This Is For All Of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)

This Is For All Of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)

100 thoughts on “This Is For All Of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)

  1. This is so true!! I can definitely relate to this video. I've built up so much character over the years. I'm 45 years old. I'm truly an only child that my parents had and raised. No outside siblings, so I've gone at it alone for my whole life. I've never had someone whispering in my ear that I should do this or that, except for the direction of my parents. However I was allowed to think for myself and to reason. I find it easy to make decisions. I'm not indecisive. I don't allow others to direct me in the wrong direction. I've been through so many hardships with no human to encourage me and telling me to get up. I've had to do that myself but fighting internally. Yes I've found it hard and have been brought to tears. I've wanted to stop going but then I try again. I've fought many hard battles with no human assistance. Also I'm introverted but my intuition is on point. I'm a detailed person so when I focus I see what other's don't. This helps me to resolve problems or know when to stay away. It also helps me to see when God gives me a blessing. Even the slightest, I notice. Being alone heightens your awareness. It gives you that time to concentrate and to be compassionate towards others. Because you understand yourself, then it helps you to have empathy and to understand others. It makes you a good listener. Over time I've learned to appreciate these qualities that makes me different. No, I don't fit in alot because of this but that's ok. I'm allowed to be my authentic self and not what others' want me to be. However, I do give credit to 1 being and that's God.

  2. You may think you are alone, But the real truth is God knows everything you have in your heart, Evil or good thoughts all are recorded for your appearance on Judgement day, lf your name is Not found in the book of life, U will end up suffering for Eternity,
    Nothing done is hidden from the sight of God,*!*¤*!!!

  3. Most people have said, that God is an illusion. If God is an illusion, so is life. If God isn’t real, neither is the presence of hope or revival. I don’t need a scientist to explain to me why he thinks God isn’t real because I’ll deny what he says through my bondage with Christ, and that is faith. If God isn’t real, neither are you. Atheism is wanting to believe there is no God. Christianity is believing in one God. Every living soul in this world knows that a supreme being created life and time. We can’t deny that, but we try. This is how the world is torn apart, through the denial of what we hear because we want what we want.

    I urge you to consider the people around you, people who say there is no God. Although freedom of speech exists, so does the feelings of others. And as you care for your own opinion, so do others.

  4. We are not alone in this specially time god is with us💜god bless the people specially who are alone and be leave from people.

  5. I'm a massive introvert, I like socializing but it's not what gives me energy, it also exhausts me so I need lots of time alone. Sometimes I just jump in my car and drive and then is when im most happy

  6. Powerful message, when you to walk and talk the Spirit of God will move you a higher level just as Eagle scout for as safe landing, you to must seek a higher elevation to be strong on your walk and that Walk be strong in Jesus as he gives us our daily bread. To reap what you have sow in life you have a valuable lessons a second chance to life valueable lesson is a second to live and get back on the right path with God in Jesus name amen lady butterfly

  7. There is a beauty and creativity when you are alone. You can genuinely express who you are. Thank you for this video! Sending strength to all who are fighting for their dreams alone! 💪

  8. This video is my soul!! I'm currently building an eBay business to accomplish my deems and help others find their way out of the darkness. Message me if you're ready for a new direction in life…

  9. Being alone has helped me to realize that I am a daughter of God, He is my strength, my companion, my advisor, and His Son is my Savior. They keep me going and serving.

  10. I'm 62 have Parkinson's and battling of the changes in LIFE.
    I have FRIENDS that support me.
    My dog ROSE has been THERE for me the most, I get GREAT ENERGY, She is a restque DOG. Be the BEST YOU CAN BE ROCKSTAR.

  11. I’ve made mistakes in my past and I have to deal with it for the rest of my life now. And to be honest a lot of times I feel like I don’t deserve to live. And to be fair. I’m feeling that way now.

  12. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The moment I told my other half, I heard these words. I can't be with you anymore because I don't want to watch your health deteriorate and I am afraid you'll drop dead in front of me. Shortly after that conversation I heard the front door slam shut and I was left standing there alone wondering what just happened. It took me some time to get over the hurt and disappointment but now I'm stronger, happier and better than I've ever been mentally and emotionally. My ex tried to come back into my life a while back and I said I'm sorry but I no longer need you or have feelings for you. I said you made your decision and you have to live with it. As I walked away, I said I deserve better and will have it, good luck with your life.

