Tom Holland’s Response To Spidey Staying In The MCU Was Perfect

Tom Holland’s Response To Spidey Staying In The MCU Was Perfect

Marvel fans across the globe are celebrating
that Spider-Man won’t be making an abrupt exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and
Tom Holland is right there with them. The star of Spider-Man: Far From Home joined
much of Twitter in reacting with pure elation to the news that Sony Pictures and Disney,
the parent company of Marvel Studios, have reached an agreement to keep the wall-crawler
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for one more Spider-Man solo movie and another Marvel Studios
production. Thousands of fans have endured more than a
month of heartbreak as Spidey’s future in the MCU has languished in limbo. “Leave Spider-Man alone! You gonna pick on a guy tryin’ to save a bunch
of kids?” In recent weeks, the outlook for ol’ web-head’s
potential return has been particularly grim. Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra
publicly stated that, quote, “the door is closed” on re-upping the deal between the
two studios, and the recent news that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige would be hopping
across the hall to produce a Star Wars movie left many fans with the impression that he
only had time to do so because of the distinct absence of a third Spider-Man movie. This thankfully turned out not to be the case. Of course, Spidey fans are thrilled. In the immediate aftermath of the announcement
that Sony and Disney had agreed to play nice, Twitter absolutely exploded with an outpouring
of jubilation from fans and media outlets alike. “Okay, Spider-Man! Do a flip!” “Yeah!” “Not bad!” CinemaBlend posted a short clip of Peter Parker
disintegrating in the arms of Tony Stark near the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but in
reverse. The caption? “Mr. Stark, I feel good.” Who knew young Peter was a James Brown fan? Another Twitter user posted fan art depicting
the famous scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming in which Spidey attempts to keep the Staten
Island Ferry from splitting in half using nothing but his webs, super-strength, and
sheer determination. In the rendering, the two halves of the ferry
are marked with banners featuring the respective logos of Sony and Disney, and the caption
reads, “Mr. Stark… I did it for you!!” Of course, the name and image of Parker’s
late mentor was invoked early and often in all of the reactions. One that really got us was a still from Avengers:
Endgame in which a dozen different emotions are visible on Stark’s face as he embraces
his young protege, who had just recently returned from being dusted for five years. The caption: “WE DID IT MR. STARK! WE DID IT SIR!” Another, similar still of mentor and mentee
embracing put the focus on Parker’s face, along with the caption, “Welcome back, kid.” Yes, this stuff kind of writes itself, but
that doesn’t make it any less poignant. Some users took a slightly more subtle approach
to relaying their emotions, such as the one who posted a short clip of Thanos finally
relaxing after accomplishing his goal of wiping out half of all life in the universe at the
conclusion of Infinity War. Her caption read: “How I feel knowing that order is restored
and Spidey is back in the MCU.” Others simply felt like partying, such as
the one who asked, “SPIDEY STANS, HOW ARE WE FEELING?” A series of four images followed: Thor: Ragnarok
director Taika Waititi raising a glass of wine, Holland looking like his mind has just
been blown, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo swigging from what appears to be a gigantic bottle
of champagne, and Holland again looking completely blissed out in front of a background of dozens
of multicolored hearts. Meanwhile, Holland’s Far From Home co-star
Zendaya chipped in with a low-res GIF of Spidey dancing his webs off. But as fans expected, the single greatest
reaction to the best news they’ve heard in a month came from Holland himself. The star posted a short clip from Martin Scorsese’s
The Wolf of Wall Street featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as the notorious stockbroker Jordan
Belfort, to express his stance. “I’m not leavin’. I’m not leavin’. I’m not f—in’ leavin!” And he even included fans’ reaction: Holland’s post was commented upon by a bevy
of celebrities, including Ruffalo, who wrote, “Back in a snap! Had a feeling we would see you again.” Tony Revolori, who portrays Flash Thompson
in the Spidey solo films, commented, “Perfect!” But perhaps the best comment of all came from
none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who summed up the feelings of every Spider-Man
fan on the planet today with only two words: “F—. Yes.” We could not have said it better ourselves. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the MCU
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100 thoughts on “Tom Holland’s Response To Spidey Staying In The MCU Was Perfect

  1. Video Title: Tom Holland's Response
    Actual Video: Someone talking about Tom Holland while footage from movies play in background

  2. Not having Spiderman in the MCU is like going to the magic kingdom for the first time and not seeing Mickey, minnie, goofy, and Donald duck.

