THUNDER GORILLA BOSS?! | Ulala Idle Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough #8

THUNDER GORILLA BOSS?! | Ulala Idle Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough #8

all right everyone welcome back to
ulala idle adventure gameplay walkthrough guide my name is Vince we are back here it looks like we managed
to actually get another level while offline we are now level 33 and we
managed to actually grind up six hundred and two thousand experience through that
is ridiculous 175 items today on ulala idle adventure as well with 43,000 shell was awesome stuff what
about the rare loot here let’s check out the rare loot attribute question mark
question mark question mark what that why is everything question marks for why
the gears question marks that’s a bit weird I don’t know man let’s go accept
guys that’s that’s really odd let’s go check out the gear we have something’s
not right definitely let’s go to the storage first
yeah it seems like I don’t really have that good of loot but it was question
mark for some reason that’s very odd by the way you guys asked for long episodes
so now you have it I just hope you guys can watch all the way through to help me
grow so yeah you got your wish guys there you go I do listen to comments now
I have 1500 of the crafting tokens there let’s craft something now shall we oh
okay 835 attack box bow legendary rank should we go for the weapon everyone
3,000 of the tokens though Wow okay I cannot afford that I can craft a ring
though if I want to I reckon what I’ll do is I probably hold off from spending
my gear shards for now and I think we’ll try and get that bow of possible okay
here we go what says system messages look we just got 100 stars everyone and
one of the tokens there as well so we have a skill voucher
thank you very much game let’s go to the skill chest right now and use that
voucher here we go we’re gonna get come on give me something good give me
something good and it is a yeah I think that was just one of the calls don’t
really care about the call was at all let’s go check out the quest obtain a
skill quest stun capture a precious pet where is the pet let’s go to capture the
bait has been finished oh I lost my baby because I took too long everyone we lost
our baits no we can’t accelerate as well if we
want so we can use the Stars but I don’t think I will
no I won’t I won’t waste my stars in there that’s okay do want to check it
out the skill section here or not apparently there’s a couple of skill
storages and in check here skills storage that’s fine I don’t
really need to care about skill storage I think at all at this point my skill
was a pretty solo at the moment and then it reach level 30 and batter des at five
to unlock the afk skills right okay attribute I want to dump them all into
agility here for sure to boost my attack will now have 60 agility 40 stamina in
20 Tec everyone 1200 or almost 1300 attack in total notice what’s is stare
venture is update scheduled okay there’s an update coming pet capture capture a
pet can’t do that release a pet I can’t release a pet if I want to here I do
like the look at this pet the white Raptor but I feel like I guess I’ll get
rid of him maybe I really love my t-rex I think he kicks a major behind everyone
but I guess no I don’t want dispatch him I’m gonna release we have to release one
of these dude let’s just release him I’m hoping I’m not gonna regret releasing
the Raptor I guess time will tell we’ll get 20 of the fossils here so let’s do
that now that’s done awesome okay so let’s go to quests I hope that rap is
not one of the most rarest pets in the game I’ll be so devastated cooking I can
poke the little bird here looks like that’s not part of the quest today
that’s okay let’s quickly cook some food here there we go
looking quest completed that means more stars for us I just got some tasty Cabos
or kebab oohs whatever the holy game wants to call them that’s done except
harass the lady in the black market I still can’t get over how the game wants
us to harass the lady in the black market ladies and gentlemen it just
really makes me laugh let’s harass the lady hey mind your hand
and I was gonna kick down well there we go done we just completely kicked out of
the black market funny enough we’ll go to what else is this we have the totem
here it’s not really gonna do anything for me and I still can’t do anything as
my team I don’t have 40 members I need another team member everyone here we go
team what’s this my team application yes we have an application finally probably
we have a teammate that’s afk so if I agree it’s gonna get rid of him is it
approved wait for the target to complete the combat I just try to accept an
application but I keep the inactive guy out but then the application didn’t even
come through anyway funny enough so don’t really know the point of that
application system then if they don’t even join the team so that actually just
law to me a team member anyway guys so if
you guys want to join my team you’re more than welcome to you have to join
the northern American Allosaurus server okay just keep that in mind we always
have two hundred thousand shelves as well guys so we are really really
dominating in the shoulder department which is great we’re still on to our
gorge run level 42 other minor looks like up to our gorge
we’ve overtaken seventy three point twenty three of players at the moment
