D: Alright, on the count of three, everyone smell their hands.
A: Okay. D: Okay, ready?
A&D: One, two, three. D: OOOOOOOH- * smooth and funky outro tunes * translation : ?v=XTnlsKÑÌÍ

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  1. My friend does the same thing with bugs sometimes I'll collect them for her. This grosses me out sometimes but it's awesome, she'll also take dead animals that haven't been touched in plaster casings.

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  4. This is honestly one of the best episodes of the 10min power hour.
    It’s so cute, gross, facinating and geberally entertaining i love it.

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  6. Arin: [smells it and makes a stupid face hissing because it stinks]

    Suzy, gently: Don't smell it

    Dan: [smells it also]

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