  3. So let me guess. Mystrio is still alive, cloaked face and upper body, carted off to the morgue. Thompson is Parker's new benefactor. A backdoor was put in Edith. New York is gonna get fucked up. Am I close?

  4. Far from home is by far the worst movie I’ve seen from the MCU so I’m mad that he won’t be leaving Disney’s chains

  5. man looper just nothing but a bunch of cash cows posting a video about reactions from people that are public domain oh wow you guys are so ridiculous

  6. I'm not happy about this. I'd rather have spiderman back at the MCU permanently, not just for 2 more movies. The way Sony has it set up is that while Marvel has him they have to have a certain movie done so that when the deal is over Sony can just and their venom story on. And as that happens we will want to watch that movie. Disney should have waited it out. Sony needs them more than Marvel needs sony. Marvel should set it up that spidey goes into one of the parallel worlds, trapped, where everyone is spiderman, with no out. Lol, then let sony try to wiggle that movie. Make it hard for them to make a good spiderman movie. Sony wants to play then let them play the hard way. I'm done.😛😉😉

  7. I was looking forward to seeing a more Spider-centric universe at Sony. Bringing carnage, craven the hunter…etc. I actually don't care much about the MCU now that Endgame is over.

  8. normal humans: OMG YASSS!


  9. Me in the past: Wow, tom holland is amazing! I love spiderman!

    Me at 0:13 : The rest of my childhood is ruined

  10. Tom seriously comes across as a dimwitted kid but im starting to get the feeling that he is low-key mastermind genius, specially now that the news broke that it was him who ACTUALLY made this deal happen. True legend in the making

  11. Terrible Spider-Man. If you can even call him one. Degraded the character; and people chew on it and cheer. If you are a real fan of this character, you would never accept these changes, let alone, support them.

  12. Best thing for Spider-Man would have been to leave the MCU. One of the rare characters to stand alone.
    MCU is a fkn joke of itself

  13. All the spidey fans wish was granted
    And now we are like 'after all this time – always' 😇
    Thank you sony and disney

  14. Looper I got info from a website saying that on the next film that spideys mom is going to find out about Spideys girlfriend. And she (mom) is going to have a problem with it but doesn’t know why???
    Also Nick Furry is going to keep spideys family and friends hidden in the hopes that they will be protected from anyone trying to kill them after the world finds out who Spidey is .
    The main focus of the film will be on Spidey trying to manage his work life (saving the world) with his girlfriend and the family stuff I said earlier.
    Spidey is going to find it hard to manage his work life and Nick furry is going to say to become a “SUPER” Hero you have to sacrifice your real life.

  15. Meh, overkill! 😜 As far as the next Spider-Man movie? I wrote this back in August: “At least the most recent Spider-Man movie was better than the one before. I’m looking forward to the next movies: Spider-Man: Homesick, Spider-Man: Home Alone, Spider-Man: Phone Home, and last and definitely not least, Spider-Man: Grumpy Old Homeboys…”


  17. I just realized the rock is happy he isn’t a marvel hero Becca he actually gets to watch a good movie series he’s not in.

  18. I'm so glad they worked it out, saying Spider-Man isn't a part of Marvel is like saying Mickey Mouse isn't Disney it's just not right.

  19. I think it will be home sweet home for some reason. Like he battles mysterio, and then he is finally settled in the end. Ya know?

  20. I have a cheer competition on Sunday. This is perfect to cheer me up! I you have the competition too, good luck!

  21. With Jameson revealing Spider-Man’s identity, of course there has to be a third movie, so I’m thinking that Scorpion will be the main villain. I think Spider-Man will convince the world that he’s not Peter. Then Jameson hires Gargan to spy on him

  22. I can't believe people care about spiderboy, I'm a DC fan and this is stupid. Just like all things mcu is pretty much stupid and irrelevant, apart from gotg. I think the hype is redundant considering his short time back in the mcu. I'm glad WB owns all of DC character rights, we don't have this problem… Hehaheha-in my joker voice 🤡

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