Top 10 Oldest Anti Heroes

Top 10 Oldest Anti Heroes

Huntress – 1989 Helena Bertinelli was a member of the Bertinelli
crime family who turned to a life of vigilantism after the rest of her family was murdered. She trained for years as an assassin and returned
to Gotham to get revenge on the families responsible for her family’s death, all while pretending
that she was just the innocent survivor of the hit on her family. Just your average Helena Bertinelli. When in truth she was secretly taking out
the criminals around her. Due to the fact that she often kills those
she hunts and is very violent, she has the label of anti-hero. Though over the years, working with the Birds
of Prey team she has tried to reform herself somewhat when it comes to the violence. . Welcome back, nerd squad. While evil and good have been around for what
seems like forever, it might also surprise you that those that represent the grey area
between what we consider to be morally good or just and somewhat villainous have existed
for almost as long. Almost. While the idea of anti-hero didn’t become
mainstream till later in the comic book world, today they have become one of the most celebrated
kinds of heroes. Why is this? When we think of a vigilante they already
could be considered kind of controversial inherently as they are in their own way anti-establishment. These are super powered people who decided
to take the law into their own hands when it comes to deciding what is right and what
is wrong. But anti-heroes go beyond this, questioning
not just who should dole out justice but being even more controversial in regards to how
criminals should be punished with those anti-heroes methods being considered somewhat controversial
themselves. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of
the anti-heroes who were the first on the scene to be celebrated and questioned by some
comic book readers and what they stand for as we countdown the top 10 oldest anti-heroes. Be sure to stick around till the end of this
list where I will have some bonus content coming your way. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Helena Wayne as Huntress – 1977 Before Helena Bertinelli was Huntress we had
Helena Wayne. Helena Wayne was the daughter of Bruce Wayne
and Selina Kyle, Batman and Catwoman respectively. Although she didn’t come from a crime family,
she was still heavily trained by her parents and eventually took up the mantle Huntress
as a vigilante. Like the main continuity Huntress she was
also known for being more violent than was acceptable. After her mother’s death she moved out and,
blaming the criminal Sily Cernak for her mother’s death, as he had blackmailed Selina into returning
to a life of a crime as Catwoman, Helena Wayne set out for revenge. 9
Venom – 1984/88 Venom would technically make its first appearance
in issue 252 of volume on of the Amazing Spider-Man but it wouldn’t be until almost fifty issues
later, in issue 299 that the suit would develop a mind of it’s own, errr… well really
bind it’s mind with that of Eddie Brock’s and be introduced to us again as Venom. Once Eddie got his hands on the suit, he began
to plot sweet revenge Peter Parker. But during his first appearance, Peter who
was also rocking a black and white suit at the time, albeit not the symbiotic one–I
know, confusing—was not at home. So instead Venom ran into MJ in her and Peter’s
apartment, scaring her senseless. Eddie would go onto terrorize Peter but the
two would at time reluctantly team-up to take on even bigger bads, as despite kind of being
a bad guy Eddie had a sort of moral code. He definitely didn’t like to kill innocent
civilians and tried to avoid when it was possible. The two teamed up to take on villains like
Carnage and eventually Eddie would become a hero in his own right. He’s probably got one of the best story
arcs in comics because of his gradual transformation since his introduction as Venom in 88. 8
John Constantine – 1985 Constantine made his first appearance in Swamp
Thing volume 2 issue 37. He is known as an occult detective from England
who likes to do things his own way. He’s somewhat violent and reckless with
somewhat of a disregard for the smaller things. To John sometimes you have to have break few
eggs or sacrifice a few souls to make an omelet and as long as it is for the greater good,
he’s sometimes fine with that. In his own series Hellblazer which started
in 1988 and ran for over 300 issues the original tone of the series was quite dark because
the series also came out of DC’s Vertigo line which was known for being one of the
darkest imprints that DC had. Of course sadly Vertigo is no more but in
it’s place we now have the stunning DC Black Label. 7
V – 1982 V comes to us from Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s
series, V for Vendetta. He is a mysterious character also known as
patient #5 who is said to be one of the many victims of abuse in a “resettlement” camp
run by the facist and villainous Norsefire-ruled government. It is believed that V was a test subject at
the camp who escaped. He then adopted the mantle V and began to
work on building an anarchistic uprising to topple the oppressive regime. His methods were meant to appear morally ambiguous
so that readers could decide how to see him, as a hero or as a madman. V made his first appearance in the series
Warrior, in issue number one. 6
Black Cat – 1979 Black Cat first introduced in The Amazing
Spider-Man volume 1, issue 194 as a thief. And that she would continue to be for a long
time. But she was also introduced as a love interest
for Spider-Man which she would also continue to be for some time. Distracting Spidey with a kiss, she was able
to get away with the goods she needed and succeeded in breaking her dad out of jail
as a result. Though we wouldn’t learn his relation to
her until the next issue. Being a mysterious figure with self-serving
motives has always left her painted as anti-hero, even when she has heroic intentions at heart. Although Felicia Hardy has played both sides
before as well, being a full on hero and full on criminal at times. 5
Punisher – 1974 Probably one of the most iconic when it comes
to the idea of what an anti-hero is, Frank Castle was also one of the first. It’s likely because of him as well that
the idea of seeking revenge became a somewhat dark one. The Punisher’s main quest is to get vengeance,
not just for himself but for others whom he thinks deserve it. Originally she turned to a life of vigilantism
after the death of his family who happened to be on a picnic at the wrong place at the
wrong time and were witnesses to something they shouldn’t have been. As such they were eliminated by the mob. Despite also being shot, Frank survived the
attack though the rest of his family died, and he swore revenge. He is also known for being an overly violent
hero who fights with guns which is something more heroes look down upon, preferring to
use non-lethal force. The Punisher would achieve next level anti-hero
status when he also became the first anti-hero to kill the entire Marvel universe in 1995
in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. Paving the way for another popular anti-hero,
Deadpool, to also do so, years later. 4
Wolverine – 1974 Logan being considered a little more rough
around the edges and animalistic is what quickly granted him anti-hero status. As far as superheroes go, he was different. He made his first full appearance in The Incredible
Hulk volume 1 issue 181. Since the beginning, his violent nature and
broodiness has made him both well-loved by fans but sometimes disliked by other heroes. He also has less hang ups when it comes to
killing, even suggesting at times that it’s the best course of action when dealing with
villains and having a pretty big thing for mercy killing. This has also made Logan one of the biggest
anti-heros in the X-Men world. 3
Magneto – 1963 Magneto has been known as the foil to X-Men’s
Professor Xavier for years. Xavier also was the leader of the X-Men while
Magneto was the leader of the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who were often the X-Men’s
enemies. Still Magneto does what he does often to make
the life of mutants better, albeit through punishing humanity. And while he has spent a lot of time being
a villain, over the years he has definitely shifted to more anti-hero, especially in the
new Dawn of X mutant relaunch where he often works alongside Charles. 2
Catwoman – 1940 Catwoman has always operated more on the edge
of right and wrong since her introduction. Which is part of the huge appeal when it comes
to her and has been part of the huge problem in regards to her on and off again relationship
with Batman. Though Batman wasn’t really a saint either
when it came to his early days. When Catwoman first appeared in Batman volume
1 issue 1 it was as a jewel thief and Batman at the time was engaged. Still he was tempted to join her and become
her king of crime but when he refused her she managed to escape his clutches, sneaking
away. Batman hoped he’d run into her again, despite
her criminal tendencies. And his wish would be granted. Catwoman would even team up with Batman and
join him in his acts of heroism, though originally it would often be for her own motives alone. 1
Namor – 1939 Namor is an interesting one. When he first debuted in Motion Picture Funnies
Weekly, it was a young prince attacking land-dwellers, seeking revenge for his people. He would then go onto join the fight in WW2,
fighting against nazis with heroes such as Captain America. Later he would forget who he was and only
regain his memories when he was accidentally knocked into the ocean in the original Fantastic
Four series by Johnny Storm. He would discover that the kingdom that was
his underwater home had been destroyed by the humans’ wars nuclear bomb tests and as
a result would attack the land, becoming a villain. Since then he has done a variety of good and
not always so good things but what remains constant is that Namor’s methods have pretty
much always been questionable. His return to being “good” but in his own
way and still while thinking very highly of himself made him an anti-hero. And while he is very passionate about protecting
his people, there is no doubt that this means he would also do anything to safeguard Atlantis,
regardless of how morally ambiguous or severe. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. Who are some of your favourite comic book
anti-heroes? Would you like to see more anti-hero teams? Do you prefer anti-heros or more a-typical
goody goody heroes? Or do you prefer villains maybe? Let us know in the comments below. And now time for some bonus content in the
form of an honorary mention. My honorary mention for this list is Batman. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics
in issue 27 and shortly after got his own self-titled series, Batman. In his own series he could be seen using guns,
hanging people, and basically showing a disregard for the murder of the criminals he pursued. It wasn’t until later in his vigilante career
that Batman would develop his no-kill, no-gun policy. Surprising? I know. But when revenge gets a hold of you, I guess
it turns almost everyone into an anti-hero. And that’s all she wrote today. This has been top 10 nerd, and I’m your
host, Amanda McKnight. You stay nerdy, YouTube.

