35 thoughts on “Tom Steyer couldn’t stop looking right into the camera

  1. I like him ok, but in the post debate interviews he's not on point, has little to say and speaks in general terms, says Trump is bad but doesn't say why we should care. My advice…blink once in a while, you aren't connecting with people when you look like a deer in my headlights, or you stuck your wang in a socket, and have better, concise answers that actually mean something.

  2. I think that was smart for him to do that. it felt like he was actually talking to me.
    The other candidates never once looked into the camera.
    I think he won the debate.
    Stand up to defeat climate change.

  3. When watching a televised political debate, I like to think
    of myself as eavesdropping, so when presidential candidate Tom Steyer turns and
    addresses his remarks to me at home, I felt weird and uncomfortable, mush like
    watching the shocking red painted lips on Briuunne Pfannenstiel…

  4. Well you know how it goes, the richer they are, the more into themselves they are something tells me this guy sits in front of the mirror for hours before making public speeches lol…

  5. Playing to the "Camera" Vs. the more natural "Speaker" … in my Biz, that comes off as contrived & staged. Tom's attempting to "Converse" with the Viewers, Vs. have a more natural conversation w/the individual speaking. The later resonates more to most of us, unless there's a singular poignant moment where he turns to the camera … IMO.

  6. If I have to listen to another one of this douchebags commercials in Nevada, I'm going to be sick. Nevada is a free state. Republican or Democrat all I here is ban this ban that. Tax this tax that. I'm voting Trump this year. Piss on both parties…

  7. How dumb can you be to mock him for this? Have you never made a presentation in highschool? They literally hammer eye contact into you from day one

  8. wapo is being stupid. why wouldn't we want politicians to look at the camera? that way we can look them in the eye and see if they're honest or liars. he has great eye contact.

  9. Why won't he be looking right into the camera? He is delivering a focused, well thought through message to the American People. Would you rather have him deliver lies, calling people names and laughing with his supporters as children are kept in cages and our soldiers are killed by the illegal wars Trump started?

  10. He's a joke they all are a joke. A good living wage. I'll tell you how to do that. Stop flooding are nation with illegals that keep wages down. What they are saying is when they become president. They will flood this nation with illegals keeping wages low and pay everyone $1000.00. who will end up paying for this. We will with higher taxes. What the hell had the government ever done right that hasn't cost us down the road.

  11. Anus-brain Steyer truly believes he has a
    chance. How delusional. When he's forced
    to eventually drop out, it'll be particularly
    enjoyable to watch his misery and heartbreak.

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