THOR Kitchen’s Pro-Style Kitchen Suite for under $5,000

I’m Nick Valenzuela from Thor Kitchen and we’re here to introduce the first pro-style kitchen suite in the industry for under $5,000. The biggest issue that the pro-style industry has always had is it’s always been very closed off, it’s been very selective. We want to shake that up a bit. We want to offer everybody the opportunity to come in and get the kitchen of their dreams for a fraction of the cost. What’s included in our full suite of pro-style appliances for under $5,000 is a range, range hood, dishwasher and refrigerator. Our 30-inch pro-style range includes a
high power 18,000 BTU burner. It includes a high-powered 15,000 BTU
burner with a dual burner function and it has the 650 BTU burner right in the center so you’re getting that flexibility as far as performance goes. Our refrigerator is a standard 36-inch counter depth refrigerator. It’s all stainless steel construction, so it blends perfectly with your stainless steel kitchen. It looks great next to all of our pro-style appliances. For all these pieces to be in one simple package for under $5,000 is actually a game changer in the industry.

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