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  2. I've always been pro-anti hero. It humanizes them, and the reader. I'm no golden boy, nor do I seek world domination. However as the saying goes, dont start none, won't be none.

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  4. To me the real, and I thought wonderful turn, for Magneto happened when Quicksilver (Max's son Pietro) and Crystal (Inhuman) had a child (Luna) who was not a mutant, and Grandpa-Max came to terms with this.
    As always thank you so very much for a wonderful video.

  5. I feel like Harley Quinn could have been a really good part of the list. Maybe she's not that much of an anti-hero today but…….part 2??

  6. Hulk is quite old since he appeared same time as Wolverine and can be anti-hero too. Like when he had no problem bashing Loki into the ground near the end of avengers 1 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Anti-heroes are better than straight-up heroes since it's refreshing to see them actually punish villains instead of just deciding to let the police ect do their job

  7. Defo AntiHero!
    I think you could have included Luke Cage in the list!
    From being framed for a crime he didn't commit! To being abused and experimented on in prison!
    To becoming Power-Man! Luke, was always walking that fine line between doing the Right thing! And, doing what he knew was Right!
    And, when you have near-invulnerable skin, healing factor, endurance, and strength that puts you in a class of heroes like Thing, Wonder-Man, & others! You tend to cut loose at times that can leave people really, "Busted Up & Bleedin'!"

  8. I prefer anti heroes with Wolverine being my favorite. The struggle they suffer with not having the same morals as other heroes is always interesting to me. I also would like to see more anti villains if that could be a thing

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