see how but the whole problem now guys I’ve just got rid of one of my teammates
right that was inactive but I accepted a lower tier guy so that means it rolled
me back you don’t want to accept lower tier members in your team to completely
defeat like two beats the purpose because you want to have a team that’s
around your level or higher dude definitely I was going to keep
challenging the bosses here but in the meantime let’s go see what we can spend
our shells on at the moment let’s go to the black market what can we get today
here we go level 30 helmet hair or a headgear piece and it’s just the basic
box out we don’t care about that what else we got going on today a legendary
item there was still not as good as what I have certifying interesting so the
markets pretty much useless for me as well I mean what about the mystic realm
we can try the mystic realm start adventure still need four members so
which it’s very lame how I need four members for this dude I cannot get four
members at the moment in my team I just invited a whole bunch of other players
as well I mean fingers crossed we can get some new members here guys my we’re
in desperate need of some new teammates for sure man because the grinders gonna
be too slow at this point we need to keep this up though we just keep on
verse and the bosses and hope we can get through it all checking out the
followers here still have eleven followers so thank you very much longer
people that I follow me right now really to appreciate it I don’t think I can
enhance my gear anymore can I listen charm what does this mean in charm no I
need to actually spend shell was it looks like okay 2400 but any rank one
weapon enchanting book well I don’t have that book at all so I need to get the
mystic round done but for that in a team of four so that’s if they trauma here
guys I need a team of four and I’m not gonna sacrifice the level was to try and
get a team of four oh what’s this oh okay here we go big boy
unicorn gorilla chief let’s take him down look at this guy’s
big bloody gorilla we should be able to destroy him hopefully
lose he’s gonna throw a boulder on us nah we’ve definitely got this I mean if
I lose this I’ll be absolutely amazed it should be the
easiest battle seriously like come on game just invited more people here by
the way guys and we smash that gorilla ball away the gorilla had no chance
whatsoever I want to win on versing him again here
we go yeah we’re gonna versus the gorilla again it’s all like about this
game you end up as person the same bosses over and over again either we’ll
check out the map I’ve overtaken seventy four point nine teams enter play is cool
game thank you very much I probably we can expect a big boss around at level 50
of the gorge here so it’s gonna be interesting
I’m yet to burst that weird-looking boss like a dragon boss it seems or maybe a
dinosaur we’ll find out very soon though at the moment run to our board 46 so
keep that in mind can I do a quick battle yes I can do a quick battle
awesome thank you very much game let’s do that now Ria’s blessing yes come on
cut down my grinding time come on game let’s do this yes fantastic keep going
keep going I’d love to see our file and again in two hours by the way probably
not that far at all well let’s just be real it’s still hunting at the moment
though which is quite nice having a die die 51,000 experience thirty-six hundred
shells some rare gear epoch year ok nothing that’s really gonna help me at
the moment though oh well that’s ok we’re still flying the boss here to our
gorge 47 hopefully gonna take down this big gorilla again again everyone
fantastic stuff checking out the skills skills are fine as well I mean I’m
wondering what the order really matters in this game I’m quite curious does the
order really matter or not guys I mean at the moment I have storms shot at the
top aspect up the evil numbing shot and a multi shot skill storage is quite full
actually I’m gonna have to do something about a skill storage soon I think for
sure either way we’re at 41,000 overall strength which is quite nice we’re
almost on to our gorget 50 guys getting ready for that new Big Boss can’t wait
to see how it’s gonna go down this grill is about to get destroyed again there we
go 48 defeated fantastic let’s try and kick it off again slowly inching towards
49 here everyone now recommend a verse that new boss sooner or later get ready
for it and the moments still the gorilla but I think in a moment we’ll versus the
new boss some Cain dude I hope we get to see a new boss if not I’ll be very upset
so I’m pretty sure that’s what a means isn’t it
frequented by monsters yeah the gorilla then there’s the dragon there you
it is to thunder dragon level 23 okay no worries I love to hear in the comments
how you guys get all your teammates by the way like what’s the best way to get
teammates is just inviting randoms to your team I’m assuming so anyway here we
go is this the thunder dragon yes I reckon it is oh yeah
angry thunder dragon let’s take him down come on
you’re nothing dragon you are absolutely nothing it should be a straightforward
battle come on there’s no way I can lose to this guy
you should have sciencing shot as well guys so we should be out actually
silence any sort of shots he’s gonna pull off on us for sure looking pretty
decent right now at least oh here we go using his lightning attack come on take
