Top 10 Jon Snow Moments

Top 10 Jon Snow Moments

Not sure if we entirely agree with that. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down the top 10 Jon Snow Moments! For this list, we’ll be
looking at Jon Snow’s most defining, memorable and emphatic moments from the “Game of Thrones”
series. Oh yeah, and there are huge spoilers coming
your way. After being murdered by a handful of his own
men for being a traitor, Jon rises from the dead and seeks revenge on those that killed
him. And who wouldn’t? Making an example of his executioners, he
lines them up, gives a quick word or two and then lets them hang until they are dead. It’s dirty work, especially as one of them
is a boy who used to worship Jon and be his personal steward. But it’s something the must do as a leader. There’s a lot of ego, flirting and pride
flying about with King of the North Jon and Dragon Queen Daenerys. They know they need each other to fight the
army of the dead, yet neither wants to be the other’s subordinate. However, following a dramatic spear-hurling,
dragon-slaying encounter beyond the wall, Jon realises that it’s time to finally “bend
the knee” and call Daenerys his queen. It’s a subtle scene, but one that brings
the two leaders closer together – and shows us that Jon is clearly looking at the bigger
picture. Some of us are fighters, while others have
book smarts. Samwell Tarly is definitely one of the latter. Although he later becomes an integral part
of key plot lines, our introduction to Sam sees him anxiously waddle into the training
arena of The Night’s Watch, only to be beaten to the ground in a matter of seconds. Although everyone’s quick to ridicule Sam,
Jon sticks up for him, proving that even early on he showed the paternal signs of a leader. And that he can fight like a boss. Nobody has ever disputed Jon Snow’s bravery
and leadership qualities. But whether he should be Lord Commander of
the Night’s Watch is a different matter. With all of its members sat around wondering
who to appoint as their leader, Sam steps up and throws Jon’s hat into the ring, somewhat
to Jon’s dismay. And it’s Sam’s speech that sells it, with
everyone soon realising that he is the one to lead them forward. Well, almost everyone. Some people have greatness thrust upon them. There’s giants stomping, arrows flying and
bodies burning aplenty during the Wildling siege on Castle Black, but the highlight has
got to be Jon’s showdown with the cannibalistic Styr. After killing numerous enemy footsoldiers,
Jon and Styr set their sights on each other. What follows is a nail biting battle where
we’re never sure which way it’s going to go. And after face planting an anvil, we think
yep, Jon is done for. Then this happens… headache much. Janos Slynt and Jon Snow never really saw
eye-to-eye, with Janos always quick to throw in a cheap dig. But with Jon now Lord Commander, he can’t
afford to be seen as weak, especially in front of his men. So, when Janos insults Jon by refusing to
follow an order, Jon decides that enough is enough – and sends him to the chopping block. Convinced it’s just scare tactics, Janos
soon realises that Jon’s not bluffing, and begins to beg for mercy. But it’s too late. Eliminating a member of the army of the dead
is no easy task. No weapon can hurt them, they have superhuman
strength, and they just keep going and going. Valyrian steel however, will do the job. Although Jon’s sword Longclaw is made of
the super-rare metal, in this scene, he’s still unaware of its effectiveness against
them. Tussling tirelessly in a fiery wreckage, he
manages to escape, grab his sword – and then the rest is history. The look on the White Walkers face before
he’s shattered to pieces – priceless. The relationship between Jon and Wildling
Ygritte is one of the best, and most complicated of the series. And with both of them being from opposing
armies, it’s naturally frowned upon by others. But that doesn’t stop them from pursuing,
flirting with and eventually making love to each other. It’s something all fans wished for, but
were never quite sure they’d see – especially considering Jon’s Night’s Watch vows. Thankfully though, Jon let’s love prevail
– and in a cave of all places. As mentioned, Jon is betrayed and murdered
by some of his men at Castle Black, but it’s not your bog standard execution. Branded a traitor, many of his men line-up
to take turns stabbing him, each of them stating it’s “for the watch”. Confused, shocked and bleeding out, Jon falls
to his knees, looking around for salvation, only to be confronted by his young friend
and admirer Olly, who finishes the job. The “Game of Thrones” community was up
in arms – but not for long. In many ways, the Battle of the Bastards is
a culmination of everything Jon Snow has worked towards and overcome. WIlling to sacrifice his life – again – for
his people, and heading fearlessly towards a wall of enemies, Jon fights Ramsay Bolton’s
army in one of the series’ bloodiest battles. Jon wins, with a little help from The Knights
of the Vale, leaving Ramsey to flee to Winterfell. But Jon’s not finished there. He chases Ramsey down and gloriously beats
him to a pulp.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Jon Snow Moments

  1. Ramsey's army charging towards Jon. He looked so much like Ned in that moment. Honestly, I think Ned would have done the same thing. He's a Targaryen, and he's a Stark.