  13. Depressed af lately. Watching these to get some sort of motivation but I'm not sure if it's really working. My only passion is making songs and all I keep thinking is that if it doesn't work out what am I meant to do cause there isn't anything else at all that I love.

  14. Hello sir..
    Your videos are really helpful for us..
    But I want to share one problem and I really want to get rid of this.
    I did everything but still I don't concerntate on one thing for a long time..
    When I try to concerntate then many thoughts come in my mind and I know that due to this problem I am not achieving my goal. I am trying a lot and I meditate but nothing work.
    Please try to help me..

  15. Society told us that being alone is pathetic and sad. As a single guy I cannot express how happy and content I feel while I'm alone. I'm never truly alone of course because of friends (with benefits) and family that surround me and love me. I hope single shaming will stop in the near future because people who idealised the idea of being in a relationship are rather unhappy and are seeking for things to feel good again. Being alone is very healthy and I love it

  16. To all the people in this world who feel alone, You have my love, respects and regards always with you. I was once in your shoes, fight your mind and kick the darkness and low down feelings out of your mind and heart, only then you will find joy surrounding and smiling along with you.

  17. Its better i feel lonely when im alone than being w someone or being surrounded by a roomful of ppl & I STILL FEEL LONELY 😐😑

  18. In my case ive been rejected, abused, no permanent home because ive been to many relatives home, a failure, nobody, not being able to decide what im going to do with life but, im always thinking to find solutions in life on how to encourage myself to persevere. life is not always a bad weather, a little bit of sunshine will light up the darkness if you persevere and it will be the brightest light that you will see when that day comes. Not all disasters in life intend to destroy you but to build and prepare you in life.

  19. It’s hard because the majority consists of destructive slaves ! God I hate slave mentality! Cuz my god wants us connected with him and fearing but not in fear from corrupt other men or cowards

  20. This would if been perfect if the Lord above was part of this message. … without Jesus in it nothing else matters. Nothing will change. Don't be fooled. Walking alone without Jesus is just walking alone and makes you more vulnerable to the enemy and his clueless followers. Seek out Jesus. You have to seek out the Lord because Satan is at your feet and in your face, standing over your life and hoovering over your children, waiting to devour you all so you dont go to Heaven. Messages like this are useless without God in it. Please add Jesus Christ to your messages, Or its just empty thoughts.

  21. I came alone i will die alone
    I am alone but i am strong
    Loneliness taught me real life,
    Pain makes me more strong.
    Loneliness is not my weakness it’s my strength
    Now I can control my emotions angriness feelings.
    Loneliness is my best friend

  22. I am always walk alone … it's make me understand my self a-lot .. Because it made me have more motivation and mental commitment enough to focus on the problem and realize what I should do Priority what should i can be fix frist improved! stay with many people i feel lose my peacful time! some time is good if meet a good power mind person! but is hard to find! many people think i am strange human but this is happen to me since i young still same !

  23. You r not alone. Alone is your think but you r not alone.. ☺☺
    1.I proud of my dreams.
    2.I proud of my self.
    3.iproud i can.
    But never give up… No

  24. Seriously it's good to be alone that's what I like . Whoever not listen will end up by themselves and they will see what they're searching for ? Me still doing fine and I'm happy every single day. Too bad most peoples can't keep thier own words 😆

  25. This is against laws of nature, we are pack creature's ,, Isolation is idolic symptoms if Grandiose illogical, thinking,, Mindless Babbling 😛😛😛 no man is an island 🌴🌅🌊

  26. I had so many friends, I had so many connections, I loved my life until then. Everything changed. I lost so many connections, I lost so my friends and I lost the love from my family. I just want a normal life! Isn’t that to much to ask for!?

  27. So sad ITS was me🚶👈🏻 He walk alone and want just looking my friends were myfriends even get betrayed me even lies to me🙏🏻😭😭 he just say to Hiiiiiiii😖😖😭🏴🏴🏴🏴🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🚶👈🏻🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴

  28. All I asked from my family was to believe in me.They rejected me but now they believe. Keep moving I walk with my parents.

