Things You Will See For The First Time in Your Life

Things You Will See For The First Time in Your Life

Some of the most unbelievable things in
our world we never get to see but thankfully people have posted videos
which will break how you see reality from unbelievable natural phenomena
animals and inventions get ready for your eyes to not believe what they’re
actually seeing I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at things you will
see for the first time in your life but first why not subscribe and press the
notification bell – coming up first we have firenado when it comes to scaring
natural phenomena tornadoes definitely erupt there but the only thing scarier
than a tornado is a fire Nader that’s right it’s what happens when a tornado
meets a wildfire sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a fire for a firenado to
occur if the air is hot enough if they can be formed on their own and suddenly
you have a fiery spiral burning everything down this happened recently
during the Australian wildfires but firefighters also saw one of these at a
plastic factory fire in the UK they can be 30 to 200 feet long they’re normally
created when the wind is over a hundred miles per hour but some of the more
dangerous ones have persisted for more than 20 minutes taking out everything in
their path next up is invisible camouflage if you had a superpower what
would it be well if you picked invisibility that could just be a
reality that’s right you may not need to be one of the Incredibles or Harry
Potter to do this this is all thanks to a science company named Piper stealth
they make camouflages and have recently made an invisible camouflage the
transparent material can hide objects put behind it this is designed for
militaries which makes every world army suddenly a lot scarier the way this
works is all thanks to the Snell’s law the material reflects light this means
you can see things near to it all things far away but at the correct distance you
become totally invisible something tells me in the future this
material will change the game next up is blackest object think of a black object
maybe it’s your phone or TV but most of those objects are not scientifically
black instead they’re just a dark shade of grey well one company has made the
ultimate black which is said to be true black
the color is called vantablack it was made by a UK firm named Surrey
nanosystems the material is the darkest color known to man it absorbs 99.9 6% of
light 3d objects painted in this color appear 2d when you look at them head-on
and if you lay this on the floor it kind of looks like an infinite black hole you
could do some pretty scary pranks with this stuff but its main use is actually
in the aerospace and military sectors next up is sticky note ocean post-it
notes are seriously handy but did you know that a post-it notes natural
habitat is not in an office but instead underwater just kidding this is actually
a school of cownose Ray’s these are a species of eagle ray fish found in
Australia you can also see them all around the western Atlantic and
Caribbean and if you go over head of a school of these things
it looks like sticky notes are in the ocean this is because they’re often in
colors like orange purple and yellow they look like squares from above but
really they’re like two triangles many who fly in planes and helicopters over
the sea look down and see this and believe it to be a mosaic something like
a bizarre art installation underwater but no it’s actually a fear ship that
occurs totally naturally next up we have fish – this is another fish one and it’s
a viral sensation it’s created by whoosh innovations
it helps native fish to pass over dams this is the process that would normally
take days but with this Chi but does it in seconds a pneumatic tube and a big
pressure pump allows these fish to be shot across a dam in seconds it’s kind
of like the most fun water sight of all time only humans can’t use it when this
invention went viral about one year ago people did not believe it existed they
thought it may be fake or a prototype but no this is real and used all over
the world some people have dubbed this at his salmon Canon as it mainly shoots
salmon not only that wooosh innovations could save the
environment with this invention you see fish migration does not take into
account for man-made dams this means many fish do not migrate in time and the
spa away so this innovation allows fish to
migrate at normal speed that is because fish have not learned how to get around
gigantic man-made dams stupid fish next up is seafoam imagine opening your door
one morning and foam filling up your entire house know you’re not being
pranked this is known as CFO seafoam is when dissolved organic matter in the
ocean is churned up sometimes after the water level rises too much this can make
an entire city go under foam instead of under water go to some beaches and you
may see some sea foam but sometimes it takes over in tire beach towns this
happened along a stretch of Australia’s Sunshine Coast in 2013 and one Spanish
town toss edema was covered in sea foam a few weeks ago next up is a wolf eels
when you think of these scariest animals he may think of a lion or a shark well
then I guess you haven’t heard of the wolf eel these are gigantic underwater
animals this creature has teeth about as strong as a shark this allows it to eat
spiky red sea urchins and the red coloring on the red sea urchins
sometimes dies their teeth pink it kind of makes them look like bizarre crystals
these can be found in caves reefs and shallow waters they range from the Sea
of Japan to the Bering Sea in Northern California and their only predators
underwater are sharks that just shows how powerful these fish really are next
up is chicken gadget you may think humans rule the world and they kind of
do after all there are 7.5 billion of us bird did you know that there are 23
billion chickens that’s right 3 chickens for every man woman and child
they’re also the most eaten animal in the world but many don’t know how
they’re farmed well one amazing invention is from CMC industries they’ve
made it the Apollo generator – this is a massive machine that goes into farms and
scoops up chickens it causes no harm to the chicken whatsoever and they’re put
on a conveyor belt the chickens are then loaded into boxes
and that’s how they’re farmed next up we have glowing shrimp many people love to
eat shrimp but what if your shrimp began to glow in
the dark well that may just happen if you decide to turn the lights off next
time York this fish some shrimp glow-in-the-dark
and even the daylight because they’ve eaten bioluminescent plankton they
produce a chemical called Luciferian this can sometimes cause oceans to glow
in the dark and also transparent fish for example shrimp so if your shrimp is
glowing don’t worry someone hasn’t fried it in glow stick tubes but now it’s time
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  3. hello all you tubers, I think the invisible camouflage is amazing, very interesting to me I hope to try it someday also the fish tube is great, the sea foam as well.

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  5. Well again his info is off in fact this time is just wrong when it comes to fire nados or whirls.
    It's not caused by fire getting mixed with a tornado. Tornados are a weather phenomenon. A firenado is actually caused by the fire itself like in the wild fires in Australia. Fire can make it's own wind and when it does it can act like a dirt devil where you get wind that forms a Vortex which the fire that is already there mixed with the wind forms what you call a firenado or fire whirl. Tornado are caused from cold and warm air colliding.

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