Top 10 Most Unlucky People Of All Time

Top 10 Most Unlucky People Of All Time

Unlucky People. Hello! Welcome back to Most Amazing! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we’re
talking about the Top 10 Unluckiest people of all time…. But if you fancy being super lucky today,
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in the future! Okay, unlucky people, here they are! 10 – Man Bitten on the Penis by a Deadly
Spider – TWICE! 21 year old Australian Builder, Jordan, was
bitten on his penis by a deadly poisonous red back spider while using the toilet. The bite caused his manhood to swell as one
of the symptoms he suffered of the bite. These things take time to recover from, however,
when he was back working onsite again, he used the portable toilets and was bitten AGAIN! That has GOT to hurt. His stint of bad luck earned him the title
of unluckiest man in Australia! 9 – Meet Britain’s Unluckiest Man
If that sounds like a Daily Mail headline, it is because he has been the focus of many
national tabloids discussing his ill fortune. They say a Cat has nine lives, but John Lyne
seems to have the lives of two cats! The British man is in his 60s, and during
his time he has been in over 17 accidents! He has been struck by lightning, run over
by a van and a bus, he was hit in the face by a catapulted rock, which smashed out eight
of his teeth, he nearly drowned, he fell down a man hole, damaging his legs and back, he
drunk bleach as a child and fell out of a tree and broke his arm! John jokingly vowed never to leave the house
again, although he did say he considers himself lucky to have survived his mishaps. Urrrrm…. So next up, Erik Norrie gives John Lyne a
good run for his money at number 8 Dubbed America’s unluckiest man, Erik has
been struck by lightning, bitten by a deadly rattlesnake, punched by monkey’s ….TWICE
and survived a shark attack. The odds on this kind of misfortune are insane
– the chance of being attacked by a shark alone are 1 in 11.5 million! Erik need skin grafts to save his damaged
leg. Unlucky or awesome, you decide at number 7
– we have the only known meteorite victim, Anne Hodges. Anne was hit by a space rock at her home in
Alabama in 1954. She received a whopping great bruise as the
rock tore through her house and hit her on her hip. The rock was still warm from burning through
the earth’s atmosphere! Not only did she get hit, the rock started
a bitter money battle. Meteorites are precious things. First scientists took it to test, then her
Landlord tried to claim ownership of it. In the end she was given it and hoped to sell
it, like a man down the road had with a piece that had hit his property. She was unable to sell it, suffered a nervous
break down and then died in a nursing home age 52. Imagine winning the lottery…..then losing
the ticket… well that is exactly what happened to Martyn and Kay Tott at number 6
Martyn and Kay Tott won 3 million pounds on the lottery in 2001….the only problem is,
they accidentally threw away their ticket. The couple tore their house up looking for
the ticket, which contained the same numbers they played every week. In the end they contacted Camelot, the lottery
officiator, who decided their claim was genuine, but as they had contacted them outside of
the allotted time for lost tickets, they could not give the pair the winnings. Gutted. What is worse, Martyn sought legal action
that cost him money, his mind and his wife. 5 – Sara Zelenak
Anyone caught up in a terror attack is extremely unlucky but Sara Zelenak, a 21 year old Australian
killed in a terror stabbing in June 2017, was especially unlucky. Not only had Sara moved from Australia to
England to become an Au Pair – she had narrowly escaped an attack months before on Westminster
bridge and had had tickets to the ill-fated Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester. On the evening she was killed, she was not
planning on going out. She was instead supposed to be babysitting,
but then the child’s grandmother stepped in at the last minute, meaning she was able
to meet her friends in Borough Market. Sadly she was stabbed when she became separated
from her friends. 4 – Roy Sullivan – struck by lightning seven
times. Roy’s story is an incredible one, but a
sad one. Roy was a Park ranger for most his life in
Virginia, in the United States. Roy was first struck by lightning in a crazy
storm in 1942, when he was 30 years old. He was hiding out from a storm in a fire tower
that was struck and ignited, he then escaped to be struck in the leg. He was struck AGAIN by lightning in 1969 IN
his truck, in 1970 in his front yard, in 1972 in a ranger station, in 1973 he was struck
out on patrol in a park, 1976 out in the open and in 1977 when he was out fishing! WHAT ON EARTH! He even said he thought that clouds would
often follow him! His wife was also struck once. The chance of being hit by lightning are 1
in 10 thousand….but I can’t even calculate what the odds are of being hit 7 times and
surviving. Apparently one in 22 septillion.. Sadly he killed himself aged 71. 3 Melanie Martinez
Melanie may well be one of the unluckiest women in America. The Louisiana resident was strongly considering
moving after her 5th house was razed by a storm. She lost her first house in 1965 during hurricane
Betsy, her second in 1985 during hurricane Juan, then a third was lost to George in 1998
and a fourth lost to Katrina in 2005. TV show Hideous Houses decided to offer Melanie
a house makeover, spending 20 thousand dollars a gesture of Goodwill to a woman who had lost
her home four times over. Then, just months later, Hurricane Isaac came
and destroyed her 5th home along with all the hard work the TV show had put in. Luckily she was rescued from the roof of her
house with her family and her three dogs. 2 The Flannigan Family
Initially considered lucky, 14 year old Steve was at a neighbours house when Pan Am flight
103 smashed into his house killing his parents and his sister just four days before Christmas. The incidents that night when terrorists blew
up a bomb on a plane flying over Lockerbie in Scotland ended up being the demise of the
whole family. Steven’s brother, David had already left
home when his family were killed. Five years almost to the day after the tragedy,
David fritted away his compensation money and died of a drugs overdose in Thailand. After trying to get his life together, Steven
went out for a drink with friends 12 years after the tragedy and, after the pub, was
run over by a train. Finally the horrors of the Lockerbie Bombings
had done with his family. At number one, this guy was so unlucky, his
death came by total bad luck….and it started a war that killed 75 million people…
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria had a
unfortunate string of luck prior to his death, a lot of his family members died untimely
deaths, including his cousin who committed suicide and his father who died of typhoid. Ferdinand was in Sarajevo at a tense time
and the Black Hand Gang attempted to kill him by throwing a grenade at his car. Ferdinand and his wife were unharmed, but
were later killed when their driver did a uturn near a café in which a defeated member
of the gang was having a coffee….seizing his second chance, he shot Ferdinand and his
wife …which is very unlucky, but unluckier still, it later resulted in Austria declaring
war on Serbia…..which then led to other nations declaring war and the beginning of
the first ever world war. SO what tales ! That was the top 10 unluckiest
people of all time. If you liked this video – why not watch
our Top 10 people who survived the impossible and Top 10 Luckiest People Alive.