  29. Hi, i had faced depression before. in the mean time,i started thinking about myself,how to change,how to improve myself, to love myself back.

    I start learn back my religion,Islam, and start to eat well,exercise,at July my self is 77kg,and now 1/11/2019 i got 64kg. I jog,exercise in the same time i play this motivation video and another motivational video.

    Brothers and sisters,love yourself.God make you not for you ruin it. If you under depression,slowly get up and love yourselves back.Sorry for my grammar and I hope all of you can improve your life.😊

  30. I am at peace alone,yes that's a good mantra. You can be your own best friend. Alone people are the stronger. Because I am unattached, I have purer universal compassion . Mine is a humble pride. And I am mostly happy.

  31. Surviving in isolation makes you able to push alone where everyone else fails together. You are stronger alone than you will ever be with the help of others. That is the truth of this world we have made

  32. Yes this is right I don't want any kind of support yes I am alone this make me happy and I know I have a strong direction may it's difficult to become that but I will………..A.S

  33. I'm so alone I'm just Sik of it I need someone to hold to love but no I'm just on my one nowan wants to speel with me I'm done I'm going to do it today is the day I will end dis my lonlynes is over now gun in my hand I will leave dis world for a better place

  34. People, family and friends constantly leave me I’m starting to think it’s me. The fact people use me then leave me they don’t care when I can’t give anymore when I cry they say I shouldn’t be crying. I don’t have anyone left it’s just me, just me in a world of sharks who Is strong on the outside but on the inside I loose a part of my puzzle everyday. I feel alone. So alone I cry every night. So alone I don’t have the energy to argue I’m TIRED. But I’ve got no one to turn to because everyone I love is gone and I’m left with me. Little broken me.

  35. Friends I knew from elementary kinder to 5th grade. They turned out to be fake they been using me and I try to fit in but it doesn’t help. They tease me push me around and I like it alright. I act I have actually friends. The girl I have loved for 3 weeks left me for another guy. I feel so empty. I was trying to be a model but hatred comments invade the post. I always act I’m okay at school but deep inside I’m hoping there will be that one person who loves you

  36. Im alone and lonely, ive got a girl and there is a vibe between us. Im afraid to be myself around her, im so shy, Im always sad and idk if im worth her, i think im afraid😔😢

    Im trying to be myself and to be happy

  37. I was always called not a team player , to myself more than to others… I was on top of my job but always painted as anti social and lonely… In the end I decided to leave my employer and walk alone! In my resignation speech I said to the board I am seeking to find my inner strength and freedom. I am looking to make my own destiny Although I did the best job here but I could never find my real me. The urge to fly alone never left my mind at all. The last person I hugged on my way out was Jenny, the head department. With eyes fall of tears wished me luck and whispered in my ear " I wish I have your Courage Robb!!)…Off I been my own Independent Very Successful Consultant and every day I discover more about myself…For those who got the same urge like me I say be brave and take the first step…that step by time will look like more of a leap to a much better future… Good Luck!

    To The person who’s reading this, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for not giving up. I’m proud of you for not trying to get better. I’m proud of you for searching for ways to improve situation. I’m proud of you for smiling eventhough at times you wonder if it’s all worth it in the end. I’m proud of you for every positive thing that you do, no matter how small you think it is Most of all, I’m proud of you for the person that you are becoming.
    You matter in this world, never forget that.


  40. I can't get my way,i don't know when success will hug me,always i
    am insulted by everyone, everyone laughs at me,no one encourages me,not even God ;sometimes i feel like that if someone told me that "u could" then i can do everything, if someone told me that u r perfect just the way u r, then i think that i could be perfect…

  41. I start to embrace to be alone my lone story started on june 2018 when i used to go with friends night out and all that, and when i didn't go anywhere i stayed home by myself and felt lonliness and empty inside in the beginning but after that something magical happened" i started to feel much and much and much better by time was passing by and now i completely feel so good being slone , that lonely time i use it to recharge myself and well being.

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