him out take him out I need to work up my energy though come
on shoot those down Billy there we go we just did it then numbing shots done
fantastic we just actually use a numbing shot guys awesome good job hunter that
is over on the dragon defeated we just passed 50 for the first time guys
I wonder how long we have to go here though Jesus we have a very very long
time for sure we have a hundred areas to go on looks like what a game this is
Yama turn into seriously another thunder dragon to beerus here as well there’s
invited a whole bunch of players yet again hope Luke someone joins I really
want to try to get the mystic hunts on guys it’s just I don’t have enough
players at the moment the other mystic hunts actually on their level clear to
our gorge 51 done alright everyone I just gave up on
trying to get people to join my team I just joined a random team that had three
members now I’ve just made a four it seems like they are trying to do the
mystic hunt so I’m quite curious to see or this treasure should be able to be
here my Thresh sure I think his name is Thrasher then yeah we should be able to
actually see what the mystic hunts are all about so let’s head to the mystic
realm here we go mystic cave it seems we’re in
a battle right now with a gold and thunder dragon I’ve got no idea how this
works but this is a screen okay for the mystic cave never been this far before
in the game so that’s interesting to me but yeah I ended up joining a random and
squad everyone I just could not be bothered waiting anymore I mean
seriously sometimes it just seems like easier just to go and find a random crew
shit like look at this seriously man like we’re managing to get to Chihuahua
gorge 61 right now which is great I so I want to try and make the most out of
being with this crew right now it seems like the bosses are actually damaging my
squad quite hard here just by looking at this anyway I mean I’m not too sure we
have two warriors it looks like they’re and so sort of magician or mystic
character but yeah my t-rex seems to be doing quite well at least it’s not dying
I don’t know if hunters are the most powerful characters in the game but they
definitely seem to help quite a bit I mean being a hunter
I think damage-wise helps me out heaps so you’re just gonna keep that in mind
as well we’ll quickly check out the store here since I have two hundred
thousand shares I mean welcome again and nothing really that good I’m gonna buy
some ingredients I guess if I really wanted to is it worth even buying
ingredients with shells everyone um let me know in the comments what do you do
with your shells I’d love to hear it okay let’s quickly check out here trap
time 14 minutes confirmed two minutes yeah let’s do this on camera let’s just
confirm this right now I’ll quickly capture a pet guys on camera here what
have we got come on what the hell’s that a marmots
okay a marmots no worries what about this another marmots okay game and
another mama I think of sorts is that another mama
snowy field mama okay okay I’ve got some marmots there ladies and gentlemen no it
worries I think I’ll stick to my epic t-rex for now for sure yeah let’s go and
train the beast up here I think here we go
blue mob learn oh I want to pet research do I have enough of these fossils no I
don’t damn only have one of the fossils okay no problems manual why the time I
checked the manual layout oh that’s right there we go crater is 185 pets by
the way you can actually find guys that’s pretty cool
looks like the Daley’s have just refreshed as well let’s go harass the
lady in the black market quickly there we go I’m just gonna keep clicking on
everyone how funny is this this ain’t her ask the lady apparently they kicked
you out no worries thanks game release a
parentless release one of these little weird mulling characters or whatever the
hell they’re called let’s get rid of him confirm release see you later
done okay it’s always good to keep some pets I think on hand that you want to
release it well I’m pretty sure view recipes cook
yes cook the cook Bobo’s just doing it now done top class thank you very much
sure top class probably gonna help obtain skills don’t want to do that at
the stars and I think we’ll hold on to our stars I reckon everyone let’s add a
top class go bye-bye done I can’t accelerate this now four six
I’ll just accelerate just to put camera purposes here guys just so you guys can
see what I can get on camera Oh what’s this here we go home we’ve got
some sort of rare it’s gonna have a look what is that Swift Petrus or er okay
that’s a new one Petrus oriya cool and we have some sort of bear there chief
for bad chief Brian another Raptor as well that’s sweet man we got another
epic pet very nice alright everyone I’m gonna wrap it up for today thank you so
much for watching I will see you on the next episode tomorrow be sure to hit
that like and subscribe button if you did enjoy of course and yeah I’ll catch
y’all soon see you later guys

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  1. You should spend your tokens on pets as soon as possible because it's like enchanting it goes to every pet you get and have and don't buy skills it's not good

  2. I was about as powerful as you but I was on a different server so I've restarted on the same server as you for a team with you

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