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  1. Once there was a man who got struck by lightning 7 times and when he died from who knows what his grave got struck by lightning

  2. AHAHHGAGAGAHAHHAHAHA HIS PENIS GOT BITTEN IS THE POOR MAN OKAY?!?! Sorry I'm just a kid I find that funny so don't take this comment seriously pls

  3. I'm SOOOOOOOO lucky for starts I have the best family in the world I go abroad,camping,Edinburgh and London each year I've been to Spain 3 times each of which I've been there for 2 weeks had the closest hotel to the theme park which is very expensive I've been to Orlando for 2 weeks had a villa which was huge I went to Disney and universal had our own car there and got soooooooooo many things next year I'm going back to Orlando doing the same thing as 2015 and I was there when they had a Halloween party after Orlando next year I'm going to Italy to this theme park for 2 weeks and after going to Spain again!!!!!!!

    Don't believe me? Check out my YouTube channel cause in 2019 I will be recording Orlando

  4. When you get your house by five hurricanes, why don't you be thinking moving to another state or when you get hit by lightning oh Wells yes the me.

  5. Im also really unlucky
    A metal heavy closet fell on my head resulting in a concusion later that day i was at hospital mistoken a wall for an open door and fell out my hospital bed i also got ran over by a bike

  6. Punched by monkeys? Did he have a sorely ticked off ex-partner that said "I hope you get punched by a monkey," and then it came true?

  7. I think the most unluckiest people I know is My pop pop’s family and myself included. Both of this parents died when he was a tween. He was the youngest of 12 kids. All died of sicknesses, the youngest in the their 40s and the oldest suddenly at 72. My pop pop (who raised me) has had cancer for 12 years and is dying. My father left me and my mom mentally abused me. I was bullied at school and now I think I might be have Anorexia… I haven’t told anyone and I don’t want anyone finding out but I skipped lunch and breakfast the whole week and ate little dinner. Also my mom also had a son in August. She told me my brother will never know I exist and will be a only child. But I’m fine. 😂 All this has made me very mature at only 10. I do acrobatics, gymnastics, singing, dancing, and acting. So I’m ok. I still have many secrets of course but everyone does. If anyone makes it this far down thank you so much for listening to my story. Merry almost Christmas🎄❤️

  8. I know Sarahs family she was very sweet and her family has now joined with my dad to make candles to raise money for a new get away place called sarahs sanctuary. She was a beautiful girl and her family has gone through so much. Shes very missed xx

  9. To Be Honest,Im A Serbian Because Of My Name..And I Hope That America Will Be Gone Soon,Or Maybe Not Bom- Oh Yeah,There Will Be A Volcano Erupting..

  10. The duke’s assasin tried to kill him self by taking a cyanide pill and throwing himself off a bridge the pill was old and didn’t work and the water below was about ankle deep so he was captured and exicuted by authorities

  11. Actually you probably have a better chance of becoming rich playing scratch tickets constantly than getting hit by a meteor! 🙂

  12. I think my fiance should be on this list. He has been in a car accident that has left him in a wheelchair. He has had to bone infections. Has gone through MRSA entering his bloodstream. Got into a car accident while he was in a wheelchair and broke his collarbone. He's was a most unlucky people I've ever met.

  13. I'm really unlucky too im always getting hurt I've been crushed by 2 slot machines fell though a drop floor and had a floor tile hit me in the head and been electrocuted all with in a year an a half that's not counting all the cuts scrapes and bruses

  14. I’m lucky I got picked for a draw in hunting I got twenty dollars from a tooth 30 dollars for two teeth and I got over one thousand dollars in one day

  15. "Punched by monkeys twice" 😀 Well it happens,don`t want to list all of my accidents it would take for ever 🙂 but i was never punched by a monkey… i think

  16. I'm super unlucky

    I got struck by lightning,
    Every year there is an untimely death of a person who is very close to me
    And I almost died in a car accident

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