  2. Favourite scene is at the end of Series 1 when Mormont gives Jon the speech about going beyond the wall for the first time

  3. The King in the North scene is my favourite! Although he beating Ramsey to a pulp was quite satisfactory since I had been dying to do so myself for so long. Man, he was a dick!

  4. You know it's sad that everyone considers him a bastard not knowing who he really is. Let's just hope the Targarian blood assists him

  5. hooking up w daenerys is way bigger and more important than him hooking up w ygritte, do better mojo. idc their marriage in real life makes yall overrate the tv couple, ygritte and jon was jon at his worst

  6. After watching Battle of the Bastards, I realized something that I told my family who watched it before me. It is not the Battle of the Bastards. It is the Battle of the Bastard and the Puss.
    Here is my reason:
    Jon, the bastard, fought, killed, bloodied, and survived the Battle. Ramsay, the Puss, sat on his horse while his men fought his battle. When he realized he was losing to Snow, he ran back to Winterfell to hide away within the walls. Yes, he used his bow and arrows, but where is the fight in that one?
    I bring this up to my family all the time and it starts an argument because some would side with me, others would argue that it is called the Battle of the Bastards because of the fact that they are both Bastards. Yes, I understand that they are, but my point is:
    Jon fought. Ramsay stood back. That's how I see it.
    Like if you agree!

  7. How is bending the knee to a mad queen who wants to rule but also claims will "break the wheel" a good moment for our old pal Jon? She might even get him killed for greed and I say this because the actor said that the ending of season 8 fucked her up knowing it will be a lasting flavour in someone's mouth of what Dany is

  8. A little help from the Knights of the Vales…… A little. Jon had basically made every bad move in battle of the bastards and they only won cause Sansa got the knights of the vale

  9. What about the moment when he was chosen as King in the North. From the bastard of Winterfell to King in the North. Quite an achievement.

  10. Good list. But i would include killing mance, king in the north and r+l=j scenes and take out Bending the knee, protecting sam and death

  11. Though I loved him as KitN, I loooovved him as Lord Commander. I always felt that was HIS thing. Warden Ned, King Robb, LC Jon.

  12. I’ve always thought that the scene when Davos doesn’t seem to know how to introduce Jon as King when meeting Daenerys was ridiculous. He was previously Hand to Stannis, who was a stickler for that sort of thing.

  13. Jon is by far my favorite character in the show.. for a character that, from the beginning we've all been led to believe has little to no significance on the main plot has become one of the most (if not THE most) important characters to the plot line.. like a, started from the bottom now we here scenario lol! I love this fucking show! I only feel Jon needs to improve his combat skills.. I love Jon but he couldn't ever go toe to toe with 2 handed Jaime or Ser Barristan.. let's not talk about Sir Arthur Dayne… that dude is in the show for a good 5min and I'll never forget what I saw..

  14. Jon looks so badass right after his resurrection. I wish he would have kept that look for a bit more episodes he just looked dark and intimidating.

  15. No King in the North, no true identity revelation, no boat sex, and no sticking to his words for Dany infront of cersie 😒

  16. Are the people making this list not paying attention or what the fuck?
    John being nice to Sam? Really?
    Numbers 10 and 2 are escentially the same thing. Where's John being crowen as king in the north.
    Where's the scene where they confirm he's a targarien fuck this list

  17. Killing half hand should be in the top 10. Combine his murder and revenge.
    Killing half hand is what gave him respect from the free foke and started his while relationship with all of them

  18. from season 1 to season 5, i know for a fact that his journey is similar to julius ceaser. now it is different and its parelleling both aragorn and king arthur

  19. These guys who make this are Not really fans of the show, no offense. It's obvious, and its fine, but such dry and surface narrative, most of the time missing the essense of scenes – I guess I'm just not the audience for it.

  20. And in the end you don’t even mention how Jon was man enough to stop beating Ramsay when he realized Sansa was more entitled to that kill than he was, and let her have him.

  21. I’m happy Jon killed that little shit Ollie. I know Ollie was pissed about his parents but he fails to acknowledge the fact of everything Jon has done for him, and that he’s not trucing with the wildlings because he wants to but if he doesn’t all of the 7 kingdoms will belong to the Night King who is coming.

  22. Jon didn't rise from the dead to seek revenge. He hanged those people because that was his duty. Everyone knows Jon doesn't like executing people. You can see how much it bothers him every time he does so.

  23. I'm pretty sure Jon executing Janos has something, even if it's little, to do with Janos's participation in Ned's execution

  24. If you guys were disappointed with the ending of the show, read the books. They are amazing and way more story

  25. I think his acceptance of kastark and umbers after the battle is leadership building. should be included. also unit the wildlings.

  26. What about that furious stare down with The Night King beyond the wall?
    I know this video was earlier than Season Finale otherwise riding The dragon & Killing Dany would make top 3

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